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Letters to the Editor 11/15/12

Posted on 16 November 2012

Show a Leg


To the Editor,

I am a big fan of Lehr and Vered’s “Legs” masterpiece and they (the “Legs”) should be allowed to stand right where they are. The Hamptons are known worldwide for the eclectic mix of avant-garde art, history and the sea, and the Legs sculpture combines all three.

With regards to referring to the Legs sculpture as avant-garde, this is self evident, and shouldn’t require any explanation to the readership of your fine paper. With respect to historic, and related to the sea, I wish to remind your readers that Sag Harbor was once home to salty sailors and whalers. The expression, “show a leg” is an old Navy expression which came about from the ship’s Bos’n rousting the crew from thier bunks.  He would shout out, “show a leg!” and if the leg was fine and covered in silk — it was obviously a woman’s, and if the leg was hairy and tattoed, it was a man’s and he needed to get up and “turn to” (Navy speak for “get to work”). Yes, some of the privileged sailors would bring a wife or girlfriend onboard during long voyages and showing a leg would prevent the Bos’n from dragging the wrong “mate” out of the rack.

Also, as a former Navy man myself, I would imagine that the sailors and whalers of old time Sagaponack Harbor would rejoice at seeing a huge sculpture of beautiful Legs as they returned to home port after a lengthy time on the high seas.  So…, there’s how the history portion fits in — maybe some revisionist history, but let’s be a little creative here! After all, we’re mixing in some art with history!

To conclude this letter to the editor, you should know that I’m writing this from my living quarters (I’m being generous) in a base in Afghanistan, doing my part for Operation Enduring Freedom. The Taliban most certainly would vote against “Legs” and might even demand that Lehr and Vered wear burqas…or worse. But, not only is Sag Harbor not in Afghanistan, it’s in America — land of the free(!!), and furthermore, it’s in the Hamptons — home of the eclectic! So, Sag Harbor, get in touch with your inner sailor and show a leg and let the “Legs” stand free — or the Taliban has won.

Be Free,

Brett Rossignol



Celebrate Inauguration


Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee, I would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked to ensure that President Obama and Congressman Tim Bishop were re- elected. Whether you worked directly with the Bishop campaign, or with Obama for America, I know that you spent many, many hours making phone calls and going door-to-door.

It was because of your efforts, and those of tens of thousands of others across America, that we were able to fight back against corporate money and the Super PACS and prevented them from hijacking our democracy. So, whether you are Democrats, Republicans or independent voters thank you! And now, let’s all get together for an Inaugural Celebration. Please join us on Monday, January 21, 2013 for dinner, music and dancing.

For more information, contact


Gordon Herr, Chairman

Southampton Town Democratic Committee


Concerned Neighbors of Barons Cove


To the Editor,

It appears likely that in the next few weeks, the Village Planning Board will vote to approve the proposal for the Baron’s Cove Expansion. This approval seems to hinge on Village interpretation of code and a strong confidence in the deed restrictions offered by Cape Advisors.

As residents most affected by this expansion, we would like to correct a misperception of our concerns that has repeatedly appeared in various Express articles on this matter. We join the Village in welcoming an updated and attractive inn, where our families and friends can comfortably stay during their visits to Sag Harbor.

We do, however, have serious concerns about the location of this bar and the number of people that it can serve. As proposed, the bar, lobby and 2 outdoor porches will occupy the ground floor of the new building.  The bar is permitted to serve as many people as room occupancy will allow. In this case it is over 300 people. We do not think the intent is to design a “nightclub”, but we are concerned that this layout, although unintended, lends itself to creating a “destination bar” in our residential area.

We respectfully disagree with the Village interpretation of code. While we acknowledge and appreciate the “deed restrictions” offered by Cape Advisors, we find that they do not address the late night noise and spill over parking problems raised by the community.

Thank you

Angela Scott, Daniel DeSimone, Chris Hegedus, D.A. Pennebaker, Zelda Wirtschafter, Jaclyn Worth, Craig Rhodes, Ellen Rhodes, Dorothy Sherry, Sally Booth, Jeff Cole, Virginia Morris, Margia Kramer, Lucie Chabrol, Rosemary Clemens, Mia Grosjean, Curtis Ravenel, Mollory Ravenel, Alden Cohen, Tim McGuire, George & Cheryl Held

Sag Harbor


Unfair Charge


Dear Editor:

With so many people focused on safety and care of loved ones during the storm and business being brought to a virtual halt I was amazed at the response of the Village of Sag Harbor to its loyal citizens in terms of understanding the disruption to our lives and imposing penalties for paying Village taxes one day late due to the storm.

Sag Harbor Village taxes are due November 1st. I pay my taxes from a special bank account. On Thursday November 1st I wanted to check with the bank and be sure I had the correct balance in that account. Due to the storm I could not get that information as the bank was not operational. When I went into Village Hall on Friday November 2nd I was met with a young woman, seemingly very irritated with me. She said there is a five percent penalty. I was so surprised and said, “I can’t believe that after all we’ve been through you are telling me there is a five percent penalty. Can we check with the people here?” She again answered with the same attitude, “It’s not our fault.” I said, “This is simply wrong. I will have to go home and pick up another check.” She shoved my check with the paper back and said, “I can’t accept this.”

I went home and wrote another check for the five percent interest. When I went back I handed her both checks and my tax statement. She took them and stamped the statement paid. Again I said, “This is wrong,” and left.

I wonder what will happen to others who have been caught up in this storm.  When even impersonal corporations are making allowances for disruption in people’s lives and waving late fees it is amazing that our neighborly Village of Sag Harbor does not extend the same understanding.

Lee Buchanan

Sag Harbor


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