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Letters to the Editor 02/23/12

Posted on 24 February 2012


Which Side Are You On?

Dear Bryan:

“We have seen that historical data covering twenty centuries afford no encouragement to those who offer paternalism as the panacea for human ills.  We have seen that communism and socialism have, throughout the ages, signally failed to improve the condition of mankind;that in place of producing happiness they have invariably led to misery.” (The Relation of Government to Industry; Mark L Requa, 1925)

World history has illustrated the utter failure of communism and socialism, American history has illustrated the success of capitalism and democracy to improve individual lives, and even our living history illustrates the triumph of capitalism over socialism.  Yet, Democrats and Liberals want, at the very least, America to have a socialized democracy akin to Europe or, at the extreme, a government controlled socialist state.

Which side are you on, fair reader?  If you wish for America to no longer be free or capitalistic, then we are rivals and I shall do my best to contribute to your defeat and the placing of your philosophy on the ash heap of history.

Bill Jones

Hampton Bays

The Fog

To the editor,

Headlines in the New York Times on February 3, 2012. S.E.C. is avoiding tough sanctions for large banks. Nearly 350 waivers of penalties for Wall St. over a decade. Granting exemptions for financial giants like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America.” These were the banks that were too big to fail that the American taxpayers bailed out. This represents the one percent dictating to the 99%. If this doesn’t wake up the American people they may be the walking dead among us in the future. The citizens of our country are truly suffering en route to the end of their life. The injustices are too numerous to mention here.

Meredith Cross the S.E.C.’s finance director, says the aim is to protect investors. She reminds me of our former watch dog, Alan Greenspan, appearing before congress. “I assumed these guys on Wall Street possessed honesty and integrity.” Members of Congress loved the man. He disappeared in the Fog of the Economy.

My conclusion Democracy is but a dream, capitalism the reality, as for freedom, that’s based on your economic bracket, clearly spelled out here. How many of us remain in fog?

Larry Darcey

Sag Harbor


To the Editor,

On January 28, 2012, I had the great pleasure of attending the show “Grease” held at the Sag Harbor Middle/High School by the middle school students. It was so well done and the young actors and actresses most obviously enjoyed themselves. Each performance (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) were sold out! I know that the Saturday p.m. audience very much enjoyed the show!

Bravo! Do another!

Barbara Farrell

Lucky to get a ticket!

Picture Not So Rosy

Dear Editor:

I read Jim Marquardt’s ivory tower articles on illegal immigrants. He sets up a false dichotomy to bolster his argument implying: Those who share his rosy view = enlightened humanitarians. Those who dare to question his view = backward, racist nobodies to be associated with the Minutemen. His convenient, simplistic thinking defies many facts and while he cites selective statistics, he avoids those which contradict his Pollyanna views.

Some 82 percent of illegals are from Mexico and Latin America. In El Salvador, for example, 25 percent of their population (mostly young people) are now illegal immigrants in the U.S. This country’s ability to build its own future has been completely undermined by what Mr. Marquardt endorses. So the illegals bussing tables or cleaning your house would have been doing something productive in their own country. I personally know Hispanic young people in the Hamptons, who if they returned to their country with the basic education and money the family has earned, could gain entry to and AFFORD college there. Here, like their parents, they cut grass and clean toilets instead. I know someone who worked in a bank in Central America, but washes cars here. When invoking the mantra: “Illegal immigrants do work that no one else will do,” remember that someone else actually did do those jobs before they arrived.

According to the Government Accountability Office, there are an average of 8 arrests per illegal alien in the U.S. In the Southwest, 1 in 5 illegals caught already has a U.S. police record. Mr. Marquardt conveniently has erased crime, human trafficking, and the drug trade from any discussion of illegal immigrants, along with ‘plata o plomo’ and coyotes. In L.A. 95 percent of outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal immigrants.

Where I spend the winter in California, they are further along the learning curve than the Hamptons, but give it time, we’ll catch up. There, the annual cost of illegal immigration tops $20 billion. New York (which also has a budget deficit) is in the top 5 for illegal immigration costs, which nationally tops $113 billion. This is your tax money funding law enforcement, education, welfare and medical services dealing with illegal immigrants.

If Mr. Marquardt wants to give us a more complete picture, I suggest he go to The Retreat and examine abuse records, Southampton Hospital to discuss uncompensated care, the two big high schools to discuss gang issues and the police blotter. So when people say “looking for a better life,” is this a better life? Living 20 in a house, feeling alienated outside your culture, working illegally 7 days a week under the table? Maybe “better life” actually refers to the employers, who don’t want to hire the legal, local people who used to do these jobs? Maybe “better life” means not having to pay minimum wage, file taxes for all your employees or provide health care? Let the illegals you hire live out of the Food Pantry, right? Is the kid, who would never have been a drug dealer in Central America, but joined a gang in Springs and was found shot in the head on Montauk Highway, was that a “better life” he had here? Maybe “better life” is an excuse to ignore immigration laws and pretend loose change in the Hamptons is a better life for illegal immigrants? Is “better life” just a financial carrot on a stick, the kind you’ll never eat?

It isn’t racist to look at a larger picture than Mr. Marquardt presents. It’s intellectually dishonest not to and it’s not such a rosy picture.


Marjorie Wright

Sag Harbor

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