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What Will We Gain From Drug-Sniffing Dogs?

Posted on 02 March 2012

By Susan Lamontagne The Partnership for a Drug-Free America offers some excellent tools and tips for parents on how to help your teenager stay away from drugs. Putting our kids in “lock-down” and bringing drug-sniffing dogs into their schools is not among them. The use of drug-sniffing dogs in schools has been on the rise [...]

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Sag Harbor Future Shock

Posted on 16 February 2012

The Village of Sag Harbor has managed to preserve its architecture and undeniable charm. But historic preservation, and a Main Street anchored with nostalgic uses like a Five and Dime, the independent movie theatre, a local pharmacy and the elegant American Hotel may prove to be less enduring as the village becomes a magnet for [...]

The Sand Was Soft to my Face

Posted on 02 December 2011

By Fausto Hinojosa Saturday afternoon, July 9, 2011, was one of those warm summer afternoons in The Hamptons. Since my body feels aches and pains, Diana and I have been swimming for many years as we feel rejuvenated afterwards. So this afternoon, we set out to do that. We had to drop off Elyse (our [...]

Long Island: One State…Three Counties, Not One County

Posted on 14 October 2011

By Assemblyman Fred W. Thiele, Jr. Government can be too small, but it can also be too big. During the Great Recession we have looked for chances to consolidate government where it would be more efficient. We should be equally diligent in looking at government entities that have become too large, expensive and unaccountable. The perfect [...]

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Sammy, that Rascal

Posted on 23 September 2011

by Terry Sullivan Sammy was a nervy little rascal who wasn’t bothered by killing. Some said it was because he was black, but there’s many a superstition about black cats and their connection to death, mostly as omens. Sammy was my neighbor Kate’s cat, who loved to stalk birds from the shadows; so I used [...]

Noyac’s New Landmark

Posted on 02 September 2011

The William Cauldwell House By Julie Penny It was a rare pleasure for me to be off to a Southampton Town Board public hearing where I knew the board was about to do the right thing. In this case, impart landmark status on an architecturally and historically significant waterfront Victorian house built in 1892 in [...]

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A Slippery Slope: The Proposed Demolition of 125 Main Street

Posted on 15 July 2011

Sag Harbor is fortunate to have its long history reflected in its bounty of 18th century buildings, a rarity in most American towns. The proposal to demolish 125 Main Street begs the question; does Sag Harbor want to remain the embodiment of real American history? Or does it want to begin the slippery slope toward [...]


North Haven Endorsement

Posted on 15 June 2011

A democracy by definition is a government for the people, by the people. In the Village of North Haven, this concept was practically all but forgotten until just last month, when resident Lawrence LaRose got out, rallied his neighbors, raised some noise and — after appealing to the village board to rescind a newly passed [...]

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Move to Amend

Posted on 14 June 2011

By Julie Penny Until his term expires, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy clings to the raft of his position in a choppy sea of questions needing to be answered. They won’t be because of a deal struck by District Attorney Tom Spota.  One’s left feeling we’re only seeing the tip of an iceberg atop a [...]

Point of View: Can You Hear Me Now

Posted on 29 May 2011

By Lawrence LaRose In a day and age when many people feel cell phone coverage is a constitutional right, I feel like a bit of an anomaly. Living in North Haven, I have adequate coverage at my house, though sometimes have a dropped call in other places of the village. Honestly, I don’t care. Many [...]