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Letters to the Editor 5/31/12

Posted on 01 June 2012

Sign is Not so Yummy

Dear Bryan:

Yikes, call me crazy but did someone actually approve the purple/pink pleated sign with garish lettering spelling Yummylicious! on the corner of Main and Long Island Avenue?

This is adding insult to injury on a building that should have never been built.

What’s happening here? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I guess everyone was too busy giving hasty approval to upcoming ferry service.

Phyllis Landi

Sag Harbor

Money Raised for Windmill

Dear Editor,

Thank you to Biana Stepanian, Ginny Hubert, Matt Guiffrida and the staff at Muse, the Arthur Murray dancers, the multiple donors of silent auction prizes, and all the attendees for a successful fundraiser for the restoration of the John A. Ward Memorial Windmill. We are also excited to announce a $9,000 contribution from a very generous mystery donor. For regular updates on windmill fund-raising activities and to view the “thermometer” measuring contributions to date, subscribe to the Save Sag Harbor electronic newsletter. Please watch your mail over the coming weeks for a “Restore the Windmill” flyer. Any contribution is appreciated.


Phil Bucking

Sag Harbor Chamber of Commerce

Revolution in Minds and Hearts

To the editor,

“War will be dead, the scaffold will be dead, frontiers will be dead, royalty will be dead, dogmas will be dead, man will begin to live.” Victor Hugo.

The revolution will not be televised but rather in the hearts and minds of the American people. The promise of capitalism seems more and more hollow. As its benefits are ever more unevenly shared, it has created a culture that cherishes much that is worse in human nature.

We have to accept the painful reality that we can no longer rely on government policy to solve our most deep-seated and intractable problems. Instead, we need to look to ourselves for the necessary action.

The occupiers of Wall Street represent the next generation of change including the 99% who have no voice but nevertheless victims of a broken economy and failed wars, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. 80% of the American people are now against war, In order to survive yes war will be dead and man will begin to live.

In peace,

Larry Darcey

Sag Harbor

Boy Scout Yard Sale a Success

Dear Bryan,

Sag Harbor Boy Scout Troop 455 had their first Yard Sale on Saturday May 5th. The adult leaders, committee members, scouts and scout parents all came together to make this fundraiser a success for our Troop. The Troop would like to thank all members of our community who donated items to our fundraiser. Thank you Twin Forks Moving and Storage for storing and transporting our donated items. We received many donations from WLNG listeners, thank you Gary Sapiane and staff for the air time. Thank you Matt Malone and Monty Granger for allowing our Troop to have the sale at the Sag Harbor Elementary School. Suburban Sanitation helped us with our sanitation needs, thank you Ralph. Thank you Sag Harbor Fire Department for the use of your tent and tables. Kathy Carlozzi and Sag Harbor Police Department handled all the traffic with ease, thank you.

A big thank you to everyone who came to our yard sale and supported Sag Harbor Troop 455.

Thank you,

Jennifer Butts

Sag Harbor Troop 455

A Rushed Decision

Dear Bryan,

Please forgive a hastily-written letter, but I simply feel some of us who are too otherwise distracted, need to go on record as being against the upcoming Greenport ferry service, sooner than later. And we ARE out there. In all walks of village life.

So I’m throwing this together quickly — sort of the way the ferry project was presented. Extracted from a long sentence in last week’s Express, was the phrase: “…IN ORDER TO ENSURE THE PILOT PASSENGER FERRY SERVICE IS NOT HELD UP FOR THIS SEASON…” Bottom line is Mr. Nyce, the Mayor of Greenport (not Mr. Nyce Guy in my book) and Mr. Lynch, the owner of Hampton Jitney, have somehow convinced OUR mayor and board that this is not only a good idea, but must be RUSHED forward to reap the benefits of the season. Like it just dawned on people summer is starting.

It’s fascinating to see how fast things happen when money is involved. The now world-famous Larry Rivers Legs debacle on Henry Street, has been in play for months and months — maybe even a year — through board meeting after board meeting. No money there.

Bottom line — and that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? — this ferry service only offers Sag Harbor the one thing it really DOESN’T need: TRAFFIC. In the water, on the wharf, on the sidewalk, in the ice cream stores, wherever parking is required (and where is that again?) and on and on.

NINE TIMES A DAY these vessels are going to come in, lash up, and then exit, which really, when you think about it, is 18 times a day of maneuvering in the bay. THAT means danger will be lurking in our waters, given summer boaters, kayakers, the over-served crowd, kids learning to sail, etc. etc. Not to mention fumes and fuel when the ferries come, go and idle.

Some think this will be good for our shopkeepers, but some of THEM say not so. One old-timer with whom I spoke, remembered this was tried years ago, and two things happened — visitors often BROUGHT their own lunch, and a degree of pilferage actually increased in local stores.

We should amend our bylaws to open up this bilge of worms? I don’t hear anyone having any sympathy for the Shelter Island Ferry family, who’ve run their business for generations. Gotta hurt their business. And does this open up the potential for OTHER ferry routes from Orient to Montauk, or other parts — to further increase commerce and ice cream consumption? Some say that too.

To some of us, it would seem this idea has been pieced together with a shocking lack of forethought. (Or lackaplannin’, which an old southern professor I once had, used as the major reason for most mistakes in modern history.) The need for SERIOUS monitoring of the plan’s outcome, its benefits to commerce and people movement is IMPERATIVE. Maybe we’ll get lucky and I’ll be wrong. I hope so. Meanwhile, I have to go downtown and do some errands while there’s still a place to park.


Susan Dusenberry

Sag Harbor

Angels of God

Kids are kids

They are “Angels of God”

They are here to remind us of what we have all forgotten:

The spiritual way that once kept us in balance

Sooner than later they grow up and become what we are

And, the older they get, the more they forget that they once were

“Angels of God”

Richard Sawyer


A Harsh Lesson

To The Editor:

It was disheartening for those of us who live in the immediate vicinity of the school district’s Montauk Avenue parking lot to learn, through news reports, that the Board of Education will likely sign a non educational, commercial deal enabling Hampton Jitney to use the lot as a shuttle bus staging and parking area for its proposed ferry service. As currently formulated, the plan would funnel private vehicular traffic and small buses into a residential area within the historic district 12 hours a day, seven days a week starting at 7 a.m.

Throughout the winter, a community group called Neighbors of Pierson endeavored to work with Dr. Gratto and the board on matters of mutual interest. This should have been one of those matters. The board evidently didn’t think so.

The school district has given itself permission to monetize its property in any way it sees fit. But when it enters into a deal with undesirable consequences for its neighbors, it should seek community input, at the very least. Such high impact decisions must be considered  transparently.

As the entire village  wrestles with the consequences and challenges of growth and development, it is unwise and unfair for the school district to hide behind its unique immunity from local statutes and regulations

Yes, those of us who have chosen to reside near  school property..on Montauk and Jermain and Grand Avenues… must learn to live with the consequences, and we do  throughout the school year. But buses and non-resident private cars at 7 a.m. on the weekends? In the summer? Without telling the neighborhood? What kind of lesson is that?

Steven Reiner

Sag Harbor

Yard Sales With a Message

Dear Editor

As I saw all the signs being tacked to telephone poles, I couldn’t help but think of young Lance Corporal Haerter and First Lieutenant Theinert who sacrificed their lives for our country and how we could honor them while clearing out the junk in our trunks.

Next year, how about donating all the income from yard sales over the Memorial Day weekend to our disabled veterans? Wouldn’t that be appropriate?

L.A. Freethy

Sag Harbor

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