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Bishop for Congress

Posted on 29 October 2010

In our endorsement for U.S. Congress, it’s no contest. We support Tim Bishop and feel that at this critical juncture in history East End voters should do the same.

That’s because, unlike his opponent Randy Altschuler, Bishop is a Southampton resident with deep family roots here. Altschuler on the other hand moved to Long Island from New Jersey just three years ago when he decided to run for Congress.

During his time in office, Bishop has been a champion for the East End. He secured funding to dredge Shinnecock Inlet to keep the commercial fishing fleet working and brought $2.5 million in federal funds to South Fork school districts. Bishop was also instrumental in stopping the controversial Broadwater plant that would have installed a floating liquid natural gas facility on Long Island Sound.

But we have been given scant opportunity to get to know Bishop’s opponent, who made just two brief stops on the East End during this campaign.

In his Hampton Bays appearance, Altschuler stressed fiscal responsibility and the need to cut the spending in Washington. Yet when Bishop turned over the remainder of his closing remarks time to Altschuler so he could give specifics on how he would accomplish that, Altschuler refused, saying his words would be used against him in Bishop’s campaign.

We find that insulting. This was Altschuler’s opportunity to give East Enders substance, instead he stuck with his party’s line and offered only generalities like those we’ve heard from candidates like him all over the country. Which is a shame. Because we, too, worry about fiscal responsibility. The $1.3 trillion deficit is out of control and it’s one that began with the Bush administration. Without specifics, Altschuler’s pledge to slash spending rings hollow.

Conversely, if we were to lose Tim Bishop in Congress, we would lose a real ally in Washington. We need government leaders who fight for us, not their party. Bishop has shown us already that he does that. Altschuler, conversely, has only shown us that he likely would not. We need to protect the fact we have someone working for us and not a larger agenda. So don’t sit back, get out there and vote for Bishop.

A Reply from Mr. Altschuler’s Campaign:

As someone who has lived in the 1st Congressional District for over 20 years, and is an avid reader of the Sag Harbor Express, I thought it would be prudent to set the record straight on a few inaccuracies listed in your endorsement of Tim Bishop’s reelection to Congress.

You noted that Randy Altschuler “moved to Long Island from New Jersey just three years ago.”  This statement is false.  Randy Altschuler moved to Suffolk County from New York City three years ago.  In that time he’s become a sustaining member of his local Chamber of Commerce, his three-year-old son is in pre-school here, and Mrs. Altschuler is operating a pediatric practice in Brookhaven.

Your statement that Randy Altschuler “made just two brief stops on the East End” is also blatantly inaccurate.  Randy has made dozens of stops on the East End since the start of the congressional campaign.  Despite both of his opponents in the primaries hailing from the “East End”, (Demos from Shelter Island, Cox from Southampton) Randy carried Southampton, Riverhead, East Hampton and Southold by wide margins in the September 14th Republican and Conservative Party primaries.  While many of Randy’s East End meetings may not have been widely publicized by The Express, he’s spent full days in the five eastern towns meeting with local business owners, the Long Island Wine Council, the Farm Bureau, local civics and chamber organizations and elected officials.  Randy has the support of three East End Supervisors (Scott Russell in Southold, Bill Wilkinson in East Hampton, and Sean Walter in Riverhead), the East End Independent newspaper and the Recreational Fishing Alliance (both of which have endorsed Tim Bishop in his past campaigns).  To suggest a lack of focus on East End issues lacks as much credibility as  the statement that Tim Bishop fights “for us,” and not his party.

The reality is that according to National Journal’s independent compellation of Tim Bishop’s voting record, the eight-term incumbent has towed the Democratic Party line more than 97% of the time.  Of the 29 Democratic and Republican members of Congress from New York, only two members vote with their party more often than Tim Bishop.  What is your definition of partisanship?

In the spirit of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, The Express is certainly entitled to its own opinion but not its own facts.  I thank you for allowing me equal time to correct the record.

Christopher Maloney
Campaign Manager
Randy Altschuler for Congress

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11 Responses to “Bishop for Congress”

  1. jones says:

    ———–Randy has only lived on Long Island a SHORT Time , he is a NJ native. He is a multi-millionaire who made his money by Outsourcing thousands of American jobs to INDIA with his company- Office Tiger! (and his new fliers lie and say that Tim wants to send jobs to China? WRONG). ————————————————————The WORSE is that Altshculer is a true believer in Paul Ryan’s ideas of getting rid of medicare (and all public programs)- and if you don’t believe me listen to his OWN words- go to Youtube and search under; Altschuler medicare. Or go to; ————————————————————————– Bishop has created tons of jobs at Brookhaven Lab, the dredging of the Shinnecock Canal (which helps all of Long Island with PRIVATE sector jobs and revenue) and Bishop got the most education aid in all of NY to save local tax dollars.——————–Get everyone out to vote, family, friends, neighbors, towns-folk!

  2. Mick says:

    Bishop is a clown, a liberal sock puppet that does just as his real boss, Nancy Pelosi tells him. If he is re-elected then that is support for more taxes, more spending and more government intrusion into our lives. You say we need some one who will fight for us and not their party… and that is Dim Bishop? What a joke of a paper for the Harbor, it is as funny as it is stupid.

  3. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    Tim Bishop works for all people. He is extremely capable. I have attended all of the meetings possible to learn what candidates can offer us. Randy has not served in Long Island chambers, or civics or anywhere for any length of time. He does not know Long Island, except for what he is told to say which is popular. He has to dig in and be a humble servant first and learn about this area. All his millions will never replace experience, heritage and the organizational memory that Congressman Bishop has. We are very blessed to have a quality Congressman. There are no smoke and mirrors with Tim Bishop. There is truth and experience. He has the courage of his convictions. Randy didn’t take the extra time that Tim gave him in the debate, because he hit the ground running for this seat, seizing the opportunity at hand, and Randy hasn’t really learned the issues. And, he knows it. So, of course Bishop’s campaign can use his ignorance. Randy is full of sizzle. I need more than sizzle. I need substance. I need a solid lawmaker. I need Congressman Bishop so that I can trust that we are doing what is right and good, Vote Tim Bishop. The only viable choice for a strong East end.

  4. John Hoge says:

    So let me get this straight – Bishop is favored for bringing home pork barrel spending to the East End of Long Island. We’re not talking about rural West Virginia here, but one of the richest areas of the entire planet.

    How is it that local government in the Hamptons can’t pay their own bills but need a “champion” in Washington? Oh yes, “we worry about fiscal responsibility.” Why not start by advocating that the East End takes care of it’s own school bills.

    And after listing these specific chunks of pork barrel spending, you proceed to blame Altschuler for being not specific enough with his financial plans. Not a very thoughtful piece.

  5. Stephanie Mitchell says:

    John, That misguided and boastful comment about east end wealth is shameful and it is why we don’t get our fair share here on Long Island. Travel the world and see amazing wealth. And, it is not true about the stereotype you put forward for “rural WV.” That tiny state has lots of wealth that would pale some east end folk’s income. However, that is hardly the point is it? So please don’t change the subject with such comments. T

    here is no blame for Altschuler for not being specific but for the fact that he cannot and therefore has not been specific. Consistently the press is reporting the clear choice this year for all Long Island folks is TIM BISHOP, our Congressman and a man of hard work and integrity.

  6. Mike Senior says:

    Stephanie, How naive to believe that because the press endorses a candidate that it automatically means that it is the RIGHT choice for the people. Unfortunately, you like so many others are sheep to the shephards words instead of being able to read the message that is clearly being shown to you. I appreciate Mr. Bishops service to his community, but because someone performs a service, does not make him a person of hard work and integrity! During troubble times, integrity means you stand up your constituency, integrity is not voting 97 % of the time for an agenda and person who’s constituency is in San Francisco and who’s product hurts your base. That is not Integrity, that is called complacency, deaf and complacent to the pains of the people, but vocal and responsive to the voices of Nancy Pelosi and the strings of her puppet agenda. Where is the accountability to the actions of congress. Republican or Democratic does not matter.. accountability to conscience and constituents DOES matter. Frankly, they have all failed, and based on the numbers and facts.. Tim Bishop has failed more than others. He voted to spend 300 Billion dollars of which CD-1 recieved 290 million back…great return on my investment..Bailout/Tarp, when does it end..
    As a resident of CD-1 for 36 years..I am mad as hell..I have seen my real estate taxes rise 50% in 7 my account ..Tim Bishop has been in office for 8 of those years… That equals FAILURE..That equals time for a CHANGE..that equals you are FIRED Tim Bishop..Democrat/Repuclican does NOT matter..What does matter..RESULTS..and these results are Wretched !!! I hope the rest of the district is smart enough and angry enough to see it the same way..I can survive, barely, but I will survive, as for my Children and grand children, if we keep spending and taxing at this rate well there is no future !! I have no agenda in this response, my agenda is anger and change..when someone asks me to invest $ 10 and my return is – $ 3.00 they get FIRED..PLEASE DUMP BISHOP people !!

  7. SagharborMOM says:

    I could not make up my mind on who to vote for…..both candidates have positives and negatives but I felt that I needed to respond after reading these responses…Mike Senior is the only person that makes sense here..he is feeling the same pain we all feel..when I speak to other mothers, they have the same message, we are feeling the pain but we question whether our children will survive,I am tired of all the blame..Bush/Obama..who cares..I want someone who will stop the bleeding..stop the blaming..and start us on a path of hope..Hope for a better future. Results speak louder than any words and political parties.
    I am not sure if Randy altshuler will be better, but he at least has a message of change..and just like Obama made me believe in Change, I know now more than ever, that it is time to hold our congressman accountable..and it is again time for a Change. I choose to vote the people who have failed us out of office. I am a registered Independant who has lived in Sag harbor for 20 years and am a huge fan of the SH paper, but I must disagree with the same as it was endoresement..Sorry Mr. Bishop, but you have lost my vote.
    AC :-)

  8. John Hoge says:


    Local government in the Hamptons should be ashamed of crying poverty and asking for the federal government to go into debt to pay their bills. Why not tax the trust fund babies on Gin Lane some more? They can certainly afford it.

    There are very, very few valid reasons to burden the next generation of Americans with additional debt.

  9. Michael says:

    Jones I think it is funny the way you point out that Randy was a NJ native. I would bet anything you voted for Hillary as well. Aside from Bishop being around when South Hampton College went backrupt how can anyone be confident in any of our career politicians the medicare and medicaid points you make about Randy are in a complete vacuum. Obviously everyone wants everyone to have health care but it is not feasible. This is 40 years of awful legislation and wouldn’t you want someone without an ax to grind making some decisions. Its so funny but really its common sense the media makes the right to be so militant and for the most part the right has awful career politicians as well. It all has to change. Bishop spends all of his time out east this is how he makes a career out of it. If you didn’t vote for Hillary please reply if you did keep your hipocritical comments to yourself because you only talk about half of the truth. As in 50% of Randy’s jobs were in the US, I don’t see anyone making a stink that Goldman Sachs does business overseas.

  10. Dan says:

    Altshuler vs Bishop NY First District
    Not for nothing but, I sense that there were many violations of
    Voter Fraud going on across the Country as previously perpetrated
    by the ACORN agencies.

    Some results are not final yet.

    For instance, Randy Altshuler (R) NY vs Tim Bishop (D) NY
    First Congressional District.
    Mr. Altshuler was leading in the Polls 42-40. However, one “local” Poll
    had Altshuler down by 12%. (Siema)?

    As a “Poll Watcher”, my figures to the actual number of voters showing up at my District and what “party” they signed in as, are as follows.

    Actual Total of my 3 Districts one hour before closing.
    Rep. 405, Dems 265, (B)Blank 97, Conservative 15, Independent 33, (O) Other 8 . Total of 823 “Voter’s” Most of the (B’s) were registered
    as Republicans.

    In my opinion these numbers projected a favorable position for Mr. Altshuler.

    However, after the Poll Booth’s were closed it was announced on local Broadcasts that Bishop was leading Altshuler by 52-48.
    The early morning November 03, count was
    Bishop (D) 91,616 …….. Altshuler (R) 88,284 a minus 3,332 for Altshuler became 51-49%.

    to 13,000 Absentee Ballots to be counted.

    Several of the Local (Democratic) favored News Television Stations did not report that there are over
    8,500 ABSENTEE BALLOTS that have NOT been counted yet.
    Which just might grant Mr. Altshuler a Victory.

    In fact, Some local papers report: 9,500 Absentee Ballots–Election-Day-2010-Tim-Bishop-Randy-Altschuler-Marc-Alessi-Dan-Losquadro-Ken-LaValle.html

    During a Local Debate, Tim Bishop stated his support and respect of Local Unions including Teachers, Police, Firemen and some local government employees who are paid for by the “Taxpayer’s”. It appears that the
    incumbent Bishop caters to Union bosses in an effort to receive their votes, while “ignoring” the Taxpayers who pay their salaries.

    If Bishop has his way, all of us will soon be seeing a big deduction in our paychecks come January 2011, along with a domino increase on the costs of goods and services they buy.

    Bishop supports the Healthcare Bill, Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, the Cap and Trade Bill proposal, etc., and agrees that the “Bush Tax Cuts” should expire.

    Several months ago, Bishop “requested” a Police escort in order to leave his Office in Melville, NY during a local Peaceful “Tea Party” gathering.

    Bishop has also “voted” the same as Nancy Pelosi 97% of the time.
    Pelosi currently just “lost” her status as the “Speaker of the House”, along with several incumbent Democrat Senators and Congressmen who lost their jobs completely by the popular vote of Americans who were dissatisfied with their overall job performance and conduct.

    Tim Bishop completely ignored the “voice” of the People who locally were against the Healthcare Bill and the Obama policies and agenda in general.

    During the campaign for “Congressman” there was not too much
    adoration for incumbent Tim Bishop. In fact, he actually canceled his
    Town Hall meetings. Jobs were being lost at an alarming rate under
    his watch. The only thing Bishop did was to accuse his “opponent”,
    Randy Altshuler (R)
    of “outsourcing” jobs by means of extensive mailings and unsavory television commercials without facts.

    On the other hand, Mr. Randy Altshuler who is a successful businessman, Harvard educated, has produced “thousands of jobs” World Wide which enabled him to create over a “thousand” jobs in the United States.
    These jobs would not be possible without the co-existence of “hands on” experienced Foreign Worker entrepreneurs who are favorably positioned “geographically”. Their knowledge of terrain, language, customs, cost effectiveness, and their Nation’s Laws are essential.
    This is what you call, “Outsourcing of Necessity”.

    The many American jobs created by Mr. Altshuler would not be possible if not for the mutual combination of Foreign Workers on location, led by the expertise of American Organization & Job Creation.

    It was Mr. Altshuler’s “Brilliance” that tapped into an opportunity for
    job growth in the American sector.

    Please read Randy Altshuler’s History:

    This is why, Tim Bishop’s claims of “Outsourcing” American Jobs is totally bogus. Tim Bishop’s previous failure of a Suffolk County east
    end College does not give him the stage to speak of job sourcing. For now, I will not remark on a huge list of Bishop constituent disappointments.

    Mr. Altshuler is against the ever growing amount of taxes being forced
    upon the people, plus the wide range of “rules and regulations”
    that are imposed to open a business.
    Government spending and taxation is way out of line and needs to
    be halted.
    The governments job should be to “help” the People, not hinder them.
    I’m sure that Mr. Altshuler would agree with that.

    Mr. Altshuler exploded his desire to get Our government back on track to listen to the People.
    Which means:
    A Majority of the United States want more jobs, definitely less
    Taxes, enforced border protection, less government interference and basically to “Listen” to the People. No back room deals, full transparency.
    Honesty is the best Policy……Dan Smith, Ridge, NY

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