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A Mission to Spread Kindness — One Sticker at a Time

Posted on 05 August 2010

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By Vee Thayer

Certified Feng Shui practitioner Candace Connors Vorhaus, along with a team of affilitate Feng Shui specialists from around the United States and Canada, have found an alternative method for dealing with the tough political and economic climate of today—good deeds.

 “Carry Out Kindness,” an international campaign to promote global prosperity and well-being by promoting good deeds, is only still in its first few days of operation, but, according to Vorhaus, who lives in North Haven, it is quickly picking up steam.

The project, described by Vorhaus as being based on the “audacious idea that kindness is connected to prosperity,” takes root in the Feng Shui principle that when people come together in groups they generate more power and energy to accomplish their goals and spread good will.

This concept, when applied to charitable operations, is Carry Out Kindness in a nutshell. The campaign’s goal is to distribute 100,000 of its pre-manufactured, pink, re-stickable circular stickers, each of which bears the word “Kindness,” along with the slogan “take it with you…place it anywhere,” by the end of August.

These stickers, distributed to stores, restaurants and businesses from those within our own Sag Harbor to those in countries across the globe including Italy, Canada, Australia, England, Brazil, Germany and Indonesia, among others, are intended to act as daily reminders of the importance and power of kindness.

Retailers are encouraged to stick the stickers to their bags, receipts or invoices, and everyday citizens who are so inclined to purchase their own rolls of stickers are encouraged to stick them to their shirts, use them as bumper stickers, or hand them out to friends. In addition, the campaign’s website has an extensive list of suggestions on how and where to display or distribute your stickers, with the admittedly “big” goal of potentially creating a postage stamp bearing the Carry Out Kindness insignia.

 “In these tough economic times,” said Vorhaus in an interview, “there is such a problem with people manifesting prosperity across the planet. When you think about it, there are so many people who just have nothing.” She hopes the stickers will keep kindness and compassion at the forefront of everybody’s mind.

Vorhaus, who found Feng Shui later in life after leaving her career in interior design to raise her children, explained that kindness not only promotes joy and happiness, but also creates more opportunities for change in peoples’ lives.

 “The way this is intended to work is to generate good feelings for people involved,” she said, “and when you have good feelings, you are more open to finding that new job, meeting those new people who might be able to help you out. If you let kindness come into your life, it can make things better.”

Though the campaign was originally supposed to take place only during this month, it will not stop  with the onset of September.

 “Kindness never stops,” said Vorhaus, who personally purchased 2000 stickers, which she has been circulating around Sag Harbor and Bridgehampton. “I’ve handed them out to every store from the Sag Harbor Pharmacy to the American Hotel to Conca d’Oro, and everybody, customers and employees, is just so excited. Our hope is that once they run out, the stores will then go online and buy more.”

Keep your eyes peeled for retailers who display Carry Out Kindness stickers throughout Sag Harbor Town. Stickers are also available online at

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