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Letters to the Editor (8/29/13)

Posted on 30 August 2013

The Four Poster Program Works

To the Editor:

The Four Poster Device that was created by USDA scientists is in use in 26 states since the late 1990’s. Study after study has shown the effectiveness of this device in dramatically reducing tick populations. At the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, tick populations dropped 96-98 percent, in Texas two studies showed 92-97 percent declines in tick populations and right in our backyard on Shelter Island they saw kill rates of more than 90-99.5 percent for lone-star ticks.

As for the toxicity issues that have been raised by some in the community, Bob DeLuca, the President of one of the most well respected environmental organizations in the area, the Group for the East End, has done an analysis of the Four Poster Program. He stated that after an assessment of the Four Poster Study they concluded “the 4-poster technology provided a superior environmental method of tick management over broad-spectrum tick and insect spraying.  Our decision reflects the collective assessment of broad spectrum pesticide impacts on non target species, the potential for insect spraying to leach or runoff into ground and surface waters, the increased likelihood of exposure to humans, pets and other non target organisms associated with broad spectrum spraying and the effectiveness of the 4-poster on tick density in the areas where it was studied.”

The 4-Poster program must be part of a comprehensive tick management plan along with culling deer and rodent management. These actions are what responsible communities must do to reduce the tick population. When done in combination with the education of our medical community and the public, we will begin seeing a reduction in the incidence of tick-borne diseases.

Josephine DeVincenzi

Sag Harbor


Choose Quiet Skies Candidates

Dear Bryan,

Last Friday at the Quiet Skies Coalition demonstration at the East Hampton airport, we had some interesting experiences, which may be of interest to your readers.

We had some reassuring conversations with local pilots of small aircraft, who understood our concerns and were supportive, which was very encouraging progress. We also had some really rude behavior by passengers whose responses to our signs asking for respect for our communities, were to stick their tongues out at us as they passed. And, worse.

Somehow this demonstration in particular, helped to underscore the issue we face with aircraft noise in our community:  local pilots, respectful of our concerns will support us as we support them. Meanwhile the careless ultra-rich, who are the real problem, for whom our concerns don’t even register exhibit aggressive behavior (sticking out their tongues, for instance) to resist the notion that their transportation choices make a negative impact on our environment. Basically, ruining our summers.

Those people and the politicians who cater to them are the real problem.

We took a stand, and will continue to do so. We must be certain that in this election year our representatives in government understand and value this important quality of life issue. It is essential to the sustainability of our communities that our elected officials value what their constituents value. I list them here: the peaceful enjoyment of our homes and properties, remediation of our diminishing property values and the negative impact on community character this aircraft noise creates and the essential stability of a clean air and healthy natural environment, unspoiled by poisonous jet fuel and noise impacts

Our lives are completely dependent up that understanding.


Kathleen Cunningham

Quiet Skies Coalition


Monumental Thanks

Dear Editor:

On behalf of The Sag Harbor Historical Society we wish to thank the village highway crew, especially Dee Yardley, superintendent, and Kevin O’Brien, for the installation and placement of two historical markers, Ligonee Brook and the Breakwater. The efforts of the entire village crew is highly commendable for its cooperation with this important matter. The signs were extremely heavy and needed to be installed correctly, and we thank them again for their hard work. We hope the community will stop and read the new markers so they understand significance of the areas.

With appreciation.

Jack Youngs and Diane Schiavoni


The Sag Harbor Historical Society


Welcome In

A Letter to Our Community:

Temple Adas Israel has grown significantly over the past three years. That growth has been a tremendous blessing; and it also presents occasional challenges.

We have always been proud to open our doors for the High Holy Days to both our members –– who support our work throughout the year ––  as well as to guests from the larger community. Given our increase in numbers, we have had to adjust our High Holy Days seating procedures in order to be sure we will still be able to accommodate our members in the sanctuary and social hall.

If you are not a member of our synagogue, we encourage you to consider joining. Our membership contributions are extremely reasonable, and no one is ever turned away because of an inability to pay.

We will continue to welcome guests from the community at large. We will be able to most easily accommodate guests at our Family Services, Tashlich at Haven’s Beach (which will be followed by an opportunity to hear the Shofar), Second Day Rosh Hashanah Morning Services, Early Kol Nidre Service, Yom Kippur Afternoon, and Neilah Services.

For all other services, there may be a limited number of seats upstairs after all our members are seated.  Otherwise, our guests will be invited to participate in the service via closed-circuit TV set up in our downstairs classrooms.

We wish everyone in our community a sweet and meaningful New Year!

Neil Fagan, President

Temple Adas Israel


Traffic Calming in Cromer

Dear Editor:

Well here I am sitting in the Council offices of Cromer, Norfolk in the UK and, as it is the school holidays this traditional Victorian sea-side resort gets very busy.

So I did not want to go down into town during my lunch break to visit the petrol station if I was going to get stuck because of the volume of visitors.

Therefore I wondered if there was a web cam in town showing the traffic. I Googled my enquiry and came up with a link to traffic calming on the Noyak Road, Cromer..!

I know Cromer fairly well and being a bright chap I suspected there was something wrong.

Well I never knew there was a Cromer in New York State.

I now do and have been enlightened.

However this still does net help my decision as to going in to town…!

Stephen Stone

Cromer, U.K.

Best regards from us over here to you over there!


She is Not Conservative

Dear Editor,

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard and read Ms. Kabot rail against the Conservative Party and its leadership because we as Party chose not to endorse her in the upcoming election. Kabot’s false claims of “up the island politics” “horse trading” “backroom deals” and “political shenanigans” are without merit, and patently offensive. But on and on she goes, with her attention grabbing quotes. Making these types of statements is beneath the integrity of the office which she seeks, and frankly all she has to offer.

As Vice Chairman of the Southampton Town Conservative Party, I took part in the review of all of our local candidates and subsequent endorsement choices. I was honored to join with Chairman Edward M Walsh Jr., Town Leader and Councilman Jim Malone, and several other local conservatives and committee persons. We made our decisions after careful deliberation and review of each individual’s background and record, and we made these decisions at the local level.  I’m born and raised in Sag Harbor, operate a small plumbing business out Hampton Bays. Jim Malone was born and raised in Westhampton, resides in Hampton Bays, and has been your seated Councilman during these past four years. As importantly, some of those who joined in our decision to once again deny Kabot the Conservative line, have lived in our town since before the Conservative Party was founded in 1962, and have been life long Conservatives. So tell me where does the false accusation of “up the island” come from ? Clearly it comes from the wild imagination of a desperate candidate. The simple fact is this Linda Kabot   not Conservative. Not even close. Her brief two years as Supervisor is an abysmal disaster, and is as follows.

In 2007, Ms. Kabot inherited a town with the highest possible credit rating, multiple millions of dollars in fund balance surpluses, and a town that had won national awards for transparency in government reporting. But in 2008 and 2009 Kabot wrote overspending and bloated budgets that raised taxes maximum allowed by law each year, and escalated borrowing and debt to unprecedented levels. The award winning auditing firm ADZ ceased doing business with the town declaring Ms. Kabot’s bookkeeping officially “irreconcilable”. By the time she was voted out of office in 2009, Kabot managed to orchestrate unprecedented fund balance deficits in virtually every town fund within her reach. This despite raising taxes by millions of dollars two years in a row, and inheriting multiple millions in fund balance surpluses. Her two town budgets ballooned our spending from 68 million in 2007, to over 82 million in 2009 when she was promptly voted out of office. The Town’s sterling credit rating was downgraded for the first time in decades, our accounting system was in total disarray, and our debt level hit an all time high. All this fiscal irresponsibility in just a two year span under Kabot’s direction. Clearly, no Conservative, not even close. In her previous three attempts at Supervisor, the Conservative Party has never extended our line to Ms. Kabot. Conservatives’ distrust of Kabot was unequivocally confirmed in 2007 when 4,041 Conservative voters came out and voted against her during her first Supervisor’s run. This is an astonishing indictment of an individual that shares none of our values.

Now,  in her fourth attempt at becoming Supervisor, Kabot somehow expects, and even demands that the Conservative party forget her tax, spend, over-borrow record, join in her revisionist history, and extend our Party’s support to her blind ambitions. We cannot support her and continue to believe that she is simply incapable of being in charge of a multimillion dollar municipal corporation, our town, and our taxpayer dollars. Ms Kabot is going to try to muddy the waters with misdirection, and baseless innuendo, with the intention of distracting the voters away from the stubborn facts of her fiscally disastrous record. Nonetheless, her record stands and she owns it. For all these reasons, Chairman Walsh, Councilman Malone, Myself, and several other deep rooted local  party members felt that it was in the best interest of our residents and taxpayers not to endorse Ms Kabot. She has never demonstrated one Conservative value, and has the fiscally irresponsible record to prove it.

Jeremy Brandt

Vice Chairman Southampton Town Conservative Party


No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Dear Editor

The other day, as I was driving through Sag Harbor, I saw two female senior citizens struggling with their suitcases, trying to get them on the bus. I parked my car behind the bus and helped them put their luggage in the bus. I felt real good about helping these two ladies until I got back to my car. A traffic officer was writing up a ticket for the illegal parking of my car. I got so mad, I thought to myself, “I’m going to sell my waterfront house and get out of this one horse town!”

After a while, I began to settle down after climbing a few trees (I’m a tree surgeon and a writer). It finally dawned on me that “The law is the law.” It doesn’t matter why you break the law. Although if you have money, you can hire a lawyer and try to beat the law. If there was no punishment for breaking the law, there would be total chaos. So obey the law, no matter what and you won’t have to worry about the men and women in blue coming after you. So, “keep the faith” and “follow the path of righteousness” and you will end up dwelling in the Man’s House upstate forever!

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Richard Sawyer

P.S. The next time you see a police officer, thank him or her for protecting and serving you!




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