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Letters to the Editor 11/29/12

Posted on 30 November 2012

Into the Fray


Dear Bryan,

Democracy is a participatory sport. Involved citizens are, well, the essence of pure democracy. Then, why, fair reader, do so few citizens turn out for a public hearing on the future of the police department when, according to the Express’s survey, 70 percent of respondents believe that police salaries are too high?

I suggest two answers. First, many citizens do not want to get “that” involved. Their lives are too busy and too complicated. Second a sea of blue uniforms intimidates most citizens. Opposing the police is not worth the potential hassle.

In fact, Mayor Gilbride does not need the hassle either. Why pick a fight with the cops? I would argue that he is simply trying to do the right thing for the village and its people. He has drawn a line in the sand against the tyranny of not only Sag Harbor’s police union, but police unions all across Long Island.

Sadly, in doing what is right for the village and the 70 percent who think police salaries have gotten out of control, he stands virtually alone, publicly anyway.

The Mayor sees the issue much more deeply than the average citizen. Even though he knew from the beginning that he was entering a minefield, he threw caution to the wind and jumped in feet first. That is a Mayor who deserves, at the very least, to be heard. Yet, it seems that he is pissing into the wind.

Here is my offer. I am willing to educate the public about the insidious nature of police costs and arrogance, any time, any place. Then, as always, in a democracy, you decide. Any takers?

Bill Jones

Hampton Bays


Leaf Un-pickup


Dear Editor,

As far as I can remember in all the years I have lived in Sag Harbor, leaf pick-up was regularly done before Thanksgiving. This year was, it seems, an exception, with leaves piled up against the curb and drifting into the road – an unsightly mess, the “west-to-east rule” notwithstanding, Sag Harbor must have been the “dirtiest” (unsightliest) village in the Hamptons this past Thanksgiving.

Why “west-to-east” anyway, and not “east-to-west” – or both, since village taxes are not paid “west-to-east” – has never been explained. It is time the village had two leaf pick-up teams working from both ends simultaneously.

Was the unsightliness due to budget restrictions (in past years the pick-up team worked overtime, even into early evening, to get the village leaf-clean by Thanksgiving Day); to leaves being too wet to vacuum (they had been wet in the past)’ or what? Hopefully, the leaves will be gone before Christmas or before it snows, creating a disaster, vehicular and pedestrian (human road kills from leaf-assisted slips and falls).


David Carney

Sag Harbor




Dear Bryan,

I offer my comments on the full page ad (page 14) of Christ Church in the Holiday Book 2012. In these days of redefining basic accepted words, i.e. marriage, is Christ Church now redefining the Christian faith?

Victoria Schiavoni

Sag Harbor


Food Pantry Needs Help


Dear Bryan,

Each week 85 local families, many with small children, need to utilize our pantry.

Last year we fed 13,000 local people and we’re expecting more this year.

Thanks to the generosity of donors we were able to provide patrons with chickens and turkeys for Thanksgiving.

We are now in need of donated turkeys, hams, or pork roasts for Christmas.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Barbara Wolfram,

Vice President & PR/ Volunteer Administrator

Sag Harbor Community Food Pantry




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