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Letters to the Editor (7/4/13)

Posted on 05 July 2013

July Fourth

Dear Editor:

July Fourth is the day we set forth to declare our independence. We were young and free, a brand new country which had no equal. We had Uncle Sam. He was our man. He swore he would never let us down.

We were full of life and vigor, until someone pulled the trigger. We joined the fight. We thought we were right to fight with all our might till Johnnie came marching home. They shot him and gassed him. They thought they’d outlast him, but Johnnie kept marching on.

He marched through the fields and climbed the highest mountains.

He marched till he could stand it no more. And so the war ends, he’s lost all his friends.

But Johnnie comes marching home.

Richard Sawyer

Sag Harbor


Screaming About Lyme Disease

Dear Editor:

We want to thank the Sag Harbor Express for the articles regarding Lyme disease. What we have understood from the articles is the following:

1. We have an EPIDEMIC in the Hamptons and throughout other parts of the USA. (The truth may affect housing prices!!)

2. Lyme is classified as a zoonosis disease. Zoonosis is an animal infection that becomes transmissible to humans. Wow, it’s on par with Monkey Pox, Marburg, Hemorrhagic Fever, Dengue, Hendra Virus, Lassa Fever, AIDS and a few more.

So….we all calmly sit around, discuss our tick bite locations and how disgusting the antibiotic makes us feel.

Hey, are we nuts? Why are we being so complacent?

We are tearing ecosystems apart. We are getting closer to animals in very unexpected ways. Yes, our fault, but we need to do something because we are in trouble. We walk our pups on our street and both of us and the pups come home and it’s not unusual for all of us to have a tick on us. At least the pups have Frontline!!! (Not 100 percent effective.)

Lyme Disease has spread its wings; the patient with vague undistinguishable neurological symptoms, chronic fatigue, MS and AL related, insomnia, headaches, and a variety of pain syndromes. Ms. Jann Scanlon, in your article, has informed us that some of us can’t enjoy a burger due to breathing difficulties and possible death due to the tick bite. Some folks have cycles of disabling symptoms that persist for years causing ceaseless suffering for patients and their families. Some folks are told that their symptoms are in their head!!

In our opinion, it took a lot of yelling and screaming from the gay community to get the USA government to promote longterm combination antimicrobial regimens to effectively treat HIV disease.

Lyme disease is hindered by the lack of uniform case definition that adequately reflects the clinical presentation of the disease, poor laboratory test sensitivity, and high treatment failures. The optimal treatment for patients with persistent symptoms of Lyme disease remains undefined.

So…it is time to start screaming. It is time to demand from the USA government with this epidemic. It’s time to do something. Help!

Rena Rosenfeld and Marilyn Mercogliano

Sag Harbor


Tick Crisis

Dear Editor:

Your recent series about Lyme disease really points out that we are in the midst of a health crisis here on the East End. I knew that Lyme was a problem, but had no idea there were so many other problems that have erupted in recent years: babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, and now food allergies. People crippled, going into shock.

I think everyone can agree this has been a terrible year for ticks, with absolutely everyone I know having pulled the little menaces off them, or at least they know of someone who has been bothered by these pests.

I think it’s time for government and health officials to step up to the plate and come up with a plan to eradicate, or at least get some control over the ticks, before more of the population gets sick.


David Caldorn



Special Cookies 

Dear Bryan:

The Sag Harbor Community Food Pantry would like to thank Jennifer Glass and Girl Scout Troop #152 for their generous donation of cookies, they were very much enjoyed by our clients.


Barbara Wolfram

Sag Harbor Community Food Pantry



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