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Letters to the Editor 10/27/11

Posted on 28 October 2011

What America is About

To the Editor:

I read your coverage and editorial regarding the demonstrations and intentions of the Occupy movement. I have been a homeowner and weekend resident of Sag Harbor for 25 years — I am one of the 1%, and, since 1986, have paid just shy of a half a million dollars in Southampton tax, of which over $200,000 has gone to support the Sag Harbor school district. (Just where would local education be without the millions of tax dollars we “awful” second homeowners pour into the district?) I donate substantially to local needs, support local initiatives, and employ a number of Sag Harbor people for work that needs to be done.

I strongly resent the tone of the demonstrations, demonizing those who have a few bucks — driving the wedge and mimicking the president’s clear disdain for those of us who came from nothing, paid for our educations, worked hard, saved hard, got good jobs, made decent investments, and put our kids through college. And now, after all that sweat and all that incredible hard work, people want me to redistribute my humble piece of the pie. Excuse me, but I would like to be the one who determines where my wealth will be distributed: charities, local and environmental initiatives, art and music and my grandkids’ college education. Last I looked, this is exactly what America is all about.

Chris Clarke

Sag Harbor

Write in Candidate

Dear Editor,

I am running as a write-in candidate for the position of Southampton Town Supervisor to provide voters a choice.  Had I not stepped up to offer my candidacy, the current supervisor would be running unopposed because the Republican and Conservative parties failed to designate a challenger in this year’s race.

What’s this election all about?  I think it all boils down to trust.

Who can you trust to provide strong, independent leadership and open, honest government?

People know that I am honest, hard-working, and I know how to get things done and done right. As a lifelong resident, taxpayer and property owner, I can provide better representation as town supervisor. I have the courage. I have the experience. And, I care about people from all walks of life. I need you to stand with me on Election Day and send a message from the people that:

  • It’s not about political party labels, special interest groups and building cozy relationships.
  • It’s about delivering good government for the people of this great town.
  • It’s about sound financial management, less spending, less government, and working in the best interests of our taxpayers and residents.

Send a message that Southampton Town needs a person at the top who won’t do you wrong, won’t lie to you, mislead you, and get all wrapped in ego.

Because my name is not on the ballot – I need you to write my name on your Election Day ballot.  It’s easy to vote by write-in. When you are handed your ballot at the polls, go to the bottom of column 15 which is labeled Supervisor and in the write in box, print Linda Kabot. Remember to spell Kabot correctly with a letter K. The key is Kabot.

To make sure your write-in vote counts for me, do not fill in any circles in the supervisor column for Anna Throne-Holst or make any markings in the blank boxes provided for the Republican and Conservative political parties.

For more info, please visit my website or call me (631) 219-7218.  On Election Day, Nov. 8, I respectfully ask for your vote of confidence by write-in.  Together we can make history in Southampton Town.


Linda Kabot


Time for a Woman

Dear Editor

I’m Janet Beck and I live in Westhampton. Since 1957, when my family purchased a home on Dune Road, I have been learning about the bays and the history of our waters. Our family ate fish, crabs, mussels, clams and scallops that we harvested from the bays.

I have attended and participated in the marine environmental lectures at Stony Brook-Southampton, to learn more about eel grass, clams and scallops. I am a supporter of the Peconic Baykeeper and I am very concerned about the sources of pollution that are damaging our waters. I have also supported the work of the Peconic Estuary Program, Citizens Advisory Committee, and the Group for the East End.

For three-hundred-twenty-six years, since 1686, there has never been a woman elected Southampton Trustee. We are in the 21st century. Every town around, except us, has elected women trustees. It is time for that to change. Gender aside, my management skills gained as a school administrator, responsible for more than 60 schools, more than qualifies me as a trustee manager. I believe that you do not need to wear waders or hip-boots to be a knowledgeable trustee. We need to look to the future, 50 – 75 – 100 years and beyond to set a plan to manage our assets for future generations.

The Southampton Trustees need to educate our citizens about the work they do more often than every two years when they must stand for election. They must get people informed and enlightened about the preservation of the environment that brought and keeps many of us here. And more importantly, it is the chief economic engine that keeps the dollars flowing into our local businesses.

I ask you to vote for me, Janet Beck, on line A on election day November 8, 2011. I want the opportunity to serve you as a Southampton Trustee.

Janet Beck


Vote for PDD Changes

To the Editor,

Southampton Town Residents: On Tuesday November 8th, election day, you will see on your ballot a most important referendum concerning Planned Development Districts (PDD). A YES vote for this referendum will require all PDDs to win a super majority vote (4 of 5) of the town board for passage. Please vote YES.

This is important because PDDs are the town’s most complicated, least regulated and most controversial development proposals and their approval should require the increased level of scrutiny and board agreement that a super majority provides. CACs and civic associations town wide have made important changes to the town planning process and this proposal is yet another important step to insure that future development in Southampton serve community needs. These combined changes all work to protect our three most important job generators: open space, clean air and water and community based controlled development.

John N Linder

Sag Harbor CAC

Successful Dinners

Dear Bryan,

This year’s “One For the Books!” events, held in homes across Sag Harbor, were a wonderful mix of food, unexpected company, and stories. This annual benefit raised more than $33,000 for the library’s capital campaign — and strengthened our ties to the community we serve. I have had many people come to the library to thank me for their dinners — but as I have told them all, the thanks should not come to me, but to the generous hosts who opened their homes, and to the volunteer committee, led by Gail Slevin. And so I will take this opportunity to give them my thanks for all they’ve done for John Jermain.

Here’s to next year,

Catherine Creedon, Director

John Jermain Memorial Library

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