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Letters to the Editor (9/1/2013)

Posted on 23 September 2013

Out of Scale

Dear Editor:

I am writing to applaud your editorial “Still Too Big” in the September 5, 2013 issue of The Express.

It is crucial that our last remaining waterfront not be bungled!!!

Yes, the buildings that are existing must be dealt with, but 20 condos (24 including 2 West Water St.) over three stories in height and 50,000 gross floor area? Underground parking? Drainage? Undue stress on the Village sewage system? Water supply? Are they for real?

I think it is fair to mention that these are the same developers, Emil Talel and Michael Maidan of East End Ventures, that declared bankruptcy on the condos at 21 West Water Street. What makes us think that the same thing wouldn’t happen again? Only this time, instead of having a small condo project that looks like it belongs on the wrong side of the tracks in Beaver Creek, we would have a looming unfinished monster on the waterfront that makes our village of Sag Harbor so special.

I urge The Sag Harbor Village Planning Board, The Sag Harbor Village Building Department and the Sag Harbor Architectural Review Board not to allow anything of this scale to happen on our waterfront.

Thank you for keeping our citizens informed so that hopefully we will have some say in the matter.


Christina Zacharia

Sag Harbor Historic District


Many Thanks

Dear Bryan,

Frank Filipo, who served many years as a Director and Chairman of Bay Street Theatre, has just announced he is leaving the Board.

Joining many appreciative friends, I would like to express my personal thanks for his contributions. From my years as a resident, merchant and former BST Board colleague, I was privileged to witness his great, sweat-of-the-brow effort, as well as the talent and politesse that he applied to working out complex issues facing the theater. He led the board well, held it together, and sustained our Bay Street Theatre during a very challenging period. Knowing Frank for over 30 years, in his capacity as a banker an friend, I feel it is appropriate to add that he has been singularly responsible for securing the support of Suffolk County National Bank for any number of Sag Harbor charities and local events. Frank’s modesty precedes him, but I think it might be the right time to make note of his very significant contributions that have accrued to our village.

My thanks to this dedicated Sag Harbor communitarian!

Ted Conklin

The American Hotel

Sag Harbor



Dear Editor:

An avid fan of competitive sports, I have followed the Sag Harbor Whale Boat Races since Harbor Fest was originally called “The Old Whaler’s Festival.”

The significance of the tradition was greatly marred on Sunday, September 9, when I watched in disbelief as 2 boats from the same team rowed against the single Team Whalers boat.

As one of these two headed out to the first buoy, the 2nd rowed right into the Team Whaler boat disabling their ability to reach the same buoy, until their partner boat had a huge lead.

The crowd went wild at the unfairness of this action. In the aftermath I heard, amid the cheers of elation from the “winner’s tent,” that their sabotage plan had worked.

What a sad example for all the children present. Adults can mentally process this type of poor sportsmanship, but the impact on small minds makes me question the example we set for our children to follow — the standards of integrity and fair play, in this instance were lost and sabotage was rewarded with the “winner’s trophy.”

It makes me wonder if future competitions will enable good honest sportsmanship or be reduced to this type of brawling and sabotage tactic that does nothing to set a good example to our children.

Bullying in our schools exists because some kids feel entitled to sabotage others — there is meanness that has damaged the entire “going to school” experience. Makes you wonder where they learned how to be bullies, in the first place.

S. Anne Osborn

Water Mill

P.S. My hat’s off to all the participating ladies teams who showed and provided us with excitement and well executed entertainment. Excellent behavior and sportsmanship!


Support the VFW

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

On behalf of VFW Post # 9082, I would like to thank everyone for their contributions and continuing efforts in support of our goal of veterans helping veterans.

Each year the post has done a 50/50 raffle that supports our 50th anniversary in May 2015. This year’s winner was Margaret Walsh from McClain, Virginia.

The Robert W. Early Memorial golf tournament is on September 26, 2013. We are still asking our community for support on our fundraiser with items for a raffle drawing.

Please contact one of your local VFW members or email me at for more information.

Thank you


Roger J King

Sag Harbor VFW Post # 9082


Traffic Calming in Cromer

Dear Editor:

Well here I am sitting in the Council offices of Cromer, Norfolk in the UK and, as it is the school holidays this traditional Victorian sea-side resort gets very busy.

So I did not want to go down into town during my lunch break to visit the petrol station if I was going to get stuck because of the volume of visitors.

Therefore I wondered if there was a web cam in town showing the traffic. I Googled my enquiry and came up with a link to traffic calming on the Noyak Road, Cromer..!

I know Cromer fairly well and being a bright chap I suspected there was something wrong.

Well I never knew there was a Cromer in New York State.

I now do and have been enlightened.

However this still does net help my decision as to going in to town…!

Stephen Stone

Cromer, U.K.

Best regards from us over here to you over there!


Successful HarborFest

Dear Bryan,

The 50th  Celebration of HarborFest has come and gone. A special thank you is due to the people who made it happen.

First to you and The Sag Harbor Express for your continued sponsorship of the Whale Boat races.

To Robert Evjen and the Booster Club along  Barbara Wolfram and the Food Pantry for the Clam Chowder contest and the “Refreshment Tent”. Great team effort.

To Matt at the IGA for donating the corn for corn shucking contest.

To Marie at Mutli Aqua Culture in Amagansett for donating the clams for the clam shucking contest.

To Lisa Field at the Variety Store for purchasing the shirts worn by the volunteers .

To Dave Lee for donating his Sag Harbor Whale to be raffled off.

To Mike Daly for volunteering to show up at 6 a.m. to assist me in setting up. Thanks for coming back and doing the corn shucking and tug of war. I do not know who had more fun — you or the kids. All I know is that we never had so many kids participate before.

To Christina Tagliasacchi for handling problems for me.

To those members of my Chamber Board who did what the said they would — a special THANKS.

To Mayor Gilbride and the Trustees for allowing Harborfest to become a true village wide event.

To Dee Yardley and all his people from the highway and public works departments.

To Chief Fabiano and the Sag Harbor Police Department.

Last but not least. To the Sag Harbor Community for coming out and supporting HarborFest,

Alan Fruitstone

Event Chairperson





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  1. E.M. MAXX says:

    Alan Fruitstone forgot to thank someone…I guess he drank the kool aid too

  2. sandi kruel says:

    Totally Agree Ms. Osborne a disgrace for my children to watch and adults to allow!

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