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Mural Gets a Makeover

Posted on 15 April 2014

    by Helen A. Harrison   You might think that we already know all there is to know about Jackson Pollock’s life and work, but you’d be wrong. For example, before Pollock’s 1943 mural arrived at Getty Conservation Institute in Los Angeles, it had acquired a coating of varnish, as well as a heavy [...]

Bon Chic Bon Genre

Posted on 13 March 2014

To say Lubov Azria is one busy woman would be an understatement. Along with her husband Max, the Ukrainian-born maven runs a small empire, shaping each season’s look for brands under the BCBGMAXAZRIAGROUP umbrella every stylish Hamptonite knows well – from the signature BCBG to the upscale BCBG Runway – as well as Hervé Léger, the high-fashion line best known for its iconic, body-conscious bandage dresses.?

The Great Seed Debate

Posted on 06 March 2014

It’s friggin’ ridiculously cold outside and I’m very much over it. Which is why those seed racks that are suddenly appearing everywhere I look are even more tempting than normal.

Fred’s Hungry Eye

Posted on 27 February 2014

“I was a groupie at heart,” Fred W. McDarrah confessed, “and my camera was my ticket of admission.” It was also his meal ticket. As The Village Voice’s picture editor, and for a long time the only staff photographer, Fred (who died in 2007 at 81) made his living documenting the downtown scene for more than four decades.

Microwave Cookies

Posted on 20 February 2014

By Lauren Chattman I have always had a problem with portion control, especially when it comes to homemade cookies. For years, I counted on my children and my husband to eat most of what I baked, so I wouldn’t be tempted to finish every last cookie that came out of the oven. Now, my older [...]

Marchesa Takes us on a Trip.

Posted on 13 February 2014

Marchesa’s Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman infuse some nomad chic into their brand of glamour in a wallet friendly fusion collection.

Playing in the mud.

Posted on 06 February 2014

So I finally have taken the first two steps to being a good gardener. Yes, I know, it’s a little late after gardening at my home for over 15 years, but hey, don’t judge me lest you be judged yourself.
Anyway, I finally bit the bullet and added compost or mulch to every single planting bed on the entire property, including all four perimeter hedging beds. And I finally tested my soil.

Wheat Berries for Breakfast

Posted on 23 January 2014

Always one to buck the trends, these days I am adding more wheat to my diet while other people are going gluten-free. This morning, I cooked some wheat berries, mixed in a little sautéed apple, sprinkled my cereal with pomegranate seeds and walnuts, and topped everything off with plain yogurt. I dare you to say that this wheat-based bowl of superfoods is bad for me!

There’s something about a list …

Posted on 09 January 2014

Perhaps you too have spent the last couple of days digging through your car sorting out all the different tools and gloves and garden stakes that are really not necessary at this time of year, and perhaps you too, like me, discovered 11 different little garden journals and sat down to read through them all. And you too encountered your own set of garden lists.

Art Under The Microscope

Posted on 15 November 2013

The aim of “Art From the Ground Up,” a symposium sponsored by the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center at Stony Brook Manhattan last Friday, was to examine the authentication tool kit, which includes time-honored perceptive skills, diligent research, traditional forensics and the latest technology. If a work of art lacks undisputed bona fides, it has to be examined and approved by reputable authorities — connoisseurs, materials analysts and provenance investigators. To explain that process, I invited five of them to share their insights with an audience that included museum professionals, art collectors, and representatives of artists’ foundations and catalogue raisonné projects, who have a vested interest in protecting their assets from corruption.