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Letters to the Editor 5/30/13

Posted on 31 May 2013

A History in the Town


Dear Editor:

My name is Jeffrey Mansfield, and I have the honor and privilege of being your candidate for Southampton Town Council.

My family and I have a long history in Southampton Town. My relatives have been in Quogue for over 50 years. My mother, a school teacher, and my father, a small business owner, met in Southampton on Cooper’s Beach, and I, along with my wife and three small children, reside in the same modest farm house in Bridgehampton that has been in my family since 1971.

I was educated at Syracuse University, earning an undergraduate degree in Arts and Sciences, a master’s in Business Administration, and a Law degree.

I have over 15 years of experience as a finance professional on Wall Street, having worked at Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank.

Approximately five years ago, we moved here year round because I believe this is the best place in the world to live and raise a family.

Over the last few years I have focused on being a father and a husband, and helping in my community by volunteering at the local child-care center and public school, coaching youth athletics, reviving community sailing on Mecox Bay, and joining the Bridgehampton Citizens Advisory Committee.

I have attended over 40 Town Hall meetings in an effort to understand the issues most important to the communities within our town, and to learn first-hand how the Town Council operates. Last year I served on the Town’s Budget and Finance Committee and currently, I am a member of the Town’s Audit Advisory Committee. As a result, I am familiar with the staff at Town Hall, the Town’s finances, and the issues presently concerning the Town’s residents.

From the earliest days of my childhood, I have appreciated what we have here in Southampton Town, and now wish to give back, and help our community. Local events lead me to believe that we are not moving in a direction that will result in lower taxes, fuller employment, and common sense/cost effective ways to protect our local environment. That is why I am running for the position of councilman.

I firmly believe in the concept of government for the people and by the people, and that our elected officials’ main job is to know the issues that are of importance to our residents. Once educated on an issue, our public servants should also look to inspire informative debate and then move quickly and efficiently to execute the will of the people. To that end, I promise to go on a campaign to solicit support by meeting and listening to as many voters as possible.

We need to ensure that our town leaders have the energy, devotion, and wherewithal to take on the issues we face both today and in the future, and who will do so by focusing on values we all share, such as fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, and smaller government.

I am your candidate for Southampton Town Council because I share a deep respect for our local history, possess knowledge of the issues town-wide, and have the passion and moral standing necessary to be an effective leader.

With an eye on our heritage, together, we can move Southampton Town forward in a way that will make our town forefathers proud. If elected, with your help and valued input, I promise to give the office and the taxpayers the respect they deserve.

Thank you to the Southampton Town Republican Committee for this opportunity and thank you to all Southampton Town residents for your consideration.

Jeffrey Mansfield



Less is More


Dear Bryan,

I was  shocked at what I witnessed the other night at the village board meeting I attended to have our Andy’s 5k run sponsored by our Lion’s Club approved. The contentious atmosphere caused by the dismissal of one of our finest, Police Officer Driscoll due to the budget of our village.

Unfortunately, it’s all about the money again and not whether or not this village can or cannot afford. I for one am all for our local police with its personal, friendly, protective, community minded attitude and service to all of us, native, local and out of town. Keeping our village, a village and not another suburban edifice with un-attached outside services  flowing in and out of town. As Mr. Kevin Gwinn from the Southampton Police Dept. lobbied for his fellow officer’s job,  “you can’t count on us [ Southampton  Police  Dept.] we’re down 26 officers.” This was in response to our mayor stating there was over-lapping services of neighboring police departments. This irresponsible blatant self-serving attitude goes to the center of the real problem. The money, again. These civil servants are hired by the people or those elected to serve the people and we the people pay for these servants with our tax dollars. What’s the recourse but to change and grow out of this crazed, atmosphere whereby all don’t and can’t think out of their boxes. Should we fire all of them and start anew?

Or should we just keep adding more and more pay raises, benefits, and perks [Paying to clean uniforms] etc, etc, etc, and keep raising our taxes and maybe follow all the other bankrupt and failing municipalities? I don’t think so!

The time is now.

In light of all the rhetoric, consuming the parties involved here I wish and would do anything possible to keep Mr. Driscoll on our police payroll, and maybe twice. He has a beautiful family with two young kids. I believe he really cares about our village, its people, and our quality of life. Most importantly, he cares about his job and so do many of my constituants.

So let’s all of us, including the mayor, police chief Fabiano, the officers step up to the plate and pitch in and save a job because one of the important contributions to a society is to create a job. After speaking with our mayor a simple solution would be for all concerned parties to step back some of their increases in pay and benefits and trim some savings in other areas to keep this team we call the Sag Harbor Police Dept. up and running as it has because — less is more.

Robert Arcs

Sag Harbor


Whale of a Show


To the Editor

The Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum’s Board of Trustees would like to thank our wonderful community for coming out and supporting us at our opening season fundraiser and reception last Friday evening, “A Whale of a Show”. The funds raised will go towards our capital campaign to paint the exterior of the building. It was a tremendous turnout of nearly 400 guests. The biggest event of the Memorial Day weekend!

A special thank you to: Peter Marcelle and Dan Rizzie and our underwriters : Sylvester & Co, and Channing Daughters

Thank you to our museum staff: Greg Therriault, Vanessa Petruccelli, Michael Butler and Logan Bruce

To the artists: Derek Buckner, Paul Davis, Eric Dever, Miriam Dougenis, Eric Fischl, April Gornik, Susan Lazarus Reimen, Jim McMullan, Jodi Panas, Dan Rizzie, Reynold Ruffins, David Slater, Donald Sultan, John Torreano, Carol York, Gavin Zeigler … and to Save Sag Harbor!

Thank you Century Arts Foundation for starting the process with a $50,000 matching grant.

Barbara Lobosco

For the Sag Harbor Whaling and Historical Museum


Thank You


To the Editor:

The family of Lilian Wils would like to thank the Sag Harbor Volunteer Ambulance, the doctors and nurses of Southampton Hospital, Dr. Charles Guida, Conca d’Oro restaurant, Edward and Carol Burke, the Village of Sag Harbor and all the people that had us in their thoughts and prayers during the time of the passing of our mother.

The Family of Lilian Wils

Sag Harbor

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One Response to “Letters to the Editor 5/30/13”

  1. Vote Sandra Schroeder for Mayor says:

    Mr. Arcs here is one person who will get the job done!

    Dear Taxpayers and Village voters of Sag Harbor, I write today to support my friend Sandra Schroeder for Mayor of Sag Harbor. I grew up in Bridgehampton, my mother grew up in Sag Harbor. I grew up with the Schroeder children through affiliations such as youth groups and athletics. I spent time with Sandra, and was able to discuss issues of Sag Harbor.

    I support Sandra Schroeder for Mayor not because she is a friend, but because she knows what the job entails, and what it will take to make things work! Not to mention that she has worked for over twenty years as the village clerk. Sandra is knowledgeable, business minded, and a people person. More importantly, she will treat people with respect, and ask of those people to do for her, that she would for others. Sandra is a compassionate person, especially when it comes to the preservation of her town so that her grand children, and their grand children will be able to enjoy the very things that have kept them in Sag Harbor their whole life.

    I ask the voters of the village of Sag Harbor to vote Sandra Schroeder is to vote for someone who will bring dignity to the position, and really bring the right attitude and perseverance to the issues that are plaguing and separating a once closely knit village. Sandra above all is a wonderful listener and will always try her best to do what it is in the best interests of the tax payer. If you have questions, Sandra will be at the debate, Sunday from 3 – 5pm. I hope that those who have questions really take the time and hear what she will have to say. We are proud of Sandra no matter what the out come. Something to be admired when someone stands up and does something!

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