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Quality Time

Posted on 31 July 2008

By Bobby Vacca   My dad, Sal Vacca, will be 92 in November. He loves baseball. This past spring his chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Petruccelli, told him of a college baseball league that would be playing several doubleheaders in Mashashimuet Park in July and gave him a schedule. Dad made copies of the schedule and excitedly [...]

On East End Public Transit Advocacy

Posted on 24 July 2008

And A Futile Attempt to Work with the Town of Southampton On the Coordinated Rail and Bus Network Feasibility Study   By Hank de Cillia  I recently resigned as Executive Director of Five Town Rural Transit (5TRT) Inc., the public transit advocacy group I co-founded that created the East End Shuttle concept and originated the [...]

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Next Edition

Posted on 11 July 2008

We’ve reached an important milestone this week. On July 14 we entered our 150th year. It is significant not just because of the age it implies, but also because the date marks a significant change to the way news will be presented to our readers. For well more than a decade we have had a [...]