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Letters to the Editor 10/11/12

Posted on 12 October 2012

Decision Too Big

Dear Editor,

I find the article reporting the Village Trustees voted 3-1 to initiate steps to replace the village police officers disturbing. I for one and, I am sure, many residents of this Village do not want three local citizens to make a decision of this magnitude on behalf of the residents of this wonderful village without reliable resident input, notwithstanding village charter permission.

The village mayor and trustees do not communicate and prefer to talk to each other rather than provide an open government. There are many ways the mayor and trustees could contact all the village residents and poll their opinions. It is one thing to approve a trial period for the ferry, however any decision to eliminate, modify and replace the village police force is a decision too big for the mayor and trustees without resident concurrence.

I do not recall seeing any meaningful analysis of the cost benefit, response time of potential replacements, and a training analysis of the replacement officers. One of the major benefits of living in an incorporated village is the quality of life. The service of government, public officials and a local police force are all part of the quality of life we enjoy in Sag Harbor.

I suggest all residents demand that the village engage a professional third party polling firm to collect the non-binding opinions of the village residents, it is the right thing to do! The actions of replacing the police department goes way beyond the ability of the mayor to act on our behalf. Keep in mind that this paper reported some months ago that the mayor, when asked about his decision to approve the temporary docking of the ferry, was quoted as saying “let’s give it a try.” Well this decision cannot be based on “let’s give it a try.” This newspaper could also do a more comprehensive job of reporting all the issues and digging in to the financial and service affects.

Robert G. Turner

Sag Harbor


Righting a Wrong

Dear Bryan,

To take on the police union is no easy task…practically or politically. Even though every village, town, and county on Long Island suffer under the extreme weight of police salaries, benefits, and work schedules, few political leaders attempt to change the status quo. Therefore, Mayor Gilbride and the trustees who support his efforts stand apart from the political herd. Sag Harbor should be proud of itself for electing political leaders with backbone.

More importantly, village residents should support Mayor Gilbride in his effort to right a wrong, the wrong being the arrogance and absurdity of police demands. Residents need, in this singular instance, to trust in and give full authority to the Mayor to achieve his goals. The Mayor deserves the support of the people.

I know that most village residents like “having their own police force.” However, if you knew what the Mayor knows about the issue, you would agree that it is time for a change.

I can tell you two things. First, it is crazy that a village cop makes $100,000 a year and it is absurd that he believes that he is entitled to a $14,000 raise over the next three years.

Second, every mayor, supervisor, and both county executives of all parties would love to end the tyranny of police unions over his budget. Former Mayor Kapell of Greenport and now, Mayor Gilbride are the only two elected officials who have ever attempted to right this wrong. For that alone the mayor deserves the respect of the village residents.  Supporting his plan, however, no matter how you may feel personally about the issue, is what he really deserves.

Bill Jones

Hampton Bays


Head In or Back Over

Dear Editor,

I received a parking ticket (9/8/12) for Not Facing In … Not on Main Street where it is obviously required, but on the wharf in what was a typical perpendicular spot. Although I didn’t think to look for or see a head-in requirement (never saw one before), I did check the time limit. I was a little confused when I returned to my car and saw the ticket, so I went on line to try to understand it all. Seems everywhere I went I found that backing into a parking spot is preferred to having to back out. One web site,, posted a dozen or so pictures of toddlers and young children killed by back-overs. So now I’m beginning to wonder about the intentions of the law. Will it take a toddler killed by a back-over on the Sag Harbor wharf in order for the law to be revisited ….


Douglas Virkus

Center Moriches


A Bridge By Any Other Name

To the People of Sag Harbor,

No matter what you call it – the “Sag Harbor-North Haven” bridge is the “Sag Harbor-North Haven” bridge.

It was, it is, and will always be just that.

I’m sure that I speak for most of the old time Sag Harbor natives.

Maybe when Marine Park is changed to “Veterans Memorial Park” I might change my thinking about the bridge.

Barbara Roffi

Sag Harbor Native


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  1. william says:

    we all need to cut back during a depression which we are in by the way not ask for raises but rather thank god we are employed

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