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Letters to the Editor 3/15/12

Posted on 16 March 2012

Art for Italy

Dear Bryan,

On behalf of the Pierson High School Art Department and the Pierson students participating in the year’s Italy trip, I would like to thank our community for their support our benefit art exhibition and sale that was held March 3 and 4. We were able to sell more than 50 pieces, the proceeds of which will help defer a portion of the cost of our trip to participating students and their families.

The support of the art community was overwhelming with more than 40 artists participating in the exhibition including several Pierson alumni living as far away as Europe, Central America and Australia.

Many of the participating artists and the over 200 people who attended the two day exhibition have no direct connection with our school other than their belief in and commitment to the idea of community, support of our kids and the importance of educational travel.

Maybe most important there are examples of both artists and audience demonstrating a generosity of spirit and selflessness that was truly moving; individuals who never have been able to afford travel themselves donating art work and making purchases that will afford this opportunity to our students. A number of our neighbors who participated in the exhibition have suffered recent personal loss but in spite of this, came out to support our effort simply because it was the right thing to do.

In a world filled with self involvement and cynicism, this weekend should remind all of us of what a unique and special place we live. We are rich in an irreplaceable commodity that can’t be measured in dollars and cents, the quality of our people, our concern for each other and our pride in the place we call home, Sag Harbor.

Thanks again.

Peter Solow

Sag Harbor

Tacky Yard Art

Dear Bryan,

In the 1983 movie “A Christmas Story” starring Darren McGavin, the “Leg Lamp,” which bears a striking resemblance to the legs on Ruth Vered’s property, was regarded as a joke. Apparently, technicalities, loopholes, and political correctness have paralyzed common sense. As a result, Vered’s tacky yard sale contender has been elevated to the status of “art.” I believe that deeming it art is a diversionary tactic intended to incite and seduce people into a debate about freedom of expression, which in this case, is not the point. For the sake of discussion however, let’s concede that “Legs” qualifies as art.

Does this confer a blanket license to display it anywhere? “Legs” is blatantly inconsistent with the historic whaling town image of Sag Harbor, often billed as the un-Hampton. Regulating “Legs” is not akin to regulating bird baths, flag poles and crucifixes on church property, as suggested by attorney Richard Hammer. These adornments are appropriate and would be expected in the setting of our charming village. Accordingly, they would not need to be explained to young children and would not become the impetus for litigation. This is just plain common sense! “Legs,” on the other hand, might be the likely decoration if one chose to live near an art deco diner or a strip club. I respectfully suggest that having this affront to our landscape infringes on my rights.

I concur with Hammer’s assertion that prohibiting “Legs” is akin to regulating conversations in our back  yards. Conversations in our back yards are (and should) be regulated if they are abusive, such as cursing at a senior or child. In fact, even classical music, which is definitely “art,” cannot be played in one’s back yard at any volume at any time. Not only is this a legal restriction, but a matter of courtesy and consideration as well.

Finally, consider this: What if “Legs” continued to the waist? According to the criteria already established, it would still qualify as art. But would its supporters still advocate that it be displayed on any lawn in our town?

Respectfully submitted,

Anita Quarino

Sag Harbor

Say “No” to Harbor Heights

Dear Editor,

I have previously submitted opinion to Sag Harbor Mayor and board officials. I am on record as opposed to massive expansion plans [at Harbor Heights gas station] as currently tabled. It is obvious that lighting and traffic alone will impact greatly on the residential neighborhood entering our historic Sag Harbor district as well as the surrounding environment. Those of us who have been exposed to commercial lighting near our homes know too well that it is truly a pollutant.

The focus on today is public support. Going forward with a “no taxation without representation” mentality — I feel the most valid opinions are of local taxpayers that live in the neighborhood that encircle Harbor Heights. These citizens/residents/neighbors will suffer increased discomfort, traffic, diminished property values and the loss of a sense of security as loitering for whatever reason is accommodated. How much weight should be given to petitions signed by those who do not live nearby? Or signatures by fly by nights that have merely stopped for gas? Like the “not in my neighborhood folks” that will gladly sign a petition to shelter reforming sexual predators in yours?

I maintain that no one in Sag Harbor will suffer if they cannot buy coffee and victuals at Harbor Heights. Sag Harbor has many fine choices already in its two mile radius. Consider the folks!!

Nikki Earle

Sag Harbor

The Truth of War

To the Editor,

Finally someone broke the silence and told the truth of our never ending war in Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Daniel Davis said “the war is going disastrously and the senior military leaders including General Petraeus had not leveled with the American people. You can’t spin the fact that more men are getting blown up every year.”

“We have heard the same story for four years. But we do expect — and the  men who do the living, fighting and dying deserve — to have our leaders tell the truth about what’s going on.”

Lt. Col Davis was recently interviewed on national television. He was asked the question why he didn’t go through the chain of command? He said “because someone outside the system had to speak out.”

Lt. Col. Davis stood up for his soldiers who could not speak for themselves. If any soldier took this risk he would be court martialled and sent to prison for life. The truth of war.

In peace,

Larry Darcey

Sag Harbor

P. S. Maybe the time has come for the American people to speak out. The alternative appears to be perpetual war. Over 50 percent of your taxes and mine go to the military, 4 percent for education.

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