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Letters October 30

Posted on 31 October 2008

Home Again

Dear Bryan,

I just read the wonderful article (October 2) by my cousin, Jack Youngs, about the American Hotel and I wanted to add a PS.

As you know, William H.F. Youngs (he had 2 middle names, Hampton & Freeman) was my grandfather too.  As far back as I can remember, we visited my grandparents at the American Hotel four times each year (from Pennsylvania). These were special times that I so much looked forward to. After my grandfather died in 1970, the hotel was purchased by Ted Conklin. As Jack recalled, he worked diligently, polishing the floors on his hands and knees, and the hotel was reborn. Every year it has grown to what it is today and Ted should be so proud…as we all are….to see his accomplishment. I’m sure all the family are looking down from Heaven with pure joy.

I hope you print this so all can realize.

Thanks, Bryan. I was in Sag Harbor last month for my yearly visit and as usual, I thoroughly enjoyed being “home again”.

Keep up the good work in all you do.

Cindy Barr

A World Disorder

Dear Editor:

Capitalism is a world disorder. Do we need further evidence? The meltdown has spread around the globe. Unfortunately, we led the way. Greed and its sibling, speculation, were the culprits. Credit cards, too.

Since the fall of Communism, former Pope John Paul began to preach against Capitalism. He was able to see the expanding gap between those who have everything and those with nothing, causing horrible suffering around the world. The same was occurring here on a much lesser scale, but growing worse.

Capitalism is no longer our sacred cow. It is held up by four pillars: competition, profit, greed and power; one leads to the other. The very nature of Capitalism breeds violence, economically and militarily. Corporate powers drag us into war, hire the military, our sons and daughters, to protect huge investments of oil in Iraq and the middle east.

The powers that be in Washington told us they would bring Democracy to Iraq. According to Johns Hopkins School of Public Health over 600,000 Iraqi civilians and children have been killed. These horrible figures represent brutal capitalism, not democracy.

A new world order may be coming, but it is still in disorder …

In peace,

Larry Darcey, Sag Harbor

Ask the Pope

Dear Editor:

President George W. Bush touted himself as answering to a higher authority than his father, God, who speaks to him and told him he would become president. And he did become president. Awesome. A clear sign, however — if one was needed — that voters had chosen the wrong man as their president.

Viewing the record of his eight years in office — his disastrous foreign and domestic policies which have landed the country in an economic bog, not to  talk of his nationwide unpopularity (he does not care about polls, anyway, why should he, the chosen one?) —  many questions arise regarding his claim to a special relationship with God.

Either he did not talk enough or frequently with God (how about his dreams?) — the best case scenario, or, if he was not lying or deluded, his claim was somewhat exaggerated — the worst case scenario.

Take, for example, the performance of the government-sponsored housing agencies — Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae — which, with the complicity of the Federal Reserve Bank, pressured the big investment banks into sub-prime mortgage loans to unqualified clients in order to promote an ideology: an ownership economy of “the American dream.” With the present disastrous results. Compare this with the performance of the Pope’s Vatican bank, which is reported to have foreseen, a year ago, the current U.S.A. banking and financing disaster and taken the precautionary measure of converting its holdings into gold and very safe securities. Result: the Vatican bank has escaped the turmoil and adversity of the U.S.A. and worldwide banking, financial and economic collapse.

Why did God not warn George Bush about his country’s banking, financial and economic crisis a year ago? If only George Bush had consulted with the Pope who, apparently, has more traction with God. This goes to prove that father — the Holy Father — knows best.

Yours sincerely,

David Carney, Sag Harbor




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