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Letters to the Editor 4/12/12

Posted on 13 April 2012

Constant Droning

Dear Sirs,

I am writing to ask that the Town Board and citizens of Sag Harbor, NY to re-write the noise ordinance laws as currently written.

In as small and densely populated confines of the village we are all subject to noise intrusion of our neighbors, the fact is that many hire companies to mow their lawns and cut down trees and blow leafs and do many tasks that had in the past been done with quitters solutions such as a simple rake.

But these days we are subjected to a constant droning of weed whackers, leaf blowers and lawn mowers running from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 7 days a week! There is not a morning afternoon or early evening from spring and, this year it has been constant since the warm weather, we have no relief in sight other than to use ear plugs? Is there no way that we as citizens can enjoy the comfort and solitude of our homes in peace and quiet?

There is a constant droning of noise and we must regulate it as while there are many issues such as a person’s livelihood weighed against the individual’s right to peace and quiet. I suggest open debate about this issue. I think we all have been assaulted with the constant droning of high decibel machines that never cease to end! It is intolerable and we must find a solution. Perhaps people could use rakes? Perhaps a crew could take down a tree in half the time as one man cutting all day with a dull bladed chainsaw?

I think there needs to be a bit more regulation on this issue. As the law stands, a single individual could stand outside your home and run their leaf blowers from 7 a.m. to 7  p.m. without stepping outside the law? Does this make sense? I think not.

Richard Tutching

Sag Harbor

Opportunity to Comment

Dear Bryan,

I’d like to thank you and Claire Walla for your coverage of the Proposed Noyac Road Traffic Calming project. Announcing the meeting on the front page of the March 21st issue of the paper gave everyone an opportunity to know about the meeting and the attendance reflected that awareness.

The Noyac Civic Council should also be complimented for organizing the meeting and doing the survey to determine how people felt about the project. The general consensus was opposed to the current plan but in favor of less intrusive means of slowing the traffic.  Compliments also to Supervisor Anna Throne Holst and the entire Town Board who attended the meeting, heard what the community had to say and plan to revisit a phasing-in approach.

It’s a wonderful thing to see government and community working together.

I look forward to slowing the traffic and cherish preserving the rural character of Noyac and Pine Neck.

Thank you for your part.


Linda Heine


“Legs” & Regs

Dear Bryan:

Regarding the disputes about Larry Rivers’ “Legs,” let’s have some clarity about: 1. Physical objects. 2. Mental or psychological entities and processes. 3. The products of #2, including non-physical things such as ideas, e.g., Newton’s laws of motion, and also physical things, such as works of art. This last point is so regardless of status and value of the works of art, which is decided by the opinions of people. Van Gogh sold only one of his works of art in his lifetime, for not a great price — people did not give his paintings much, if any, status and value. Today people give them extremely high status and extremely high value — so his individual paintings sell for tens of millions of dollars each. Conversely, most of the paintings produced in his lifetime by most other people have been ignored and forgotten. Judgments about art are subjective and mercurial.

Larry Rivers’ “Legs” is, one, a man-made physical object, affixed in place indefinitely. So it is by definition a structure. It is also the result of Rivers’ mental activity — his ideas and imagination, so it is art, regardless of how many people think it high art versus how many who think it schlock art. That is to say, “Legs” is simultaneously both a structure and a work of art. As a work of art, government has no authority to judge it or even to comment on it. But as a physical structure, government has the long-standing and recognized authority to regulate where and how it may be situated. Thus the long-standing building codes of Sag Harbor, and, for that matter, every village, town and city in the U.S. The government of Sag Harbor has the authority to regulate where and how “Legs” may be situated and may not be situated in public.

Richard Gambino

North Haven

Regret Java’s Move

Dear Editors:

I am writing to express my deep regret over Java Nation’s impending move, the disruption of the lives of Cheryl and Andrew Bedini and their fine employees, and the gap this will create in the Sag Harbor community.

I remember hearing that a coffee roaster and shop was opening in Sag Harbor back in 1994 and I remember peaking in the windows as they readied the space. At first, I went there for the coffee, but I got something more — a community. And, the community that Cheryl and Andres created extended beyond the site of Java Nation onto the softball field, as they sponsored a softball team for many years, and into the schools, as they participated in career fairs, crafts fairs, and multicultural fairs.

While Java Nation will still be able to provide their consistently superior coffee regardless of their location, the community that Cheryl, Andrew and their dedicated employees have created is in jeopardy due to short sightedness.

We need only look at our neighbors for examples of what happens when a town fails to see the connections between economic and community values. For example, East Hampton has many so-called upscale boutiques, yet it is virtually empty in the winter, leaving a gap in the economy and in the everyday lives of the residents.

Sag Harbor can make better choices. I urge those who are forcing Cheryl and Andrew to move Java Nation to reconsider.

Yours truly,

Stephanie Wade

Sag Harbor

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2 Responses to “Letters to the Editor 4/12/12”

  1. Norah McCormack says:

    Agree totally with S Wade.!!!
    Will miss the coffee shop there, it’s great aroma
    Will not shop at “upscale” shop.
    It is not Sag Harbor.

  2. Will not shop at “upscale ” replacement.
    Totally agree with letter of S. Wade!

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