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Letters to the Editor (7/11/13)

Posted on 12 July 2013

Class Act

Dear Bryan:

I what to acknowledge the pleasure, especially in days like these, of opening your newspaper and finding such a class act.

I’m referring to the concession ad taken out by Ed Gregory. Not just the fact that Ed publicly congratulated the winners, but the manner in which he did it. I totally agree that local citizens participation makes our democracy stronger. Were we to have people like Ed in Washington, our country might get some things moving in a bipartisan manner. Well done Ed!

Bob Fisher

Sag Harbor


Crazy Drivers

To the Editor:

OK, we can all admit that traffic this year has been horrendous. Driving around town has been an activity like a combat sport with cars and trucks competing for space on our narrow roads and putting people’s lives at risk.

And don’t get me started on the “out-of-towners” who apparently don’t drive a car more than a few days a year and treat the villages like their own personal playground. They make U-turns in the middle of the street to grab parking spaces, stop in the middle of the road to see what street they are trying to turn on and nearly rundown poor pedestrians in the crosswalk.

So what’s the solution?

I’d say we need more cops on the road. Clearly traffic signs and warnings are not helping the situation. We have road signs for every possible situation and no one is paying any attention to them. Not to mention common sense should dictate how we drive on the road.

So the conclusion is: these people have no sense. None at all. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

A police presence is going to be the only thing that’s going to get these people to obey the law, because right now they have vacation brain and believe that the laws don’t apply to them. They’ve taken a vacation in more ways than one.

Bringing more police on the streets will send a message, for one thing, that they are being watched, and maybe it will trigger something in their brains that will make them realize, “Hey, I can’t just cut that other guy off to grab that parking space, even if I am late for my dinner reservation.”

The other thing is that additional cops on the street — and by this I mean actually on the street, where people can see them — would be available to give tickets to those who are breaking the law. There’s nothing like a good stiff fine to make someone think twice about breaking the law.

But the only way this is going to work is if the village and even the towns agree they need a bigger police roll especially in this crazy time of year.

Thank you, and be safe out there.

Dennis Mason

Sag Harbor


More for Noyac Road

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to the town and the residents and the businesses around the Cromer’s Market and Whalebone General Store parking area for making a decision on making that area safer. Finally.

I have been reading about this for more than a decade and am relieved to hear that a plan is in place.

But while I think the design will slow traffic down considerably, I think the town and the community needs to go a step further and make the whole area safer for pedestrians who want to walk to those stores. Noyac is getting more populated and there are plenty of people living in the neighborhoods like Pine Neck who would happily walk or bicycle to the store, but Noyac Road is such a busy highway that people must be petrified to walk along it.

The town should consider extending sidewalks, creating crosswalks that go over to safe islands in the road and further finding ways to slow traffic. But please no traffic lights, this isn’t Jericho Turnpike. And stop signs would just back traffic up to the Waterside. This solution could be extended throughout the commercial district of Noyac, maybe from Trout Pond to Long Beach and give the whole area a more community feel to it.

Then we can start working on getting the trucks off Noyac Road, or at least discourage them from taking the route. This “slowing down” of traffic will make it less easy for them to go through Noyac and Sag Harbor and maybe they’ll find another route, like Montauk Highway where they’re supposed to go anyway.

I also think there should be some law that makes greater restrictions for trucks, that are dangerous, annoying and literally tearing up the road way.


Alice Manginni



Pick Up After Yourselves

Dear Editor:

Ugh, Long Beach is filthy. We walk along the drive at Long Beach almost every day and we keep seeing it getting dirtier and dirtier. Trash is strewn all around the overflowing cans and paper blows through the grass and onto the beach.

Come on people, if there’s no room left in the trash can, don’t just leave your mess where dogs and raccoons can tear open the plastic bags. Throw them back in the car and throw them in the trash when you get home.

Bill and Edie Lenahan

Sag Harbor



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