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Letters December 24, 2009

Posted on 26 December 2009

Great Christmas Gift

Dear Bryan,

What a total surprise!

Fabulous neighbors, Barbara Lobosco and her son, Steve, appeared out of the blue in my snow-filled driveway, shovels in hand, to dig a trench from my back door to my rear gate. It was the best Christmas gift that I have ever received — ever!

Otherwise, one was trapped in case of an emergency because there was no way out, with snow piled up against the back door. No exit — no way.

Here’s to the Lobosco family.

So, yes Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.

Lovelady Powell

North Haven

Rescued by a Cafe

Dear Editor:

Well we love our unsung heroes and I am sure the Blizzard of ’09 will lead to testimonials about the bravery of sundry firefighters, ambulance drivers, snow plow operators and other emergency crews who braved winds and drifts to do their jobs.

But —

I wish to nominate a group that I suspect won’t get much attention: The brave crew of our very own Golden Pear Cafe on Main Street who managed to come to work on Sunday morning — a heroic act in and of itself in my opinion.

Roj, Gonzales and Petya opened the store at 111 Main at 8:30 a.m.; it became a safe-haven for us and an island of warmth and cheer — and steaming hot coffee — in a sea of snow and ice and dismal bone-chilling cold.

Main Street was by-and-large closed; Golden Pear was operating pretty much alone. Yet inside it was business as usual, and almost as busy as a sultry Sunday in August. 

I have come to appreciate them deeply. I am always moved by their kindness, their energy, their staggering, breathtaking work-ethic. This was a supreme demonstration of that work-ethic.

I gather that it took Roj and Rodriguez each about two hours to get to work, but get to work they did; Gerritt valiantly tried to get in. He set out for work, but had to turn back. Now that is what I call commitment.

And so as the town is thinking about heroes and awards — or should — I would like to nominate this team. Let us give them a medal, a bonus, or at least a hug and our business.

They certainly rescued me and my husband and did so very lovingly.


Lucette Lagnado

Sag Harbor

Help is Needed

Dear Fellow East Enders,

A long-standing citizen of our community, Jim MacWhinnie is in stable yet critical condition at Stony Brook University Hospital, following a very serious accident at his parents’ in Southampton.

Jim was helping his father take an oil tank up their basement stairs when the step gave way and Jim fell through. Jim was trapped beneath the collapsed stairwell and suffered many life-threatening injuries. With the quick thought of his father calling 911 and responders from the Southampton Fire Department and Southampton Village Volunteer Ambulance, Jim was stabilized enough to be transported to Southampton Hospital where a portion of his liver was removed and he was further stabilized for transport to Stony Brook University Hospital. He has survived many more surgeries, yet still has many more to endure.

He and his family are facing this crisis with no health insurance coverage. This is where our community can help.

Jim is a celebrated marathon runner and Ironman participant. He often uses his fitness skills in support of multiple local charities and calls for help. It is now our turn to get behind Jim and show him that we appreciate what he does for our community by showing him what we can do for him collectively.

Hamptons State Bank in the village of Southampton has established an account to collect donations for Jim’s medical expenses. (  243 Windmill Lane, Southampton, NY 11968-4841, 287-9500).

 No matter where you stand on the insurance conversation, the facts of this situation are indisputable. Your help is needed, will be welcomed and will be as life changing as this potential tragedy has been to the MacWhinnie family and all of us who know and care for Jim.

We are all in this together,

Margie Saurenman


Home Run

The following letter was sent to Christian Haerter in response to the gift packages sent by Jordan’s Initiative to troops in Afghanistan.

Dear Christian and Sag Harbor,

I want to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support of our soldiers. Your support was overwhelming! Sag Harbor really came to the plate and hit a home run! I am pleased to say that the soldiers of Dog Company and the females of Easy Company were happy to receive your gifts. Without the tireless support of people like you guys, our endeavours would not have the will to continue and for us to take that for granted would be a mistake. As these men and women continue to fight the Taliban and Al Qaeda, we do so with the backing of fathers like Christian Haerter and communities like Sag Harbor. I wish you the comfort of the Good Lord above this holiday season and pray you are finding constant rest in Christ.

Chaplain Austin Vann

FOB Wilson


P.S.-  And God’s Blessings on Jordan’s Initiative in the coming years.  Thank you for allowing your boy to serve.

Descent Into Chaos

To the Editor:

After three months of studying our eight-year-old war in Afghanistan, the conclusion was more of the same. Just one more surge and we’ll get it right. To respect the same thing over and over again and expect a different result is insanity. Apparently cold war warriors are unable to change the way they think. Sending another 30,000 soldiers will end in a further descent into chaos.

In peace,

Larry Darcey

North Haven

Blizzard of Activity

Dear Bryan,

While we may have recently had a blizzard, there is always a blizzard of activity at the Community Boat Shop in Amagansett.

First let me announce the winner of the raffle drawing for the Swampscott dory built this year at the boat shop. The lucky person is Tom Collins of Springs. The dory was built by volunteer labor as a fundraiser for the shop, and I want to thank all who participated in the raffle.

We have already selected and begun to build next year’s boat, a Catspaw dinghy. I invite your readers to come by the shop any Wednesday or Saturday through the winter to view the work on the new boat and see the other boats we have. We are on Bluff Road behind the Marine Museum in Amagansett. Admission is always free.


Ray Hartjen


East End Classic Boat Society

Good Luck to Shinnecocks

Dear Editor,

I just want to say, “It’s about time.” The Shinnecock Indians have been a presence here on Long Island for thousands of years. Their history is apparent everywhere we look in the Hamptons — they have a wonderful museum that has exhibits telling their story. What has taken the government so long to, so called, “recognize” them? Recognize them?! They’ve been right in front of you all along.

While I don’t want to see them open a casino out here (I just don’t think we have enough room to take all the traffic, people, etc.), I think the government should do what it can to help them open up one near Belmont Race Track. They seem prepared for something like that, and they seem to want it.

Good luck to them.

George Puglisi

Sag Harbor

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