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Letters July 22, 2010

Posted on 23 July 2010

Commemorating Long Beach

To The Editor,

Annette Hinkle’s review of the History of Long Beach Exhibit at the Sag Harbor Historical Society heightened the pleasure we already enjoyed while producing it.

We need to point out that it is the Town of Southampton that will hold a ceremony to commemorate the Foster family’s gift of the Beach to Southampton and the Sag Harbor Village in August. Because the deed was enacted in December 1949 and January 1950, weather probably prevented a ceremony.

Your front page photo of an 1894 picnic is courtesy of the John Jermain Memorial Library.

Finally, thank you for your editorial, “Garbage Unfurled,” reminding users of Long Beach that they bear responsibility for keeping it clean.

Jean Held and Dorothy Zaykowski,

Sag Harbor Historical Society

Lost and Found

Dear Editor,

Three fabulous ice cream cones at “Big Olaf” on a July evening…..$9.75.

A debate over whom should pay for them, resulting in a wad of cash being dropped on the floor….$103.00.

Returning half an hour later, to have employee Rob return the cash!…..priceless.

Thank you Rob for being the best of Sag Harbor. No “celebs” that night, just a hero. My guests were impressed and I was proud. Also, to whomever hired Rob, “Good pick!”


Anita Guarino

Sag Harbor

Night Lights in Sag Harbor

To the Editor:

Advertising in bright lights becomes a dangerous precedent on Main Street. Please let’s say no to these signs, the newcomers are changing the look of our village and night life.  Say no to Uptown Pilates lighting, check it out, it’s bad and inappropriate for Main Street, Sag Harbor.

Paul Terrigno

Sag Harbor

Accessory Apartment Amnesty

Dear Bryan,

Well, the “illegals” won the accessory apartment proposal.  What is happening to Sag Harbor?

I so agree with your editorial last week:  I am totally in favor of legalizing apartments for “low-income” housing use.  I however am not in favor of rewarding the people who have broken and scoffed at the Sag Harbor laws for the previous five (and more) years.

It is like: you are driving down Main Street looking for a parking space and the car in front of you makes a U-TURN and gets a parking spot.  IF the “cops” see this, they “slap” the driver’s hand, BUT THE DRIVER STILL GETS THE PARKING SPOT.  Most of us don’t make U-TURNS on Main Street because we obey the law.

The law-abiding residents who would love the extra income and would build legal apartments on their property should be the FIRST APPLICATIONS APPROVED.

Also the honest Sag Harbor residents who now have beautiful finished detached buildings but they were not occupied for five years or at any time because IT WAS ILLEGAL, should be the FIRST TO BE APPROVED.

The scofflaws should be on the “proposed waiting list” and severely punished for breaking the law now.

The current proposal rewards the hypocritical and punishes the honorable.  Doesn’t anyone wonder why this is?  THE LAW SHOULD PREVAIL.

It is very simple – the “honest” and the “dishonest”.

Why not honor the law-abiders and let them get the proper permits to rent their soon-to-be legal apartments.

In the interest of justice – LET THE “GOOD GUYS” GO FIRST.

My questions are many: How will the renters be selected and qualified as “low-income” to fill the 50 “soon-to-be-legal” prior “illegal” apartments?  Will there be a special committee?  Will the 50 apartments be public knowledge?  How long will the leases be?  Who will determine the “affordable” rents?  If the owners were “illegal” before, what will stop them now?  How do they prove the 5 year occupancy?  Do the property owners still get to live in the accessory apartments in order to rent their main houses?

Do the “illegal” tenants get rewarded like the “illegal” landlords?  Then they will stay where they are, and Sag Harbor will be status quo and there will still be NO available “affordable” housing.

But then the “illegal” tenants and “illegal” landlords will be “within the Law” rather than “above the Law.”


Pat Field

Sag Harbor

Call for a Memorial

Following is a letter which was written to Sag Harbor Mayor Brian Gilbride:

Dear Brian:

Several years ago, I went to two of the Board meetings along with Angie Cilli to ask the Board to name the preserve on Glover Street after Lieutenant Nick Cilli, who was killed in World War II. I believe the Cilli family owned the land down Glover Street.

I had an idea that a walkway could be created in this preserve, and along the walkway could be memorialized the names of all the men from Sag Harbor who have given their lives in all the wars in which this country has been involved.

I never received an answer. Do you not think it is time that the citizens of Sag Harbor do something to honor all our lost heroes? Perhaps a committee of veterans, who have had first-hand experience of the loss of comrades, should be appointed to work on this.


Dolores M. Zebrowski

Sag Harbor

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