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Barons Cove Resturant

Posted on 27 April 2011

Word came this week via the Sag Harbor Planning Board that the new owners of Baron’s Cove Inn are keen on including a family friendly restaurant in their renovation plans.

Quite frankly, we really like the idea.

But our endorsement comes with a couple of caveats of course — a major one being the capacity of the village’s sewer treatment plant and its ability to handle the restaurant, or, barring that, the willingness of the developer to fund an expansion of said plant. We also like the idea as long as the restaurant stays “family friendly” and doesn’t risk becoming another Rocco’s, the nightmare nightclub scenario that doomed the last Baron’s Cove restaurant space, thereby relegating it to becoming the unfinished condo development you see there today.

But a nice restaurant along that stretch of West Water Street? That could be great. Despite it’s waterfront location and picturesque views of boats in the harbor, the stretch of roadway where Baron’s Cove Inn lies is a part of the village that few of us get to very often. And for good reason. It’s populated primarily by hotels and condominiums — unless you have friends or relatives renting a room over there, there isn’t a lot of reason  for you to head over that way.

But a restaurant would make West Water Street a destination — one that’s easily walkable from town. We like the idea that it would also welcome families — we all know it’s not easy to find restaurants in Sag Harbor that do. We trust that its price point would be in keeping with that definition as well.

Beyond that, a well-run restaurant could also bring a vibrancy to the area that is sorely lacking now, and boost the appeal for guests who stay in the hotels along the stretch. When you’re on vacation, you want to feel like you’re really in the heart of a place where people want to be. Increasing foot traffic and dining opportunities in the vicinity of Baron’s Cove and its neighbors would do just that — and could only be a win/win for everyone involved.

We hope the village can make it happen.

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One Response to “Barons Cove Resturant”

  1. Tim says:

    We need to get real.

    There is no way to legally ensure that a restaurant will be family friendly. What is the exact decibel level of the background music that turns family friendly into into a raucous nightclub and is it possible to police that 24/7 ? Ask the folks who live in the neighborhood.

    Just as with the proposal to build a tasteful condo next to the bridge behind the 7/11, these “wouldn’t it be nice if…” scenarios seldom come to pass and instead citizens are left to deal with with blights on the neighborhood like Roccos and 21 West Water Street.

    If you want to preserve the peace and tranquility of a historic residential town then you can’t allow very much commercial development and you have to accept that it is a permanent battle. And sorry, but editorials wishing for a better world will not make it so.

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