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Bishops Leads by 235 Going into the Holiday Weekend

Posted on 24 November 2010


After a rollercoaster of a week at the Suffolk County Board of Elections, incumbent Congressman Tim Bishop has taken a 235-vote lead over his Republican challenger Randy Altschuler with all absentee and affidavit ballots counted. This is one of three house races yet to be decided nationwide since voting took place on November 2.

At the close of counting some 11,500 absentee and affidavit ballots, Bishop leads the race 97,050 to 96,815, according to Bishop spokesman Jon Schneider.

“We are thrilled,” said Schneider shortly after the counting ceased at the board of elections on Tuesday afternoon. “To have gained this many votes in absentee ballots at the same time as we have faced an aggressive effort to challenge Bishop voters is phenomenal. We are very confident Tim Bishop has won this election.”

Schneider said the campaign was pleased with the outcome mostly because it showed support across party lines for the Democratic Congressman, with significantly more absentee and affidavit ballots filed by Republicans and Conservatives than Democratic voters.

“If it had followed party lines, we would be down right now,” he said.

The 600-vote swing in Bishop’s favor is the second large swing this race has seen since election day when unofficial results handed Bishop the race by some 3,500 votes only to have Altschuler take a 383-vote lead once new electronic voting machines were re-read at the board of elections later that week.

Since then the board of elections has performed a random three-percent recanvas of voting machines – 47 in total – and according to both Schneider and Altschuler spokesman Rob Ryan the completed audit has shown no errors in the machines.

While the Bishop camp initially called for a full, paper ballot recount, on Tuesday Schneider said the audit gives him little basis to believe the paper ballots differ from the machine tabulations, despite being unable to explain the 4,000-vote swing.

“The three percent audit seems to say the machines were working well, so from our perspective we want to finish the process we are currently in before we move on to another,” said Schneider.”

Up next, after a Thanksgiving recess, both Altschuler and Bishop have been summoned to Suffolk County Supreme Court next Tuesday where a judge will address the over 2,000 ballots challenged in the race.

Altschuler has challenged 1,261 votes while Bishop has challenged 790.

This week both camps have issued statements regarding challenges, with the Altschuler campaign criticizing the Bishop team for challenging over 50 poll workers absentee ballots in an effort to “steal” the election. Ryan said many of Altschuler’s own challenges are against individuals “who own multi-million dollar summer homes in the Hamptons, but who actually live and work in Manhattan.”

Forty-six challenges, added Ryan, are for affidavit ballots for people he said appear not to be registered to vote in the First Congressional District.

Meanwhile, the Bishop campaign questioned the Altschuler camp’s decision to challenge votes made by Bishop’s parents, who voted with absentee ballots from Florida, but are lifelong Southampton residents. The campaign also criticized challenges against 31 students at Stony Brook University and voters from Jefferson’s Ferry, a retirement community where Bishop has found support.

According to Schneider, one goal in the next week is to reduce the number of challenges, on both sides, by working with the Altschuler camp to reach agreement on which objections can be dismissed to reduce the large number of ballots a judge will have to rule on.

For example, said Schneider, his team objected to poll workers absentee ballots, he said, because Republicans would not release the names of their poll workers. Once those are verified, Schneider said they would pull those objections.

In a statement issued Tuesday evening, Ryan said his team had calculated Bishop’s lead at 234, and noted that there are still over 2,000 votes yet to be counted as they have been contested and will have to be reviewed by a judge next week.

“Over the Thanksgiving weekend our count and legal teams will be reviewing all pertinent information,” said Ryan. “We want to ensure that every legally cast ballot is fairly and accurately counted.”

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15 Responses to “Bishops Leads by 235 Going into the Holiday Weekend”

  1. jones says:

    Altschuler is using every dirty trick! He is even questioning the absentee vote of a Blind 95 year old Democratic woman because of her signature! (FOURTH paragraph- http://www­.hamptons.­com/News/F­or-The-Rec­ord/12594/­UPDATE-Bis­hop-Extend­s-Lead-To-­235-As-Cou­nting.html) Altschuler is very rich, ambitious man thanks to his outsourcing of 10′s of THOUSANDS of American jobs to Asia with his company Office Tiger! He has major ties to International people who could care less about America because their only concern is extreme PROFIT! Forget about Lobbyists, if Altschuler steals his way into congress he will be a main conduit for ambitious, corrupt international businessmen (ie Murdoch, Koch bros, Wall street and the rest of that ilk). Another scary point is that Altshculer is a true believer in Paul Ryan’s ideas of getting RID of medicare (and all public programs)- and if you don’t believe me listen to his OWN words- go to Youtube and search under; Altschuler medicare. Or go to; (you will see an hilarious but scary video making fun of outsourcing- please view it). This isn’t made up, this is the nasty/horrifying reality of Republican/Teaparty and their class warfare back to the gilded age!

  2. Charlie says:

    Tim Bishop is an honorable Long Islander who has served the 1st Congressional district with distinction. In a close election like this … he may want to re-examine some of his practices since the last election (2008) … but then, what democrat that held their office does not need a good retrospective review. Hang in there Tim … take care of the East End!

  3. Maury says:

    The election was so close was because people in Bishop’s district didn’t see anyone in Congress representing them or their interests.
    If Bishop was a co-sponsor of the United States National Health Care Act (HR. 676), people would have someone to vote for. Bishop would be saying that everyone in his district has the right to get healthcare paid for by taxpayers, not just congressmen.

  4. Wegewood says:

    bishop and the democRATS are stealing this election!! we need to stop them before its too late!! go to and help fight voter fraud, intimidation by union heavies, and liberal policies.

  5. Ruledbyfools says:

    Neither one of them will make me sleep any better at night. They both have a good amount of fleas. Too bad…

  6. Ed Jablonsky says:

    Time for Randy Assshitter to pack up and go back to Jersey where he belows.

  7. East End Bonacker says:

    Even as his home area in New Jersey wouldn’t give him the nomination, Randy relocated here and ran a heavy duty campaign for Congress, poured millions of his own money into it and made every attempt (with tons of cash from outside groups) to buy the election.

    Fortunately, many Republican voters in a Republican electoral tsunami still held for Congressman Bishop as the lifelong “local guy” who has superior constituent service and is a good listener, caring about all his neighbors here on Long Island. Bishop has won the most votes.

    Now let’s hope Randy does the right thing and concedes the elction based on not receiving enough votes. It will say a lot about the measure of the man if he gracefully accepts the judgment of the voters.

  8. lily says:

    I have worked with Tim Bishop at Southampton College from his time as a part time financial aid officer to Provost and I know he was not completely fair to students along the way, that is my opinion, and my right to say this.
    He does not deserve to represent the people of the East End.

  9. nyrepub20 says:

    Has anybody taken a look at Bishop’s lead? This guy is an 8 year incumbent, beating a first-time challenger by less than .5%. This can only mean that Bishop has done a horrible job representing his district.

  10. jones says:

    Has anybody taken a look at the heartless business that Altschuler partakes in? This guy is only a resident of Long Island for a little over 2 years and he spent millions and millions of dollars on his campaign in order to further his selfish ambition. He got all his millions from taking away American jobs and setting up basically sweat shops in Asia. Now over 10,000 Americans are struggling to feed their families. This can only mean that Altschuler would sell out the United States to his profit hungry friends all over the world.

  11. John B says:

    I live in Mr. Bishop’s district and I can not be more disgusted. This man is a Progressive and big reason why families in their mid 30?s are leaving LI in droves. When young private sector workers continue to abandon this part of the state, who will be left to pay the bloated salaries of the public employees? Congrats to the 200+ union drones who voted this man back into office, I look forward to hearing about your demise when I move to the Carolinas- Yours Truly, a 37 year old tax payer

  12. SHNative says:

    I am a life long East end native and I voted for Tim Bishop. He is an excellent Congressman who deserves to represent us.
    To John B.
    Tim was not in office when Grumman went under. Now the LI economy is based on service which depends on the health of th econmy. Bishop supports reforming wall street and helping local economies. Also, know that the Health Insurance Companies are choking the local municipalities whic are passing those bills to the taxpayer. Insurance Companies need to be reined in.

  13. jones says:

    Well said SHNative! Tim has gotten the most federal aid in all of NYS for education (saving us a lot of tax dollars). He secured funding to make 1,000 jobs at Brookhaven Lab. He backed the Credit Card bill which is saving Americans tons of money, He backed the stimulus which is already proven successful and YES he backed Health Care reform which is very good for Americans because they can cover their children till they are 27, they cannot be dropped or denied by a preexisting condition and provisions which will go into effect in the coming next years will not allow rates to jump like they have in the past (they are raising them now to try and scare people). Tim is also protecting our environment, which is our chief source of income- tourism, etc. Bishop helped stop Shell and Trans Canada corp from building a big terminal- we can’t afford another disaster like the gulf. Long Island could not take a chance on Randy who has NO experience, ties to all the reckless companies that got us into this mess and he sent countless American jobs overseas, it is clear Altschuler’s best interests are HIS own (and a few international opportunists).

  14. zachsgrammy says:

    Tim Bishop I hope the Judge rules against you.
    You have done nothing voted against what people wanted– filled town hall meeting with your people so you would not have to answer questions you didn’t like.
    Shame on you — I pray you lose !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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