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Letters September 30, 2010

Posted on 30 September 2010

Check the Facts on Candidates

Dear Bryan,

As the November 2 mid-term election nears, I am dismayed at the amount of inaccurate information on the airwaves and in print – almost all of which plays on fear.

As an electorate we seem to have decided to forgo fact for fiction, knowledge for fear, reason for passion, and responsibility for knowing the difference to organizations, which have vested interests in supporting their individual and corporate sponsors’ agendas.

Our example is the campaign being run against Tim Bishop and his vote for healthcare reform by a group called 60+. 60+ claims to be an alternative source of information to AARP. What they really are is a group that will not reveal the source of their funding and is espousing misleading and false information.

Rather than refute them point by point here, I urge my fellow citizens to go to and read their research on the 60+ claims. is a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania and does not accept funds from corporations, unions, partisan organizations or advocacy groups. I offer the following link to their evaluation of the 60+ ads:

This election calls for level-headed evaluation of our potential leaders and the platforms they are running on. Before going to the ballot box on November 2, we must turn to the non-partisan sources of information. Do not assume that a print or television ad must be true because it exists. The ads being run by 60+ against Tim Bishop and healthcare reform are not true.

Tim Bishop derserves our support. Know the facts. Vote on November 2.


Susan Moyer

Sag Harbor

Bravo to Beck

Dear Bryan,

Bravo to Glenn Beck on his successful rally in Washington D.C. on August 28th. Organizing this event was gutsy on his part, as the liberal media would have had a field day if it had been a bust. To its dismay, the rally was a tremendous success as evidenced by the photos showing masses of average, regular Americans stretching outward from the Lincoln Memorial.

Of course, the pundits still dismiss these American citizens as some sort of sect from an alien universe and they still proclaim that it is the economy that has everyone in a foul mood. But, the pundits are wrong.

The “issue” that has motivated these average citizens to move from the couch to the front line of political discourse is not about the economy, it is about the direction of our country. And far from being aliens, these people are rock solid Americans and I am sure that they make our Founding Fathers extremely proud. On the other hand, fair reader, those who arrogantly dismiss the voices of these patriots make our Founding Fathers writhe in disgust.

Bill Jones

Hampton Bays

There is Hope

To the Editor,

Yes, Jesus really taught non-violence but Christians have been going to war ever since. A parody I call the devil’s dance. For centuries, the image of the cross has led Christians into battle, later replaced by the flag hopefully not worshipped. At least Jesus’ name was no longer taken in vain. There is hope.

With perpetual war staring us in the face, non-violence might be the only option. Non-violence has taken on a new meaning. Weapons of mass destruction have put us on a path of self-destruction. Afghanistan may be pointing us in that direction some have said the beginning of World War III. Our so-called superpower has not won a war since World War II. In contemporary wars, 90% of the victims are civilians, just like us, so non-violence seems like a good choice for everyone. There is hope.

Finally, an excellent summary of war, “Never again war! Never again war which destroys the life of innocent people, teaches how to kill, throws into upheaval even the lives of those who do the killing and leaves behind a trail of resentment and hatred, thus making it all the more difficult to find a just solution of the very problems which provoked the war.”–Pope John Paul II, 1991. There is hope.

Larry Darcey

Sag Harbor

Bishop’s Roots

Dear Bryan,

If Randy Altschuler really thinks that the people of District 1 believe Tim Bishop is serving Nancy Pelosi or any other party leader, he knows very little about Tim and even less about the people of this community who Tim has so ably represented, Republican, Independent and Democrat alike.

If you go to Youtube to watch  commercials against Congressman Peter DeFazio of Oregon as I did two days ago, after reading the story of his confronting a man behind a nameless office door in Washington, you will be surprised. De Fazio asked him why he was broadcasting these lies about him and his record, the man at first denied he had anything to do with them, then fumbled about saying, well, he couldn’t disclose his name or the name of the outfit making the commercials or of those paying for him. Then he shut the door. You will find these commercials are the very same ones being used against Tim Bishop running nearly non-stop in our district, except it has another Republican candidate’s name and the picture of Peter DeFazio.

Tim’s Bishop’s  first grandson, Nathan, was born at Southampton Hospital. His daughter Molly and Nathan are doing fine. Nathan is the 14th generation of Bishops to have been born here on the East End. All the money in all the political PACs arrayed to funnel millionaires’, billionaires’ and corporate money anonymously and unaccountably into congressional races for the Tea Party Republican to defeat Tim Bishop cannot buy the deep roots that Tim Bishop has here. Roots that tie him to the land and the people from these parts. Tim has understood the values of this community, its needs and aspirations because he is of it. We well know how much we have benefited to have had the good fortune to have Tim Bishop fight for us.


Tom Leo

Sag Harbor

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2 Responses to “Letters September 30, 2010”

  1. M. Fitzsimmons says:

    Folks, do not be deceived. Randy Altschuler will be committed to Suffolk County for two years. Then he will run for the Senate, somewhere. He will not limit himself to the mundane concerns of the citizens of Suffolk County. His ambition is without bounds. Two years, that will be it. Guaranteed.

    M. Fitzsimmons
    New York City

  2. Pat Skubic says:

    I’m wondering if anyone knows what Canada’s immigration specifications are. As an outdated fart, I probably don’t provide the “skills” they want. They’ll clearly make sure I’m fleeing a hit a brick wall country, looking for decent medical.

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