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Working the Marital Bliss

Posted on 15 November 2013

True story: for years a young, married couple lived a blissful life with a smidgen of controlled professional interaction. Meaning, Dick worked and Jane made weekly appearances at his office for lunch dates. The purpose of those early afternoon visits was to demonstrate support for his endeavors in addition to carving out time in their otherwise socially-packed lives for some “shop talk” (Jane felt business chats had no place in their downtown loft.) Rarely have her opinions funnel into Dick’s professional judgments, but breaking up his usual lunches with aggressive sales execs or incompetent project managers with an hour’s-worth of musings and pleasantries over salads with the missus was a major upgrade. The easy-on-the-eye Jane not only helped him disconnect; she didn’t require his signature on a contracts at the end of the meal.

Calling All Reporters: The Times They Are A-Changing

Posted on 15 November 2013

By Christine Bellini In my weekly perusal of the local papers I am reminded of the myriad decisions editors make determining what developments, actual events that have already occurred, and those expected to occur, are deemed newsworthy enough to make it into the paper. Then there’s the question as to which ‘stories’ make it to [...]

Roaming Around

Posted on 15 November 2013

Moving here in the 80s — when it was still country and every town a hamlet and not a “Hampton” — nothing was better than exploring the area. I drove every dirt road, explored every inch of every beach, took photos of old barns and rusting tractors. When the South Fork had been exhausted, I headed over to the North Fork where there were more small farms and fresh eggs, and the incomparable wetlands of East Marion and Orient. I found and loved Love Lane. I discovered local pottery and the place to get great sweet corn. I sampled wines from the early vineyards, and considered buying ( for a studio I didn’t need) one of the little one- room log cabins for sale along the North Road. But further along I saw and settled for a pink birdhouse with a yellow “porch”; a much more practical purchase which has now housed generations of wrens in the backyard.

Be Still My Addicted Heart

Posted on 15 November 2013

So we all know I have a problem, but this year I thought I was going to be better. I vowed that I would plant no bulbs. The reasons for me not to are multiple. I am not wealthy, and tulips, with their brief fleeting moment of beauty and their real lack of interest in returning, are somewhat of an indulgence. Also, over the last couple of years I’ve planted a whole bunch of bulbs, and I have been very bad. I have not marked where any of those hundreds and hundreds of bulbs have gone. And last year, I ordered so many bulbs compulsively that I needed help to get them all in.

Warm, Cozy and Gooey for the Holiday Season

Posted on 15 November 2013

A train of thought can bring you to tasty places. I was on my way to King Kullen a few weeks ago when I saw a sign outside of Bay Burger announcing that it will be open year round. What great news! Now I would have a place to buy premium ice cream through Thanksgiving and Christmas. Immediately I started to think about seasonal sundaes. What would be the best dessert sauce for pumpkin or gingersnap ice cream? Before I knew it, I found myself not at the supermarket but at the Milk Pail in Watermill, buying a half-gallon of local apple cider. Then I rushed home to make some apple cider caramel sauce.

Spark’s Longest Ride

Posted on 15 November 2013

For better or worse – pending your literary inclinations- Nicholas Sparks is at it again. The famed author, who penned such well-red gems as “The Notebook” and “Dear John” to name but a few, is gearing up to start production on his latest number: “The Longest Ride.” The chances of it becoming a New York Times bestseller are likely. So is the likelihood that “The Longest Ride,” the film, will launch a career of soon-to-crack starlet much like it did for Miley Cyrus, who played Ronnie Miller in Sparks’ “The Last Song” and eventually moved on to public twerking. We caught up with the prolific novelist, who filled us in on the secrets of his unbelievable success as a belletrist magnum and how middle-child syndrome is to blame.

Adding a Jolt of Heat

Posted on 11 November 2013

I always feel a little guilty when I buy something at Provisions and then instead of making a smoothie or a wheat berry salad with it, I use it in an all-butter pound cake. No, I’m not talking about spirulina. I filled up a little paper bag with cubes of crystallized ginger the other day, skulking home like a criminal but knowing the candy would be just the thing to stir into my pumpkin cake.

Al “Big Time” Daniels: Waiting for the Fish

Posted on 12 October 2013

It’s almost mid October and the weather continues to be mild. Some days mid 70s and sun have almost seemed like summer. There are some beachgoers trying to get those last warm sunrays. Water temps continue in the high 60′s. There definitely is less of a fishing effort with some boats already on blocks and under [...]

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The Official Start of Fall

Posted on 27 September 2013

The official start of fall. It used to be that the first day of fall was a day that I started looking around the garden seeing what parts needed to be cleaned first, and what areas needed to wait for the leaves to fall before I could get into them and do my whirling dervish [...]

Eye on Main Street Art

Posted on 23 September 2013

by Helen A. Harrison A walk down Riverhead’s Main Street is a journey along small town arteries everywhere: an eclectic mix of architectural periods and styles, and a lot of empty storefronts. Remember Woolworth’s? Gone. McCabe’s? Closed. Swezey’s? Vacant — well, not quite. For the past few months, the former Swezey’s display windows have been [...]