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Put Down Those Clippers

Posted on 05 July 2013

The real reason most people go to a hydrangea lecture is not to find out about all the different cultivars, and all the different ways you can use these magnificent plants in the landscape; nope, the real reason they come is to ask when and how they can prune their big blue, big leaf (macrophylla) [...]

Artists & Writers: How Old?

Posted on 28 June 2013

Helen A. Harrison   In a switch on the common habit of shaving off a few years, the annual Artists & Writers Softball Game has added a few. The claim that the first pitch was hurled back in 1948 has been around since at least 1998, which was billed as the 50th anniversary. But was [...]

Strawberry Refresher

Posted on 22 June 2013

Strawberry season got off to a late start this year, due to May’s cool weather. Maybe that’s why I pulled over with a screech at the first sighting of the big berry sign at Falkowski’s on Scuttlehole Road last week. Before I knew it, I was back in the car and in possession of four quarts of local strawberries. It was more than I needed for the next day or two, but after such a long wait I couldn’t resist.

Home Cooked Hamptons

Posted on 17 June 2013

By Anetta Nowosielska Bonnie Verbitsky, the author of Home Cooked Hamptons and a long-time Hamptonite knows her way around the kitchen since food runs in her blood. She caught the culinary bug from her mother, who had a knack for fine dining and refined entertainment. In time for the anticipated summer season out on the [...]

Expressionism Today

Posted on 31 May 2013

  Helen A. Harrison A group of local artists, joined by a guest from California, convened at the Pollock-Krasner House on May 19 to discuss the contemporary relevance of expressionism, whether abstract or figurative, and how it relates to their own work. The event, sponsored by Drs. Marika and Thomas Herskovic, harked back to the [...]

Something Nutty

Posted on 24 May 2013

On the long list of things I love about Sag Harbor is the daily inspiration I get just from looking in our shopkeepers’ windows. As Memorial Day approaches, there is a lot to see. I’ve noticed a bunch of items that have given me ideas for the entertaining I’ll do in the weeks ahead. Did [...]

From the Greek Word for Dry

Posted on 10 May 2013

I am asked all the time about low maintenance plantings, about gardens that don’t require irrigation, and it gives me pause, especially when they’re showing me photos of rolling green lawns, masses of hostas, billowing roses and hydrangeas. Frankly, most people want all the beauty but don’t want to put in the effort that goes along with it, nor do they want to spend the time or the money, However, every once in a while, I meet someone who is trying to create a landscape that won’t have a huge impact on the environment, who believes that in the next century, “water is going to be the next oil,” and so wants a garden that isn’t an energy and resource suck hole.

Farm Fresh Breakfast

Posted on 26 April 2013

Longer days mean softball at Mashashimuet Park, school budget debates, and the grand re-opening of Bay Burger. But that’s not all. They also signal the availability of local free range eggs. Farmers may not be harvesting vegetables in late April, but that doesn’t mean they’re not open for business. Abundant daylight is stimulating Hamptons hens [...]

Polo-ology 101

Posted on 19 April 2013

By Anetta Nowosielska   For one reason or another – both of which are truly mind-boggling – I have recently been named the polo correspondent for one of the glossy lifestyle magazines. The irony of that is, I can claim knowing zilch about the sport…nothing, as in bupkis. And to add insult to injury it [...]

What Lies Beneath

Posted on 12 April 2013

I’m trying to learn about some of the other creatures that inhabit my property along with me — not my dachshunds or my chickens or bees, but those tiny living things that populate the diverse ecosystems found below the crust of the soil. These billions of protozoa, fungi, bacteria, algae, nematodes, micro-arthropods, earthworms, insects, etc. are [...]