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Letters to the Editor 8/8/13

Posted on 09 August 2013

Rampant Garbage


Dear Editor:

I walk Long Beach nearly every day and find the condition of the trash to be appalling. Remnants of beach parties, coffee cups, beer bottles, food wrappers and probably even some household garbage regularly sprawls across the parking lot.

This has been a very busy beach season, and I think it’s great that residents and their guests have been taking advantage of Long Beach. It’s reasonable to assume that the trash cans are going to getr a workout with all these additional people and they’re going to be jammed with garbage day in and day out. But when people who are finished with a day at the beach have a load of trash, they should just take it home with them if the trash cans are full. Instead of just piling the extra trash alongside the cans, where dogs and other animals will get into it, wrap your garbage up and put it in your home garbage can. Otherwise it will wind up all over the parking lot for the early morning walkers. Long Beach is a beautiful place, let’s try to keep it that way.

Bea Landers



Help for VFW


Dear Editor:

The Sag Harbor VFW Post #9082 is hosting its annual Robert W. Early Golf Tournament on September 26, 2013. We are asking our community to support our fundraiser with items for a raffle drawing.

Thank you for your support.


Sharon Lewis

Quartermaster VFW Post #9082

Cell 646-258-2639


Insult to Injury


To the Editor:

Wow what a surprise! Developers lied to the public. I read the article last week about the condos on Water Street and was smiling, because I knew something like that had to happen. They’re bankrupt, and yet had the nerve to tell everybody that everything was fine, the money was coming in, and it was all a go. The condos were going to be finished and up for sale soon. What a joke.

So instead, we’re going to be saddled with a half-finished monstrosity for God-knows how much longer. The thing looks terrible, from an architectural design standpoint, it’s been left to look like a vacant lot, and now it’s going to wind up in somebody else’s hands to do who knows what. It’s like adding insult to injury.

Let’s hope the new owners will be better caretakers.

David Daller

Sag Harbor


Inconsiderate on the Road


Dear Editor:

Is it just me or do our summer visitors seem even more rude and careless than in past years? We all understand they’ve got to get to the beach early and get to their dinner parties in a hurry, but their behavior on the road is just awful. There is road rage, insults thrown. I have watched as cars make U-Turns in the middle of Main Street to grab parking spaces, and seen cars cutting each other off on the highway. I understand that many of these drivers don’t get the chance to drive very often, but they need to learn keep it together and be more respectful of other drivers — like those of us who live here all year —  on the roadways.


William A. Breen

Sag Harbor


Bigger Mosquitoes



Now that the government seems to be in agreement that we can better control air traffic on the East End, when can we expect some relief? This has been a particularly bad year — I guess all that Wall Street money has made it easier for the suits to afford plane and helicopter rides to the Hamptons. Now the problem is all those seaplanes coming in. They sound like mosquitoes, and we certainly have enough of them.

Thank you.

Susan Vander



The Eagle and the Dove


Dear Editor:

The eagle and the dove each shared the world’s greatest love. Though many thought they were on opposite sides, they shared a common bond, which no one could divide.

And even when the dove was under attack and flew away, the eagle was steadfast because he knew that the dove would return some day.

And while the eagle and the “guns of war” had their say, the gentle dove stayed away.

And then one day when the war was over, the eagle, who was lost without his mate, found the dove resting in the clover.

The dove thought she had lost her mate during the war, and vowed that she would never love another anymore. But when she saw her long lost love, she soared with the eagle toward the skies above.

And now they live as man and wife, reunited once more to start a new life.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Richard Sawyer

Sag Harbor


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