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Letters March 11, 2010

Posted on 13 March 2010

Viva Sag Harbor

Dear Bryan,

Many thanks to Cheryl Bedini and the Elementary School PTA for organizing a truly wonderful Multi Cultural Feast last Friday night!  The evening of foods, music and dance from around the world was an amazing effort by countless cooks and performers!  Thank you all for this remarkable gift to our children and to all who attended. Viva Sag Harbor!   


John Battle

Sag Harbor

Satisfying Evening

Dear Bryan

Sag Harbor’s star shined brightly on Friday evening. An electric atmosphere swept through the elementary school gym as tables brimming with maps, pictures, flags and interesting knowledge from many countries were surrounded by curious attendees. Any attendees who came to the event hungry most certainly left very satisfied after sampling succulent homemade dishes from far away places like Turkey (actually called Turk-ee-ay), Ethiopia, St. Lucia and Peru (corn juice anyone?).

The Scottish bagpipes and Greek dancers were wonderful. Most of all, it was great to see so many members of our broader community in attendance.

Here’s to Springtime!

Robert Cleary

North Haven

Best Ever

Greetings Bryan,

A giant congratulations and thank you to the parents and teachers who organized Friday’s Multicultural Night and Sunday’s Wizards Basketball Game.

To Cheryl Bedini, who spearheaded an incredible turn-out for Multicultural Night by inspiring a more diverse offering of countries and cuisines; To all the parents who created such yummy and educational tables, especially St. Lucia mom, who needs to open a restaurant in Sag Harbor;

To all the performers who demonstrated dancing, music, and costumes from around the world, especially the Scottish Jig instructors who got the entire crowd into the act; and, to the PTA, who coordinated and promoted the entire event.

The number of laughs and smiles at Sunday’s Wizard’s game was something to behold! A giant congratulations to the teachers and administrators who took on the Wizards with such grace and humor. Donna “Swisher” Fischer and Nancy “Martha” Remkus led our team in scoring, supported by Matt “Mailman” Malone, Donna “Dunk it” Dennon, George “Hugh Jackman” Kneeland, Greg “Justin Timberlake” Lahann, and many others. For those of you who missed it, I hope the Sag Harbor Parenting Center will repeat this terrific event and benefit next year. While much of the attention was showered on the Wizards, it was the teachers and administrators who volunteered their time who were the real superstars. That is, until the children upstaged everyone during the half-time show!

As my son Jackson said at dinner on Sunday night, “This has been the best weekend ever in Sag Harbor!”


Susan Lamontagne

Sag Harbor

Beautiful Evening

Dear Editor,

Wonderful, the food, the elementary students, the community, the passports, the nation stamps, the maps, the costumes, the entertainment and all the mixing of our winter weary bodies together in the school gym Friday night, goes down in my memory as the best part of this winter here in Sag Harbor.

Thank you PTA for such a beautiful evening.

Elaine McKay



Dear Bryan,

There will be blood in the streets of Washington, D.C. if socialized, nationalized health care is passed. That will occur because those in power choose to be tone deaf to the grievances of the people. For example, the people want jobs and Washington is working on health care.

King George III could never say that he was not warned of the coming calamity. His response to the final overture for redress by the colonists was to “double down” on the ingrates and traitors to the crown. 

History is repeating itself. By “doubling down” on the passage of health care, Washington ignores an America that has made it clear that it no longer desires to accede to the crown. Yet, Washington believes, just as King George did, that we will swallow the bitter pill of subservience, for we are after all, subjects to be governed.

While Congress and the President are incapable of ending “politics as usual,” the people, most assuredly, can get the job done. My daughter will not live in a nation less free than that nation of my own experience. As was true for the crown, fair reader, let it be true for Washington that it can never say that it was not forewarned.

Bill Jones

Hampton Bays 

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2 Responses to “Letters March 11, 2010”

  1. la poursuivante says:

    gadzooks….Bill methinks your periwig is askew!

    Are you advocating violent overthrow of our ligitimate government? “There will be blood in the streets of Washington, D.C. ” , “…the people, most assuredly, can get the job done. My daughter will not live in a nation less free than that nation of my own experience.” and “let it be true for Washington that it can never say that it was not forewarned” Wow…Blood, oaths and warnings…Sound like revolutionary talk to me.

    …Or are you simply offering to emigrate with your family to country with a politicfal bent more to your liking? If so Bon Voyage!

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