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Letters to the Editor 3/8/12

Posted on 09 March 2012

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Are Dogs Worth the Dollars?

Dear Editor,

Over the past few months I have noticed a number of articles in the Sag Harbor Express regarding the proposed use of police sniffer dogs to combat drug use in Sag Harbor’s public schools. While intuitively this proposal just did not sound right to me, since I am neither a parent, nor an educator, nor involved in law enforcement, I figured what do I know, and frankly, why should I even care.

So I was pleased to read that there are also parents that have misgivings similar to mine. They have raised important philosophical and potentially constitutional concerns, and I need not repeat them here. But I would like to add that while I am neither a parent nor educator, I am a Sag Harbor property owner and tax payer, and I question whether the use of sniffer dogs would be an effective use of my tax dollars.

According to a previous article (Jan. 26th) in the Express, other school districts that have used dogs have failed to make any arrests. Well, for lack of a better word, duh. If students know that only lockers are permitted to be searched, would they not simply hide their drugs somewhere else?

I suppose some people might say that this would at least be a deterrent, and students would be less likely to bring their drugs to school. But in reality students will simply experiment somewhere else, and possibly in a far less safe environment. I do not deny that drug abuse is a problem in Sag Harbor’s schools (as it is in every school district). But as a tax payer I have to question whether I could ever support a school budget that approaches this problem with a policy that is ineffective, inappropriate, and potentially endangers students more than it helps.

Anthony Vermandois

Sag Harbor

Destination, Not Depot

Dear Bryan,

The idea of a Greenport-Sag Harbor ferry is worth trying. I would even encourage an infrequent Orient Point-Greenport-Sag Harbor ferry.

But to have Jitney buses for Bridgehampton and East Hampton idling on Long Wharf to keep their buses cool in summer is not an attractive idea.

Next question: How to limit (and enforce) idling cars? The Bridgehampton train station on summer Friday evenings is a case in point.

Sag Harbor should be a destination, not a depot.


Pamela Rossbach

North Haven

Thanks for the Support

Dear Bryan,

Thank you for your attention concerning the future of Sag Harbor’s youth organizations in recent editions of the Express. For over 13 years, the young people of Sag Harbor have enjoyed summer evenings at Long Beach, the after school drop-in at the Community Room, bus trips during long school vacations, leadership development and enrichment because of the YARD Program.

Although a portion of the funding comes from surrounding municipalities, we still must privately fundraise to meet our annual budget.

We would like to thank the parents, administrators, and the community members who recently attended the Harbor Frost Gala Celebration and Silent Auction. It was a fabulous evening of fun, fine food, intesting auction items, music and dancing. This event, hosted by the Friends of YARD for the children, would not have been possible without the generous contribution of food, products, and services from our community and the surrounding areas.

The Friends would like to thank the businesses and restaurants for making very substantial contributions. We greatly appreciate your support. We would also like to extend our thanks to two very kind individuals: Jennifer Houser who transformed Page Restaurant for the evening, and David Pharoah who provided just the right music.

The Friends of YARD would particularly like to thank Gerry and Jared Wawryk for their hospitality and use of their wonderful facility. And finally, a big thanks to the Sag Harbor community members who so generously donated to our children and helped us move closer to reaching our fundraising goals.

On behalf of the Friends of YARD,

Executive Directors

Sandi Kruel

Richard Kudlak

Janet Grossman

Colleen Grigonis

Rivers’ Other Works of Art


My favorite work of Larry Rivers is the drawing he did and exchanged with Robert Rauschenberg.

Rauschenberg erased it and that erased drawing hangs in the Museum of Modern Art. See attached (below).

The LEGS should be erased!

Rudy Hoglund

Leesburg, Virginia

let Larry_Rivers_drawing_erased_by_Robert_Rauschenberg

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