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Letters August 26, 2010

Posted on 26 August 2010

Room With a View

To The Editor:

This letter is in answer to a letter to the editor from August 19, 2010, written by Ted Jeremenko in reference to the proposed law amending Chapter 55 (zoning) to convert accessory structures into living spaces. Mr. Jeremenko refers to my purchase of a house, alas, located next to his. Mr. Jeremenko, on his second meeting with me, told me, and I quote “Should you try to convert your accessory building into a livable space for anyone, I want you to know that I would fight you every step of the way,” end quote. I was surprised by this statement because when I looked at the room above the garage, it seemed clear that someone was at least sleeping there. Mr. Jeremenko also told me that years ago when this space contained a kitchen, he saw to it that it got ripped out. I noticed in his current letter, he did not take credit for it. I was told by the realtor that the space was a LEGAL STUDIO- WHICH IT IS!

I did not know that you are not allowed to sleep in a legal studio. It is actually for the benefit of many artists living in our area to use for sculpting, painting, dancing or whatever art they wish to pursue. So, I would like Mr. Jeremenko to know that, even as it stands now, I could have a radio blaring all day or a band rehearsing as long as they do not sleep or eat there, but they could still look into his yard. Instead, what I would like to request is to have a lovely couple, which he refers to as my staff, stay there. They are with me because I suffer Meniere’s disease and when that strikes, it would be a hardship not to have anyone at my side. I even offered to Mr. Jeremenko that I would black out the window that gives onto his garden (one can’t help but wonder what he does in his yard that warrants such secrecy). I bet he tried his best to get the second floor deck terrace eliminated, but luckily he did not succeed. I certainly regret starting out on this sort of footing with a new neighbor, he could do much worse than me, as many people who know me could attest to. I lived in the Harbor for close to 30 years. I could also sell or rent to someone with a slew of kids. I do not understand the quote by Mr. Jeremenko that this amendment will actually diminish affordable housing. I would love to have that explained.

In closing, I just want to say that I am a senior citizen with a certain health problem. I do not wish to rent this accessory building. I just wish to be able to hang on to two lovely, quiet people who help me, and who would in no way infringe on Mr. Jeremenko’s privacy.


Sony Schotland

Sag Harbor

Unwelcome Welcome

Dear  Mr. Boyhan,

At the last meeting of the Harborfest Committee, The Rev. Mark Phillips, the new Pastor of Old Whalers’ Church, and Mrs. Lillian Woudsma (founder of The Community Food Bank) attended representing the Church.

They were treated quite rudely by being dismissed from the meeting because they were not members of that committee, despite the fact that the greater community had been told that they were welcome to attend.

I was the Interim Pastor at Old Whalers’ for the past 4 years, and we always sent representatives to this planning meeting, especially since the Church is always a venue for a major event of Harborfest.

Indeed, I know that representatives from the Church have always attended these meetings and were welcome to do so.

The action seems particularly rude and inappropriate considering the fact that Pastor Mark is new to Sag Harbor and represents a major religious congregation that has been a leader in Sag Harbor of so very many

community functions and ministries for several hundred years.  One would think that any new Pastor in town would be welcomed warmly and introduced to those attending the meeting.

However, he and Mrs. Woudsma were summarily dismissed. This public humiliation of two important leaders in this community was not only rude and embarrassing but also uncalled for.

Such petty meanness should have no place at any community meeting where the public is invited to attend.

I believe that an apology is due to both of these highly valued leaders in the community, as well to the congregation and Session of Old Whalers’ Church for such an incident. These people deserve

better than this, given their long history of supporting, nurturing, and providing for the people and needs of this greater community.

Let’s bring back polite and acceptable public discourse as well as respectful treatment for those who labor so hard for the good of our citizens.


The Rev. James J. Cardone, Jr.

Shelter Island

Musical Memories

Dear Bryan,

I would like to personally congratulate the Sag Harbor Community Band on another beautiful Tuesday night concert. The venue on Bay Street is second to none, and the set list was classic, as always. I was really touched by the selection of songs, as well as the introduction to them, from the band’s announcer. He hit the nail on the head, when he introduced America the Beautiful and commented how that, despite our country being in tough times, it is still a beautiful country. When the band’s second to last song, “Now is the Hour,” was played, (and sung by most of the audience) it brought a tear to my girlfriend and I, and a flood of memories. Memories of coming to so many concerts with my grandparents, parents and family, 20+ years ago and listening to the same songs with them. Although I no longer live in the area, I always try and bring her to at least one concert a summer, to show her what Sag Harbor used to be like. It reminds me of what the Sag Harbor Community was like back then and how so much has changed and how many are no longer with us.

I hope that the Community Band will continue on for another season next year, and many years to come, to remind us of what our past is, and to help preserve what is left. Thanks again for a great show.

Tom Loreto, Jr


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