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Letters November 19, 2009

Posted on 19 November 2009

Board Members are the Culprits

To the Editor:

I just read a letter by a Mr. John O’Hare (The Sag Harbor Express, November 12, 2009) in which he complained about our teachers wearing their tee-shirts while teaching our students. He accused the teachers of using the students as pawns in their negotiations. In the letter to you, he was concerned that each time a teacher wrote on the blackboard the tee shirts were a distraction. The students had to read the back of their shirts before  they could read what was on the blackboard.

I do not know this man. He sounds very angry. I bet he doesn’t even have children in the school. What I object to, in his letter, is that he said that “voters and parents of the community are fed up with their bully  tactics.” Really? I’m a voter. I am part of the community and a parent of a student at Pierson. Where did he get his conclusion from? I was never called and polled. Mr. O’Hare does NOT speak for me or for many of the parents that have students in the school.

Maybe he would be better off to direct his anger toward the board who are the real culprits in this. Had the board come up with a new contract, the teachers wouldn’t have to wear the tee shirts, the ones that Mr. O’Hare objects to.

Susan Mann

North Haven 

Less Than a Thousand Words

Dear Bryan,

Can my letters actually stop the passage of nationalized, socialized health care?  To believe that would be rather foolish, would it not?  Yet, my letters caused David Carney to respond with a letter containing less than a thousand words.  So you see, fair reader, anything is possible!


Bill Jones

Hampton Bays

P.S.  Yes, David, I was a legislator, but am trying to make amends by being a writer.  Hope you are well. 

For the Old Warrior

Dear Bryan,

I would like to thank everyone who came to the gallery on November 7 to say goodbye to Bob McDade. I am sure the old warrior would have found peace in that beautiful farewell. Thank you for being with me.

Elinor McDade

Sag Harbor

Congratulations, Gerry

Dear Editor,

I would like to say congratulations to Gerry Hamel for being inducted into the Boston College Varsity club. I was a teammate of his on the Sag Harbor Babe Ruth team. All us kids who played baseball with Gerry knew he was one great player. He was a great hitter, first basemen and hitter.

Gerry was the best baseball player I ever played with, the exception for me may be Carl Yastremski who I played with on the East End Babe Ruth All Star team in 1955 — a team that won the Babe Ruth Championship, that also included Eddy Early, Paul Schiavoni, and Dave Lyons. In second guessing myself they — Carl and Gerry — were as good as each other in the mid 50’s.

Again Gerry you truly deserve this honor. It was good to see you a couple of years ago at the Sag Harbor Golf Course. May all your days be the best.

Roger M. Butts

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7 Responses to “Letters November 19, 2009”

  1. taxpayer says:

    susan mann….obviously you would attack a taxpayer…it does not matter if Mr O’hare has kids in school or not..he is a taxpayer in this school district…..he has the right to his own opinion about his school district…….do not ever forget that!I think AG cuomo should be informed of THE GANGS at the schools….dressing alike is GANG mentality…usually reserved for thugs and prisoners,but IMO thats the way they see themselves….using little children as pawns IS WRONG…FIRE them all and start from scratch…there are litrally dozens of our own adult children that could take their place!

  2. double d says:

    Amen taxpayer,
    Susan has no idea what the number of parents are who are sick and tired of these teachers using our children to try and get their way. Like i told you before Susan. The teachers would without a doubt use my children to try and hurt me if they new my indentity.I wish i could sign this. Though Susan has never addressed the shirts. She has done a great job talking around them.That’s because she knows she can’t justify them without sounding foolish. PLEASE Susan tell us how the shirts are not a distraction. How they don’t tend to draw attention from their assignment being written on the board. How they are a nessesity.
    I have over 45 years combined sag harbor public school experience with multiple graduates.I know wrong when i see it. Ask my graduates what they think about the teachers doing this same manipulation again. They are dissapointed that they don’t remember the same response happened last time. Then again they new they could bully that week BOA around. I believe the ex teachers union head was pres for that one. what a joke that was.

  3. taxpayer says:

    also… wearing those shirts….who are they sending a message to….when the only people that see them are the students!!!!!

  4. drex neumann says:

    It looks like to me Susan Mann letter was well written with no misspelled words. I can not say that about the other reply letter’s. The teacher’s union deserve what they can negotiate, that is between them and the Board of Education.

  5. taxpayer says:

    drex…pardon me,if this is “just between the BOE and the union…than let the BOE pay the salaries of the greedy ones with no money coming from me and my neighbors the TAXPAYERS!!!!~!and suck it about spelling and all that!AND IF THIS WERE JUST BETWEEN THE BOARD AND THE GREEDY…..WHY THE SHIRTS IN FRONT OF THE “LITTLE ONES”!!!!the”education card”is what they are playing…and have been for the past 20 or so years…..

  6. double d says:

    It looks to me like once again the attention of the shirts gets bypassed.This time for grammer. Typical. Tell me drex what affect if any do you think may happen by wearing the shirts of protest in front of children who don’t vote and have no say in the negotiation process or outcome. I can only come up with a negative outcome taking into consideration thay offer zero educational value and are not part of any cirriculum.
    Any ideas there mister grammer specialist.

  7. UpIslander says:

    As a former teacher on the East End and FORMER East End resident all I can say is THANK GOD I’m back up-island!!! You idiots have FAR too much time on your hands. JEZ!!! Get a life people! No one I know in the township of Islip where I currently live is NEARLY as knowledgable as you guys are on the in and outs and goings on of your schools, town events, police blotter, etc, etc. Just go about you lives and shaddup!!!

    BTW: I’ve been in the Sag Harbor Schools and observed what goes on and anyone who thinks those teachers are doing anything but there best for your kids is just a cheapskate, worried way too much about their property tax statement. Hey, NICE THINGS COST MONEY!!!! Where the heck do you think you live anyway? Maine? North Carolina? This is not a cheap place to be and you’ve got one of the BEST schools on Long Island in your district.

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