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Letters to the Editor 7.28.11

Posted on 29 July 2011


Dear Bryan,
Regarding Meghan’s Cottage in Sagaponack, I see a decline in our community
when such a destruction is allowed to occur.

In the long run it is us who will pay for allowing this to happen. Not only will we be cursed with yet another oversized McMansion but we will expected to pay through our local and federal taxes to preserve the dune this ignorant and aggressive person built too close to.

The White family, with 300 years of living and working oceanside, wisely built summer cottages which could be moved. The power line now on the dune side of the cottages years ago was put behind (land side) of the cottages. After severe weather one can see revealed under Sagg Beach a tractor left in the field.
I have some hope in seeing that enough care that the White farm saga is well covered in the press locally and nationally.

Yet no ethics board seems not intimidated to take this on. Why?

Pamela Topham
Sag Harbor

Over a Cliff

Dear Editor:

It’s crazy that America is being held hostage by these junior Tea Party freshmen in Congress that are taking us over a cliff. They are too stupid to comprehend the abyss of default. It’s a chasm with dire and immediate consequences and far-reaching ramifications — here and abroad. Right off the bat, the money lost by their shenanigans, if they remain intransigent, will never be recoverable. Their stance runs counter to GOP history under Bush. As reported by Travis Waldron in Think Progress: “…During the Bush presidency, current GOP leaders voted 19 times to increase debt limit by $4 trillion…”

“Database searches revealed no demands from the four legislators that debt increases come accompanied by drastic spending cuts, as there are now. In fact, the May 2003 debt limit increase passed the Senate the same day as the $350 billion tax cuts for the wealthy.” In fact, “When Bush was in office, the current Republican leaders viewed increasing the debt limit as vital to keeping America’s economy running.”

While we’re being distracted by this manufactured “debt ceiling” crisis, the GOP is simultaneously bludgeoning 40 years of environmental law with a baseball bat in this new budget bill that has protected Clean Air and Clean Water, essentially, since President Nixon was in office. They are happy to be pawns of their paymasters — big oil, coal and gas, the mining and timber industries. The new budget bill not only gives carte blanche to polluters to defile our air, rivers, streams and watersheds on an unimaginable scale, but also gives the added bonanza of letting them rip-off our natural resources from our publicly held lands.

By just refusing to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy (when they were about to expire this past winter) and cutting military spending we could pay off our debt in leaps and bounds.

The cruel joke of it is that Bush tax breaks for the super wealthy did nothing to create jobs. There was no “trickle down.” We borrowed and continue to borrow to pay for the Bush tax cuts. We borrowed and continue to borrow to pay for unwinnable wars while our kids can’t even afford to go to college anymore; while our infrastructure crumbles and social security is threatened. This is nuts. A summary of the economic costs of these wars over the last 10 years is $2.27 trillion (with a “t”) and counting. The expense for incurred obligations for Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Veterans Medical, Veterans Disability, Interest on the Debt, etcetera will extend it out to $3.7 trillion for the next 40 years.

Just this morning, on C-SPAN, I heard that $2 billion in our taxpayer dollars has gotten into the hands of the Taliban. Rather counter-productive, wouldn’t you say?

There is no excuse for cutting Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. We are in the grip of a ruthless Corporatocracy and their front groups and lobbyists who run the country with their bought and paid for Congress which, for the most part, are the GOP who gut our environmental laws for Clean Water, Clean Air, Food Safety, Worker Safety. All of this in plain sight, and against the will of the people.
Check out the “Costs of War at:
Julie Penny

Parking for Political Gain

To the Editor:
I am writing to express my thoughts and concerns regarding the recent controversy over the “seasonal no parking” signs on Noyac Bay Avenue.
This issue — with valid concerns both for and against the parking limitations — has been allowed by the town council to blossom into a “political cause”, negatively impacting relations among neighbors and residents of the town.
Initially, several town council members made a sincere effort to foster a reasonable compromise on the matter. However, more recently — perhaps influenced by the sensationalized local media reports and editorials — the town council has opted to use this issue to advance their own political agendas rather than serve the residents of this town by means of a fair and sensible compromise. The end result is that they have completely mismanaged the process to resolve such an issue and have demonstrated how truly dysfunctional this council has become.

Because the dialogue on this issue has been so contentious I’d like to recap what I believe to be the important points:

-At the eastern terminus of Noyac Bay Avenue, there is a strip of land that is the width of the road and extends roughly 100 feet east and fronts a boating channel that connects the Mill Creek Basin with Noyac Bay. Ownership of this strip of land conveyed to the Town of Southampton Trustees in the 1930s when the channel was dredged to provide access to the bay.

- Although swimming, fishing and launching of watercraft from this land is prohibited by town code it was used by both Southampton Town residents and non residents alike as a place to view the bay, sunbathe and swim in the channel (although the latter is illegal and dangerous)

- In 2009, use of this area by non-residents seemed to increase substantially and incidents of vandalism occurred both at the nearby marina and several private homes. These incidents of vandalism were reported to the Southampton police to Officer O’Brian, badge #17815,as part of complaint #10.17995.

- Because of these incidents of vandalism and the litter left behind in this area, concerned residents of the neighborhood approached the town council and asked that parking be prohibited in the area to prevent non-residents from using this strip of land as their “defacto” beach, because they are unable to secure a beach permit to access the town’s several official beaches.

- It was assumed by these residents of the neighborhood — perhaps wrongfully — that only non residents had been using this strip of land as a beach because, it was reasoned, anyone with a right to a Southampton beach permit would utilize Long Beach, Circle Beach (both within 2 miles of this area) or the ocean beaches where facilities, lifeguards, etc. are provided by the town.

- The town board agreed and unanimously approved the “seasonal no parking” in this area and it became effective for the 2010 summer season.

- In the winter of 2011,the residents of this area were approached by a town council person and advised that a group of Southampton Town residents were expressing concern to the town council regarding these no parking rules. They (rightfully) asserted that as town residents they had the right to access this area and park on a public road.

- A compromise was proposed to provide some parking in this area so that town residents could access this area and enjoy the vista of the boat basin and the bay from this vantage point.

- After several town council hearings where both sides vociferously expressed their opinions, a compromise was approved by the town council to allow limited parking in the area in time for the 4th of July weekend.

- However, here is where the town council lost its way. Perhaps influenced by the media attention, the town council then introduced a “walk on” resolution to remove all “seasonal no parking” signs. When it was explained by the neighborhood residents that this would permit non-residents to again illegally use this area as their “defacto” beach, the council turned a deaf ear. Perhaps the opportunity to grandstand on this issue was so tempting it made council members lose sight of whom they represent — all the residents of the town but not the nonresidents.

Rather than solve the problem — WHICH THEY CREATED — and which can easily be resolved by converting “no parking signs” to “beach permit” parking signs, they perceived an opportunity to use this issue as a political “football”, to pit one group of town residents against another and make political “hay” for their political ideaology.

- So yet another town council hearing was held and turned into another opportunity for outrageous behavior by some residents and political grandstanding by the board.

- Again neighborhood residents explained they only want to prevent out of town non-residents from illegally using the area as a beach. The retort from the town council: out of towners bring revenue to the town! If that’s the case why not do away with all beach permits, turn Long Beach into Coney Island and really make a bundle of dough!

The town board is elected to serve the residents, all the residents, of the Town of Southampton. Let’s stop using this issue to vent personal political philosophies, get down to serving the residents’ needs and replace the “no parking” rules with “beach permit” parking rules — AS SPECIFICALLY PROVIDED FOR IN THE TOWN CODE.

If this solution — the correct solution for all town residents — is too politically uncomfortable for certain town council members, maybe its time to change the town council.

Don Staffa


To the editor,
“If” may be the most powerful word in the dictionary. If the wounded warrior followers and then corporate sponsors, Soldier Ride, nationwide rode past the White House, would our longest war in our history soon end?

If not, how many more of our young men and women will return from war wounded, killed or suffer P.T.S.D. the silent screams still not heard, or counted, but in the millions.

If our corporate controlled media ever told us the truth about our privatized hidden government our citizens would be enraged. The bottom line is money.
War is the mother of all lies, too bad her sons and daughters must die too young, too innocent and not know why.

“If we continue to project our evil on others we head toward self destruction,” Carl Jung, the great twentieth century psychologist, said. What would we do without scapegoats? Every war must have an enemy and a profit for the few.
Veterans for peace,

Larry Darcey
Sag Harbor

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