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Letters September 17, 2009

Posted on 21 September 2009

Destroying Health Care

Dear Bryan:

Most Americans comprehend that there is, “no such thing as a free lunch.”  Every government program costs money and that money does not come from the money tree, it comes from you and I and business. Americans are also expressing their justifiable distrust in a federal government that has performed poorly over the past thirty years. Now, Washington is about to add insult to injury with the passage of health care reform. It will not be “cost neutral.” It will cost trillions more than expected. It will not encourage competition. It will eliminate competition. It will take one of the best health care systems in the world, one built by the private sector not the government sector, and destroy it.  

In ten years, it will be just one more government entitlement. It will be just one more albatross around our collective necks. And just like the albatross of Medicare and Medicaid today, the federal government will be at a loss as to how to fix the mess it created. Sadly, by then, it will be too late. That is why action is needed now.  Health care reform must be stopped.  

Thank you.

Bill Jones

Hampton Bays

Provide Basic Health Care

Dear Editor:

Please publish the following letter to Congressman Tim Bishop.

Please move forward with health care reform in the fall when you return to Washington. I’m counting on you to resist the powerful lobbies and those who have been goaded by misinformation to oppose health care reform. Now, more than ever, Americans need a plan that will offer affordable and reliable coverage. A government-sponsored option can provide care to those who can’t pay for it through existing insurance plans and bring down all our costs in the long run.

A substantial portion of my income pays for inclusion in an HMO that gives me very limited choices and seeks to deny claims at every opportunity. It seems to be in the business plan of for-profit insurance companies to deny a large proportion of claims and to deny coverage to those with “pre-existing conditions.” The profit motive of the healthcare companies is at odds with providing timely and affordable treatment, and preventive care.

As a licensed social worker whose clients struggle with substance abuse and mental health issues, I experience the insurance companies dictating admittance or denial to treatment facilities, the type of treatment, and the length of stays. These are clinical issues which are best left to the clinician and not to an office worker to decide. Despite recent legislation, we still lack mental health parity.

If the wealthiest nation on Earth can afford to bail out Wall Street and major corporations, it can provide basic health care to all its citizens.


Tom Wasik, LMSW

Sag Harbor

Write In

Dear Bryan,

As we move into the fall, and the heart of the political season ahead, I think it is time to talk seriously about what our vote means. When we pull a lever or write in a candidate’s name we are saying to ourselves, and the rest of the world anonymously, that we trust this person to make decisions that affect us directly for a period of time in the future. The decisions can be tax decisions, public safety decisions, recreation decisions, large capital project decisions, or very simple decisions like a fee to go to the beach when we never paid one before.

Think carefully about YOUR decisions when you enter the booth this November, and if you feel I would make a good Town Board member, please write-in my name. Because my party, the Bonac Beach Party was challenged successfully by the Independence Party, who must have been concerned because I am running a strong campaign and am gaining on second out of five candidates, you must write-in my name.

How does that work?  Well, when you get to the polls, there will be friends of mine handing out pens, pencils, and instructions about how to find the slot with the paper right over the town board candidates. You simply push up the slot, revealing the paper, and write my name. If you cannot reach the slot, ask for help…if you cannot find the slot… ask for help…if you suddenly feel it is too much trouble, take a deep breath and remember what this means to your future. 

Before there were million dollar voting machines, there was pen and paper to vote. So please vote for me for East Hampton Town Board in November by writing in my name, Prudence Carabine. 

Prudence Carabine

The Bonac Beach Party

East Hampton

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