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Magical Creatures

Posted on 15 February 2013

Suppose you could run bursts at thirty miles an hour. Very useful for catching a bus. Suppose you had hairs on your face that could measure distances from left to right, and vice-versa. Great for walking through trees at night after a picnic. Suppose you had a section of your brain that could register and [...]

Lion Gardiner Kept the Peace

Posted on 08 February 2013

by Jim Marquardt “It was not a squeamish age,” said a historian describing Lion Gardiner’s parley with Wyandanch, a leader of the Montauk tribe and an influential Native American for much of Long Island. Gardiner demanded “If you kill all the Pequots that come to you, and send me their heads, then you shall have [...]


Posted on 01 February 2013

I went into the city last week to find Warby Parker. I’d learned about the company on “60 Minutes” and it sounded too good to be true. Neil Blumenthal and Warby Parker started an eyeglass store when they went to buy glasses and left feeling ripped off. They began to think about how they could [...]

The Truth Will Set You Free, Even If You Believed The Lie

Posted on 25 January 2013

When you can’t see the road clearly ahead, sometimes it is best to connect the dots and see where they bring you. A fascinating opportunity for comparison and distinction regarding the media’s framing of narrative has unfolded this week on the national stage. One speaks to the power of a myth which continues to raise [...]

Inside the Circus: The Boob Tube

Posted on 18 January 2013

Lately, I’ve been questioning my need for a TV remote. Since I’m starting to doubt if I really need the TV it controls. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching it — television programming, not my remote — but that thing they send you every month with a hefty number emboldened towards the end seems [...]

Consider The Source

Posted on 14 December 2012

by Christine Bellini A wise former journalist, turned legal aid attorney, once schooled me to remember to consider the source. It was reliable advice handed down to her from her mother, who, at the time she spoke these three powerful words, was cautioning against the assaults of high school gossip. The phrase stuck with her [...]

Paper Crowns

Posted on 07 December 2012

by Peter Hamilton Travis Inside even the least creative minds lives a worm. Not unlike those worms at the center of almost any discussion regarding computer viruses. Unless you have a Mac®. Then you’re safe. Until the newest version of your $2,700 lap warmer is released — within a year — rendering your sparkling, magic [...]


Posted on 21 November 2012

Friends living in the Springs lost power for more than a week during the storm. Another friend, with an apartment in NYC (above 40th Street and the flood downtown) and with a second home in Georgica offered his. “I’m not coming out,” he said “so please use it.” And they did. They moved from their [...]

Into Tokyo Harbor

Posted on 16 November 2012

By Jim Marquardt In 1825, the Japanese government reaffirmed its National Seclusion Policy originally enacted in 1639. Simply stated, “Don’t dare come here.” Except for the Dutch who enjoyed a commercial treaty with them, the Japanese warned all ships from western nations, especially whalers whom they felt sailed too close to their shores. In Moby [...]

The Virtues Of Texting Exalted In Sandy’s Heartbreaking Wake

Posted on 09 November 2012

By Christine Bellini For those of us who have lived on The East End for the better part of our lives, we consider ourselves well initiated to the hurly-burly wrath of hurricane, nor’easter and rouge storm. Yet, before I draw comparisons that only the comfort of electricity, heat, a roof over my head and a [...]