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Letters to the Editor 6/21/12

Posted on 22 June 2012

Time Running Out for Beach Program

Dear Bryan,

The now threatened “Safe Summer Beach Program” run by Y.A.R.D. (Youth Advocacy and Resource Development) was begun back in 1999 when Gerry Wawryk was President of the Board of Education and Dr. John Barnes was Superintendent of the Sag Harbor School District. There was a lack of activity for the youth of Sag Harbor during the summer, and the business community had complained about youths hanging around on Main Street at night, occasionally harassing shoppers and people strolling by. Parents, while they put in long hours working, also needed activities for their middle and high school age children during the summer months. This is needed just as much today. When young people have something to look forward to in the summer — a chance to see friends who don’t live nearby and the chance to make new friends while having a good time — they feel much less frustrated and are far less likely to cause problems.

This summer the beach program at Long Beach on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. is very much in jeopardy. The President of the Board of Education, Mary Anne Miller, and several other board members — Walter Wilcoxen in particular — don’t think the district should be involved with the beach program for insurance reasons, among others. They would like all of the municipal funders of the program to cooperate in an insurance agreement, but undoubtedly attorneys would be involved and this takes time. The Southampton Town Youth Bureau is trying very hard to work with the school district to obtain insurance coverage for the program through both the Town of Southampton and the school district in order to get the program going on time. Although no vote was taken at the last BOE meeting on June 4 concerning school district involvement with the beach program, there is little action being taken by the school board to resolve the insurance issue. Time is running out to have the program this summer.

Sag Harbor has the reputation of being an extraordinarily friendly place to visit. Does the village want to return to the days when it wasn’t quite such a friendly place? It’s a distinct possibility. I suggest that parents and those in the business community call the school district office at 725-5300 to make their views known NOW.

Yours truly,

Janet Grossman,

Y.A.R.D. Committee member

King George Obama

Dear Bryan:

Obama’s regime is governing against the will of the people. Supporters of this regime are therefore guilty by association. Or put another way, Obama is the King George of our time and his supporters are Tories. Of course, it is only right that I back up such a claim with specific examples.

One, the victory of Republican Scott Brown in uber Democratic Massachusetts. Two, the 2010 mid-term election that sent a message of gargantuan proportions, largely ignored. Three, the failure of the unions, Democrat Party, and liberals to successfully recall Scott Walker in Wisconsin just last week.

These are examples of voters of very different states rejecting Obama and rejecting the agenda of the left. In light of the votes of these Americans, there is no other conclusion to be drawn but that the Obama regime is governing against the will of the people.

Bill Jones

Hampton Bays

Meet With Shinnecocks

Dear Editor:

Following is a letter to Governor Cuomo.

Dear Governor Cuomo:

The Shinnecock Indian Nation is located within my State Assembly District. With both state and federal recognition now in hand, the Shinnecocks have been actively investigating the establishment of a casino gaming facility. They have made it clear that they do not wish to pursue such a facility either on their reservation property in Southampton or elsewhere on the East End of Long Island because of the lack of community support as well as the required road and other infrastructure to support such a facility in the more rural part of Long Island. They have conveyed this position to Congressman Tim Bishop as well as myself and other elected officials on Long Island.

Personally, I have never been a supporter of casino gaming as a means of economic development. In my opinion, the negatives outweigh the positives. Casino gaming does not create wealth, it re-distributes it. Nevertheless, I am realistic in understanding that gambling is and will continue to be a part of the policy discussion in New York State. I am also respectful of the sovereignty of the Shinnecock Nation and its expressed position to pursue casino gambling at a site in western Long Island.

With the recent announcement that the original plan to construct a convention center and casino at Aqueduct is now off the table and that your office will be examining other options, I wanted to take this opportunity to urge you to meet with the Shinnecock Indian Nation’s leaders to hear their plans and to consider where the interests of the State of New York and the Shinnecock may intersect.

I note that there are currently five Indian-run casinos in the State of New York and that a Shinnecock run casino would not require a state constitutional amendment to proceed. Of course, it would require federal and state action including a state compact. In my opinion, community support for an off-reservation Long Island location is also critical.

I believe that now is the time for your office to explore these options and urge you to meet with the Shinnecock at your earliest convenience.


Fred W. Thiele

Member of Assembly

Common Courtesy

Dear Editor:

First, just because you don’t need the spot someone is attempting to reverse out of on Main Street doesn’t mean you can’t stop and let them out. It takes 20 seconds — and you know how you appreciate it when someone stops for you in the same situation.

Second, our beach is not your ashtray. Take those little disgusting butts with you when you’re done killing yourself one drag at a time and throw them away. Just because you push them two inches into the sand doesn’t mean they’re gone. I don’t appreciate it too much when my kids try to make a sand castle and uncover someone’s nasty habit. Along these same lines we all see people drop their butts out of the car window while driving. What’s the matter? You don’t like leaving those smelly things in your car ashtray? Completely rank, right? We don’t like them either. Here’s a clue. Quit. Or at least quit throwing your lit garbage out of your window onto our streets.

A little courteous common sense goes a long way.

Sam Myers

Sag Harbor

Too Big to Fail

To the Editor,

We were told banks were “too big to fail,” a new slogan, that’s how we were coerced to bail them out. Secretary of Treasury Paulson called in all the major banks and threatened them to accept the bailout plan. At least one bank resisted and then went along. The banks should have been allowed to fail and become decentralized. As we know these major banks got even bigger and led to a broken economy. We lose, they win. Sound familiar?

The evidence is clear. Excerpts from the New York Times on June 14, 2012 titled “JP Morgan Chief and Trade Risks.” Chief Jamie Dimon noted for his often repeated statements, “We will not tolerate any laws or control placed upon his bank.” Recent loses he referred to as an “isolated event” $3 billion and rising. Then said he was proud of being head of his bank, apologized for the mistakes and likely to correct them. Dimon was further questioned by the Senate. How can a bank take on too much risk if the point of the trades was to reduce risk in the first place? Or was the goal really to make money? Someone in the Senate chamber called out “What about the foreclosures?” At this moment foreclosures are spiking on Long Island and around the country.

We gave them more power then they ever had which has come back to haunt us. Finally no one is held responsible, not a single C.E.O has gone to jail. In the meantime, brother, can you spare me a dime Mr. Dimon?

Larry Darcey

Sag Harbor

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