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Letters to the Editor 3/1/12

Posted on 02 March 2012

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Footnote for History


Please add a footnote to Jim Marquardt’s fine “Our Town,” “Black Whalers — Eastville men crewed Sag Harbor whaleships.” The ditty bag that belonged to Black boat-steerer Clayton King was discovered on E-Bay by Dorothy Zaykowski. She gained the winning bid, and King’s ditty bag and contents arrived in time for the Whaling Museum’s 2000 exhibit on Black Whalers.

Jean Held

Sag Harbor

Legs are Art

Dear Editor,

After following the partly nonsensical discussions concerning the “Legs” wall sculpture adorning the Vered/Lehr Madison Street home, I am vacillating between anger and laughter at the ignorant questioning whether this is a construction or a sculpture. Every sculpture has to be constructed, but every construction is definitely not a sculpture.

As the widow of sculptor, Peter Lipman-Wulf, I know a little about that. Not only did he get numerous in- and out-door wall sculpture commissions, like his copper and brass Menorah high up on the Sag Harbor Temple and the ceramic relief on the entrance wall of Pierson High school, but our own studio wall displays one of his gracefully entwined dance couples in bronze, facing the street.

To even question, let alone condemn, the right of the Larry Rivers Legs to continue their strides, regardless of some overly puritanical objectors, is outrageous, particularly in the light of our constitutional freedom of expression rights, plus the fact that the “Legs” are nothing else than a time-related art work constructed for a wall by a highly esteemed artist. I am sure that a general vote would opt for the “Legs” to go on moving in their rightful place.


Barbara Lipman-Wulf

Sag Harbor

Raising Awareness

Dear Bryan,

I am writing this letter with a little bit of disappointment that there was no mention in the paper this week about the wonderful event benefitting Ovarian Cancer Awareness held Monday evening February 13 in Pierson’s gym at the Lady Whaler’s coaches for cancer game.

This event was spearheaded by Missie Mahoney who quickly asked me to become involved as I am an 11 year ovarian cancer patient/survivor. I was so thrilled and honored when Missie asked me to take part in this event as so little is known as about Ovarian Cancer.

While we were planning this event my first question I asked to anyone who was involved was “do you know what the pink ribbon means?” Everyone I asked quickly responded breast cancer.

I then asked “do you know what the teal ribbon means?” and not one single person could answer that. This makes me very sad.

So many more women die of Ovarian Cancer every day. There are no screening tools for Ovarian Cancer the way there is for Breast Cancer and this disease is much more aggressive and fatal with very little signs and symptoms.

Needless to say it turned out to be an extraordinary event with the help of many people (too many to list individually) and we raised a generous amount of money for OCRF the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. I am so thrilled to have gotten the word out there about the TEAL RIBBON but so disappointed that this paper made no mention of it.


Cheryl Labrozzi McMahon

Sag Harbor

PS: keep your eyes open. You will be seeing a lot more of the Teal ribbon around Sag Harbor!!

Thanks for the Education

Dear Bryan,

On Saturday, Francis Schiavoni, a third generation volunteer with the Sag Harbor Fire Department, gave generously of his time and expertise to lead us through the workings of the department’s vehicles, providing us with technical information we need as we work on our new fire truck book, “I’m Brave!”

Francis also told us about the extensive training the volunteers go through, and the huge commitment of time and physical stamina necessary to maintain a responsive fire department. We Sag Harborites are fortunate to have so many highly skilled, brave volunteer fire fighters.

Many thanks to Fire Chief Garypie for giving us permission to see the trucks, and to our terrific tour guide, Francis Schiavoni.

Kate & Jim McMullan

Sag Harbor

Say “No” to the Drug Sniffers

Dear Bryan,

Drug-sniffing dogs in Sag Harbor schools? You’ve got to be kidding!

This proposal is offensive on many levels. First of all, to even consider using the term “lock-down” during these canine searches is dangerous. This term should be reserved for the worst and most unspeakable situations that tragically do happen from time to time in schools, such as occurred at Columbine. To trivialize this term makes a mockery of the valiant police work done during actual crimes and of the suffering of the families following school shootings. Please only use this term for what hopefully will never, ever happen locally. Were a dangerous criminal ever in the neighborhood, God forbid, the term would have become useless. This is crying wolf.

Secondly, it certainly sounds like unreasonable search and is likely unconstitutional. Once again, minors are being treated like second class citizens. Let’s treat our teenagers with the respect we expect from them. They are innocent until proven guilty. Are we also to sniff the desks of teachers and administrators? This is ludicrous.

Thirdly, if there is a serious drug problem in the local schools, which apparently there isn’t, then good detective work by Sag Harbor’s finest could ferret out the providers of dangerous drugs and make appropriate arrests.

What exactly are they looking for? School board members have said themselves heroin was not a problem at Pierson. Marijuana is clearly not a dangerous drug. Alcohol problems will not be addressed by dog-sniffing, but by education, good examples by adults and stronger penalties for drunk driving.

Let’s maintain our schools as peacetime environments which reflect self-respect, mutual trust and democracy and teach children that those are the values of a civilized society.

Mary Ann Mulvihill-Decker, RN

Sag Harbor

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