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Letters to the Editor 4.21.11

Posted on 22 April 2011

Unkind Words

To the Editor,

I’m writing to the people who posted negative comments about Thomas Wheeler online.

Only a coward sits behind a computer and attacks a deceased person’s character. I ask you to crawl out from behind your computer and take a long, hard look in the mirror. Ask yourself why am I so miserable that I would put aside a grieving family’s feeling and write such hurtful things.

Tom Wheeler was a good hardworking man who loved his family dearly.

I hope you are never put in this situation with someone you care deeply about; if you are capable of such emotion.

Instead of writing your negative energy try having some compassion. Say a prayer for his grieving wife, three sons, two step-children, family and countless friends.


Laura Wheeler

Sag Harbor

Whither Levy?

Dear Editor,

Is the reason Suffolk County DA Thomas Spota is refusing to prosecute or even disclose to the voters what his putative investigation of Steve Levy is, as a county employee suggested to me, that he himself has demanded from his staff, ADAs and others to contribute to his campaign and get others to do same, if they wanted advancement, even keep their jobs?

We must demand  Governor Cuomo act to find out why Spota refused to act all the while Levy was amassing a fortune under the table, off the books, not paying taxes, inveighing against “illegals” for working under the table, not paying their taxes, calling for stricter enforcement of the law. Arrest them, jail ‘em, deport ‘em.

Shamelessly he refuses to resign, refuses to say how much he corrupted the system, to what extent he gamed the system. How many of his aides did he order to execute his rotten scheme and beginning from what time? There must be a special place in jail reserved for those who gloat over their oft stated piety of being a sterling law abiding person while condemning others who are not as fortunate to be millionaires like Mr. Levy, our exemplar County Executive.

In retrospect it now seems perfectly in line with what we are seeing now in this unabashed cover up and protection racket by the DA Tom Spota for $4 million in spoils as price of not indicting Steve Levy or sending him to even one day in jail. Mr. Spota went overboard, whole hog to make certain that his pal Levy would not have to give testimony in a trial of a former legislator, whom the DA went after fiercely and who was found guilty on the testimony of Levy’s former roommate, to whom he gave lucrative title fees for a kick back. From the timeline, it seems the DA must have known of the accusations and more than just rumors for at least two years.

Spota is acting even more imperious than Levy, who has just turned out to be another common hypocrite bribe taker, because he feels entitled to take Levy’s directives on how to dispense with his ill-got booty; he feels entitled to follow his wiles and not the law. Evidently he is not answerable to the voters, but only to Mr. Levy. To Mr. Spota, it appears not to be our business how long Spota knew about this business, to what has this rotten business gone from conception to getting caught, from the bottom of his administration to its very top. It seems Mr. Levy’s business is only Mr. Spota’s now, since he has been appointed exclusive executor by Levy’s diktat where goes all the gains from his own long tribute and whither, Mr. Levy.

Michael O’Neill


Successful Festival

Dear Editor:

As a new parent in the Sag Harbor Elementary School, I would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who participated in the Multi-Cultural Festival, organized by the school PTA.  It was a joyful, fun evening with around 30 different countries represented – all offering delicious food from their homelands and interesting items, games and decorations.  Thank you to all the parents and friends of the school who went to so much trouble to make it a success.  We are grateful to the teachers and students of Pierson High School for their assistance with audio/visual equipment.  Special thanks to all our entertainment artists who volunteered to perform: The Hellenic Youth Dancers, Stella Maris Irish Step Dancers, Roman and Indira Roth, The Bridgehampton School Marimba Band, Grupo Folklorico Xochipilli and Escola de Samba BOOM.  We truly appreciate your generosity with your time.  Last but not least, a huge thanks to Cheryl Bedini, who had the vision of a bigger and better event, spending hours coordinating many moving parts to ensure its success.

Our schools really do anchor our community and this was reflected by the huge attendance, not only from families connected to the school, but by other residents in our community – all are welcome.  What a great example of a music and food event bringing people together and creating positive experiences for all.

Best regards,

Karen Jones

Sag Harbor

Oh Bother

Dear Bryan,

Sag Harbor Pooh is Donald Zucker’s company which owns a lot of commercial real estate in the village. He doesn’t seem to care that we have gone through some tough economic times and refuses to renegotiate his rents, which are high by any standard, or even discuss short term relief. He has started eviction proceedings for two of my favorite stores and, for what it’s worth, I will never patronize any stores that replace them. Of course, he is a landlord and entitled to his rent and a reasonable return on his investment but it is clear from the name he chose for his corporation, he doesn’t care about this community. Pooh on him.

Stephen Grossman

Sag Harbor

No Defense Needed

To the Editor,

I was stunned by a full page commentary by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the New York Times which costs over $100,000. The league’s main purpose is to defend the Catholic church and the faith, so to speak.

I’m familiar with the teachings of Jesus and read the New Testament many times. But never read a word of Jesus defending the institutional church of his day. In fact Jesus confronted the church for going astray, much like today.

As for Jesus, he said to Peter, “put down the sword you are getting in the way.” Apparently Jesus can take care of himself; no defense need for over 2,000 years. Maybe Christians, too, have gotten in the way of a “new way;” a reminder of a quote from Gandhi, “I like your Jesus but have trouble with Christians.”

In peace, not war,

Larry Darcy

Sag Harbor

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