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Pierson Thespians go Wilde with “Ernest”

Posted on 27 January 2015

Next weekend, the students of Pierson High School will take the stage to present their annual dramatic production. But this time around are taking on, not a heavy and serious theatrical piece, but rather Oscar Wilde’s classic “The Importance of Being Ernest,” a play billed as “a Trivial Comedy for Serious People” when it premiered in London back in 1895.

Designing Architecture That Makes a Difference

Posted on 20 January 2015

As a form of artistic expression, architecture possesses the power to evoke strong emotion in those who live, work or visit a space. A beautifully designed building has the capacity to accomplish any number of goals — from enlightening and educating, to comforting and inspiring. But for architect Sharon Davis, architecture is most meaningful when it has the ability to change lives.

Celebrating East End African American Artists

Posted on 20 January 2015

The Levitas Gallery at the Southampton Cultural Center is currently hosting an exhibition featuring an eclectic mix of colorful and intriguing work that runs the gamut of artistic expression, from painting and sculpture to collage and photography. All of the work on view was created by African American artists who live or work on the East End, for at least part of the year. Among them is abstract painter and sculptor Tina Andrews, the curator of the exhibition.

When it Comes to Art, the Sky’s the Limit

Posted on 12 January 2015

The photographic work of Pierson High School art students goes on view this week at the John Jermain Memorial Library in Sag Harbor. The photography show is an annual tradition at the library, but this year, the work itself borders on the unknown, consisting, as it does, of imagery created from a lofty point of view courtesy of the school’s new drone.

So, Let’s Talk About Your Wedding…

Posted on 12 January 2015

What do you remember about your wedding day? The weather? The food? The band? All of it probably left an impression. But if your wedding day was one fraught with family feuds, infighting and social pandering, chances are those are the memories that really stuck and are offered up in anecdotal form whenever the opportunity arises. After all, at the intersection of expectation and reality there lies a great tale.

Artist Documents Sagg Pond by Dawn’s Early Light

Posted on 07 January 2015

We all have our places — those secluded spots on the East End which we return to time and time again in order to seek solace, find comfort, recharge our batteries or look for inspiration. For Christine Morro, that place is bucolic Sagg Pond. The coastal tidal pond is a favorite haunt of many Sag Harbor residents, but for Ms. Morro, it is the focus of her artistic expression and has been for nearly four years.

Sag Harbor Photographer Documents a Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Posted on 23 December 2014

In October 2012, 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban as she was riding home from school in a bus. It was no accident. The Pakistani girl, who lived in the Swat Valley, had garnered some media attention as an advocate of girls’ education and an outspoken critic of the Taliban’s drive to close girls’ schools through the use of terror and intimidation. But if their mission was to permanently silence the young woman, the Taliban failed miserably… because these days, she has the attention of the world.

And You Thought Your Family Photos were Awkward

Posted on 23 December 2014

You may not want to admit it, but everyone’s got them — most likely hidden in the dark recesses of a dresser drawer or suppressed between the pages of some sticky photo album from a bygone era. Unless, of course, you’re Mike Bender. In which case you’ve made a business — and more recently, an art form — out of them.

East End Winters are Wonderland for Seals

Posted on 23 December 2014

We all know fair-weather folks who think local beaches are only vibrant and full of life in the height of summer. But those of us willing to brave cold temperatures and brisk winds by venturing out on winter beaches know that we stand a pretty good chance of seeing the East End’s most intriguing off-season visitors. We’re talking seals — potentially lots of them.

Celebrating the Swedish Christmas Table

Posted on 15 December 2014

As the winter solstice approaches, Scandinavia is plunged into darkness and folks there know they won’t see the sun again in any serious way for months to come. So when the longest nights of the year set in, lighting up the indoors becomes crucial. Food, of course, is key to celebrating any holiday in style and in Sweden the bountiful Christmas table, a Yuletide smorgasbord — or Julbord — laden with an array of delicacies is traditional for making spirits bright.