Letters to the Editor 7/5/12

Posted on 05 July 2012

Bring Out the Best

Dear Bryan,

We would like to express our gratitude to the generous people of Sag Harbor and neighboring towns. We held a car wash and bake sale at the Sag Harbor Elementary School on June 16th. Our goal was to raise enough money to buy a bench in town in memory of our classmate and friend, Katy Stewart. Due to the kindness of our community we exceeded our goal. Our customers waited patiently in line to get their cars washed and buy baked goods. The class is proud of our accomplishment, and we can’t wait to sit on the bench, watch a pink sunset and think of our friend. We think it is pretty amazing how Katy continues to bring out the best in people!


Hannah Jungck and the Pierson Class of 2016

PS  Katy’s family has set up a fund in Katy’s memory that supports education, childhood bereavement, and pediatric cancer research.  For more information please go to www.katyscourage.org.

Laments CPR Bill’s Non-Passage

Dear Editor

It is difficult to express my disappointment that the Assembly did not pass our CPR in Schools bill (S2491/A3980) to ensure that all students learn CPR before graduating from high school. In August of 2006, my 14-year-old daughter, Leah, went into Sudden Cardiac Arrest while trying out for the volleyball team at Bethpage High School. Thankfully, Leah’s life was saved by her coach. However, to think that her fellow teammates could have saved her life as well after a short CPR lesson is empowering.

I am truly thankful to my representative, Senator Kemp Hannon for sponsoring and helping champion the passage of the CPR in Schools legislation in the Senate. He is well aware how important this bill is to saving lives.

Today, far too many people die suddenly from cardiac arrest. If no CPR is provided or no defibrillation occurs within 3 to 5 minutes of collapse the chance of survival drops significantly. With the passage of this bill, every high school graduate will be prepared to save lives in their own homes and communities. With hands-only CPR, it is now even easier to teach this lifesaving skill. In less than the time it takes to watch a 30 minute TV episode, we can give students the skills they need to help save a life.

Please think of Leah this August 31st who will be celebrating her “6th re-birthday” as a college senior at Fordham University. Encourage your state representatives to pass this bill in the next session.

Claudia Olverd


July Fourth

Dear Editor,

July Fourth is the day we set forth to declare our independence. We were young and free, a brand new country which had no equal. We had Uncle Sam. He was our man. He swore he would never let us down.

We were full of life and vigor, until someone pulled the trigger. We joined the fight. We thought we were right to fight with all our might till Johnnie came marching home. They shot him and gassed him. They thought they’d outlast him, but Johnnie kept marching on.

He marched through the fields and climbed the highest mountains.

He marched till he could stand it no more. And so the war ends, he’s lost all his friends.

But Johnnie comes marching home.

Richard Sawyer

Sag Harbor

Folly at the Airport

To the Editor:

Residents in the airport noise affected community who believed airport management and Town Board rhetoric that the seasonal control tower would proactively address noise abatement protocols must abandon that hope.

At the information session held by the air traffic controllers, Councilman Stanzione, Jim Brundige and EH Aviation Association leadership this past Saturday to familiarize pilots with required tower protocols, it was clearly and unequivocally stated that the control tower would not address noise issues. All the bluster about how the control tower would mitigate noise at the airport was distinctly and completely put to rest.

Some representatives from the Quiet Skies Coalition went to listen and learn. And we got quite a lesson.  Interestingly, the only noise abatement questions fielded from the audience came from some local pilots genuinely inquiring how the tower procedures would dovetail with noise abatement procedures.  The answer, over and over, was clear – this “is not about noise”.

QSC never had much faith that the control tower would provide measurable noise abatement, but would spread the nuisance to more neighborhoods, rather than reducing noise by limiting flights.  Another theory held that controllers would influence altitudes, another demonstrated noise mitigation tool – the higher the craft, the less noise on the ground. This notion was also dispelled at Saturday’s meeting. The controllers said they will not dictate altitudes.

This meeting clearly demonstrated the disingenuous treatment of the noise affected by the Town Board and most particularly, Councilman Stanzione, whose lip service to the noise affected and many statements declaring the control tower as the best hope, have now been completely refuted.

As a safety improvement, the tower adds value. As a noise abatement tool, it is simply folly.


Kathleen Cunningham

Quiet Skies Coalition

East Hampton

Questioning Tower’s Purpose

Dear Editor

The “Million Dollar Seasonal Control Tower” became operational at East Hampton airport on Friday, June 29th, and noise-weary residents across the East End looked forward to the promised relief from the non-stop aerial barrage over our homes; that never happened. On Saturday, during an information meeting held at EH airport, the audience learned why.

At the beginning of the meeting, EH Councilman Stanzione expounded at length on difficulties he’d encountered in bringing the new control tower to EHA, and called the tower opening an “historic” event; in the annals of environmental misdeeds it will be, as it will bring increasing commuter air traffic and pollution to our area. On Saturday, Councilman Stanzione failed to mention that earlier claims by EH town officials, airport management and aviation proponents — claims that the airport’s control tower would bring about noise abatement — were not part of the agenda for control tower operators. He did clearly state that noise abatement was not a tower controller issue. Minutes later, Charles Carpenter, spokesman for Robinson Aviation, the control tower operators, said the tower’s purpose is solely safety and efficiency, not noise abatement. An FAA representative nodded his assent to Carpenter’s statement and the leadership of the East Hampton Aviation Assoc (EHAA) smirked.

Readers may recall having seen in East Hampton and Southampton media a number of costly newspaper ads paid for by EHAA, prior to last November’s EH Town Board election. Some ads appeared in the form of 10 questions and answers including: YES, a control tower would alleviate neighborhood noise, not only in East Hampton but over a 10-mile wide, half-mile high airspace surrounding the airport. Residents on the twin forks therefore harbored hope that aircraft noise reduction would follow after the installation of the tower. The EHAA ads also contended that rejecting FAA funds would give EH town “local” control over operations at the airport; both statements are misleading, at best, given the official statements made on Saturday about the scope of operations the tower can control.

The official statements made at the airport this past weekend give rise to immediate questions: Was EHAA ignorant of the facts? Were they “re-educated” by their own high-cost advertising; were they merely duped by EH town officials and airport management? Or did they deliberately misinform the public to help re-elect EH town board members known to support aviation interests and vehemently favor increased airport operations?

The disinformation campaign being waged by EH airport expansionists will continue unabated, but it will merely be a matter of time until the many “facts” circulated by them and EH town and airport management will be exposed as disingenuous. This past weekend and the coming weekend’s 4th July celebrations did and will take place under the usual aerial assault that elected officials at local, state and federal levels have been unable or unwilling to prevent. Area residents daily impacted by noise and air pollution from EH airport deserve better representation from elected officials.

Patricia Currie

Sag Harbor

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