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Letters to the Editor (6/27/13)

Posted on 28 June 2013

Annoying Birds

Dear Editor:

With the summer season now fast upon us, the helicopter noise from the steady stream of whirleybirds flying in has already begun to reach a fever pitch, with their incessant whining. I’m not sure if they’ve created new routes at all, or maybe it’s just increased traffic, but from where I sit in Noyac, it seems worse than ever.

I think the government and the aviation groups need to hold fast on the plan that sends air traffic out to Orient Point, before they head down to the East Hampton Airport. Keep them out over the water as long as possible, this way the only creatures they’re likely to disturb are the fish in the bay.

Then, when they are ready to come into the airport, let them come over the area of land that is the shortest distance. And, importantly, make the helicopters stay high in the air until they are ready to land, that way they are less likely to bother residents with their approaches to the runway.

Or better yet, force the pilots to make more use of the ocean route. I understand this could be a more expensive proposition for them, at least from what I’ve read in the newspaper, but that should not be our problem. There is only a handful of people who actually use the airport, compared to the rest of the population, so the rest of us should not be suffering for their convenience.

Honestly, the airplanes themselves don’t bother me all that much, and I understand the airport is important economically to the area. But the helicopters need to be addressed with a stronger arm. Our politicians need to do something for us — in both East Hampton and Southampton Towns, along with our state, county and federal representatives.

I think a show of force among them can send a strong message that “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.”


Bud Singelman



Vigilant and Safe

To the Editor:

I saw a terrible accident on Noyac Road the other day and it reminded me of how we need to be vigilant if we’re going to be safe. I read the story of that tragic accident in East Hampton last week where that 14-year-old girl was killed. I feel terribly about her family and the woman who hit her and that woman’s family. I hope the accident I saw did not have the same results as the one in East Hampton.

We are experiencing a very busy season and have among us many people who are not familiar with our roads. People who speed, who are on vacation and think of the Hamptons as their playground where rules don’t apply, can be a real and dangerous problem. It’s unfortunate, but we need to be more and more defensive when we drive. Just to be safe.

People need to just slow down.

Mary Reevo

Sag Harbor


A Man Named Adam

Dear Editor:

I once met a man named Adam

All I could do was stare at him.

He was different from all the rest.

Little did I know that he was one of the best singers around.

After all, he belonged to a group which had achieved world renown.

They were birds of a feather, who had flocked together, to make some of the sweetest sounds around.

He had been wounded, you know, that’s why he became a “Counting Crow,” healing himself and others one song at a time.

The world is a better place and so is the human race to have a singer named Adam Duritz around.

Richard Sawyer



Just Beachy

Dear Mr. Boyhan:

Congratulations are in order to Southampton Town for getting their beaches in order just in time for the summer season. While some parking areas are still in need of fixing up, they are a far cry better from where they were even a month ago, when giant sand dunes from Hurricane Sandy filled the lots.

It was nice to see food trucks at the beaches and plenty of people enjoying the sun and the ocean.

But we should urge the town not to rest on its laurels. There is still work to be done and hopefully the off-season will give them a chance to do some rebuilding of facilities, and maybe improve some of the outdated facilities they have. The rest rooms were getting shabby and some of the pavilions had seen better days. Let’s think of this as an opportunity.

Best wishes,

Jean Dorsty

Sag Harbor

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