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Paul Haggis and Two Actresses on Third Person

Posted on 19 June 2014

Third Person fits my category Movies That Should Play in Sag Harbor. Written, produced, and directed by Paul Haggis (who won back-to-back Best Screenplay Oscars for Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby and Crash, which he directed), it opens this Friday in New York City. Because the film has a twist that changes our perspective on [...]

Don McKellar’s Seductive “The Grand Seduction”

Posted on 05 June 2014

The Grand Seduction fits my category Movies That Should Play in Sag Harbor.  Don McKellar’s charming Canadian comedy is entering its second weekend in New York City, where it has received rapturous reviews.  I certainly had never before read a critic calling a film “adorable,” much less in the New York Times.  McKellar (inset left) [...]

TFF: Give Talya Lavie a Perfect Ten for “Zero Motivation”

Posted on 23 May 2014

Zero Motivation fits my category Movies That Should Play in Sag Harbor.  I hope that will happen soon because the US distribution rights to the unique debut feature of Israeli director Talya Lavie were recently sold to Zeitgeist Films.  This follows its overwhelming premiere at TriBeCa Film Festival, where it won the Founders Award for [...]

Kiki Sugino on Odayaka

Posted on 06 June 2013

Kiki Sugino (left) and her brother Jo Keita (right), the associate producer, sound designer, with Danny Peary. In the international news this month was the detection of frighteningly high levels of radiation in the groundwater two years after a tsunami and earthquake caused a near meltdown of a nuclear power plant near Fukushima, Japan.  I [...]

UPDATE: Lady Whalers Earn Spot in Playoffs

Posted on 26 October 2012

Players from the Pierson-Bridgehampton field hockey team we’re “jumping for joy” Friday morning, according to their coach, Shannon Judge, after word came down from the Section XI Seeding Committee that the Lady Whalers had earned a playoff exemption to face Southampton in The Suffolk County Class C Championship game on November 6. Judge said the [...]

HarborFest Guide 2012

Posted on 24 August 2012

HarborFest Guide 2012   To reserve space in the HarborFest guide, please fax in the form below to 631.725.1584 or email harborfest contract 2012 printable version If you need more information about the guide or about the available ad spaces, call Renée at 631.725.1700.  

Andrew Neidnig

Posted on 10 August 2012

By Bryan Boyhan For decades he was a familiar site, a gray haired man jogging along the side of the road, his head bent to the ground, arms swinging at his side in any weather the skies would serve up. But in the past several years, injuries and ill health sidelined Andy Neidnig, the celebrated [...]

DEC Reopens Sag Harbor Shellfishing

Posted on 25 May 2012

Approximately 490 acres of shellfish lands in Sag Harbor Cove, Town of Southampton, is re-opening for the harvest of shellfish, the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced today. These areas were closed on April 26, after DEC’s Bureau of Marine Resources detected saxitoxin, a naturally occurring marine biotoxin that causes paralytic shellfish poisoning, in [...]

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Karl Grossman

Posted on 04 May 2012

By Bryan Boyhan After 50 years in journalism, what have you learned? My specialty has been investigative reporting, and what I’ve learned is what I picked up way back, when I was an intern at the Cleveland Press. The Press was a hot bed of investigative reporting. It was founded by E.W. Scripps, who was [...]

Barley Dunne

Posted on 27 April 2012

How are our local waters? They’re pretty good, scallops are on the rebound. There has been lots of talk about bugs, and we have high hopes for this year. We do a scallop sanctuary project and seed heavily. We broadcast the spawners and keep them pretty dense; the closer together they are the more likely [...]