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Campaign Says Bishop Takes Lead

Posted on 20 November 2010


According to Jon Schneider, a spokesman for Congressman Tim Bishop, the Southampton native has taken a narrow lead over his Republican challenger Randy Altschuler, as absentee ballots continue to be counted in the tight race for the First Congressional District seat in the United States House of Representatives.

Schneider said that at the close of Friday, the fourth day the Suffolk County Board of Elections has spent counting close to 11,000 absentee and affidavit ballots, Bishop leads by a mere 15 votes. Bishop was originally named the unofficial winner of the race on Election Day with an over 3,500 vote lead on Altschuler, but after new electronic voting machines, used for the first time in a general election in Suffolk County, were reread at the board of elections, Altschuler nabbed a 383-vote lead on Bishop.

Schneider added that Altschuler has made a number of challenges on absentee ballots filed in favor of Bishop, 212 more than Bishop has made against voters supporting Altschuler. Schneider said his camp is comfortable many of the objections by Altschuler will not be upheld giving the incumbent a greater lead.

“Tim Bishop has the lead and we are confident he will win this election,” said Schneider.  “While we still have a long road ahead, one pattern is clear: the more votes we count, the more votes Tim Bishop gains.  Even Randy Altschuler can’t lodge enough frivolous challenges to suppress Bishop’s lead.”

Counting is now complete in East Hampton, Riverhead, Shelter Island, Smithtown, Southampton, Southold, as well as 41 of 294 election districts from Brookhaven.

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21 Responses to “Campaign Says Bishop Takes Lead”

  1. swami says:

    Yet another Bishop press released published as a “news” story.

  2. Bob C says:

    How many of those are Florida votes?

  3. SmithtownNY says:

    Go Tim! Congratulations for being the front runner! We love you so much and appreciate that you are an actual LongIslander and not an outsider running on Cheney Money from his daughters PAC! You are winning because the communities here worked for you and appreciate your efforts on our behalf. I have a preexisting condition and have lost so much at the hands of insurance carriers who made up whatever rules they wanted to to prevent me from getting decent care. As our population ages, more people would have lived what I have lived first-hand. YOur bravery in voting for healthcare reform will always be appreciated. When you were deciding whether to vote for this bill or not, the GOP promised PROMISED they would use outside money, outside candidates… anything they could, to ruin you. And lord knows they are certainly trying. Stay strong and thank you for being OF our community and FOR our community.

  4. GlenCoveNY says:

    You tell them, Smithtown – all my relatives in Suffolk are pulling for and love Tim, too. I am just so surprised by the people who got snookered into voting for Altshuler – do they really think these outsourcing bazillionaire Republicans have their backs?

  5. SmithtownNY says:

    thanks glencoveNY. did you know the cHENEY pac pumped in so much money for this stranger that they outspent Tim by over a million dollars?? A million dollars!. It was so disheartening to see all these signs plastered everywhere touting this guy and blasting tim. I have no idea why RA didn’t win in his own home town in NJ and why he needed to dump so much money into our communities. I would love to know what his hometown knew about him that we weren’t told. Here’s hoping he loses here and just moves along to the next place and tries to buy his political office there. I’m sure he’s a decent fellow, but what happened here just wasn’t right.

  6. Neil says:

    Waterboard Pelosi and let Tim watch!!

  7. Yeah Right says:

    Jon Schneider has made a fool of himself this week, issuing press releases and then quoting himself. The fact is there are close to 4000 ballots still to be counted, and they are all in Brookhaven — a Republican stronghold. By Wednesday Bishop will be 600 votes behind. There were more voters in Brookhaven then all the five East End towns combined. Surely Schneider knows this.

  8. honest american says:

    Congressman Bishop is needed in Washington. He is there for real americans who work hard and come from deverse backgrounds. He believes in education, health care, jobs and family. We can count on him doing what is right.

  9. SaintJamesNY says:

    The only ones making fools of themselves are the Republican lawyers who challenged the absentee ballots of Bishop’s elderly mother and father, who is bed-ridden. This on behalf of the carpetbagger Altschuler, against a family that has lived in the district for 11 generations. P.S. They lost that challenge.

  10. Ruledbyfools says:

    If Bish is so great why is it so close? Seems to me life will go on and very little will change no matter who wins. I think that’s what this is telling us. Tough job, no ones happy, makes you wonder who would want it.

  11. Tom McNamara says:

    Smithtown, you are a fool. You must be a teacher or someone else latched to the government tit. We are over taxed and businesses are leaving the area or closing up. Altshuler may not be the best pick, but he is surely better then Nancy’s pet Tim.

  12. Mac Daddy says:

    Bishop is a hack. He helped start the Tea Party with his smug town meeting in Setauket way back. Small business owners are being crushed in taxes and regulations from the Lib’s and need to fight back. It starts with the local elections. Elect good conservatives. Let them get the job done, establish a record, and then move to higher office.

  13. SmithtownNY says:

    TN your evaluation of me is just as wrong as your evaluation of Tim. I am neither of the things you attribute to me. Our economy is the specific result of underregulated wall street greed which we will all have to pay for for generations. None of us can shirk our responsibility to help our country recover. Right now we are in situation were even the poorest among us pays more in tax than BP or Exxon or anyother large corporation. The secretary pays more than her millionnaire boss. A group of very wealthy taxpayers sent the President a message to ask him to NOT reduce their taxes. Could you imagine the love of country a request like that must come from? Our country is weakened by WallStree, both locally and abroad. Who loves it enough to pay their fair share of taxes? Not OVER pay, not UNDER pay, just HELP.

  14. RightBrain says:

    As a new resident in Southampton I truly have no dog in this fight; I don’t know either of them.

    That said, what disturbs me is that 38% of the votes were called in wrong, how is that possible? Was it deliberate? And what is the point of these Go Team press release posts after an election? It is what it is. If Congressman Bishop wins he has been put on notice that it was barely and therefore there is little confidence in him, and if Mr. Altschuler wins he will know that it was by the skin of his teeth and therefore he better not vote straight Republican, or else.

  15. SmithtownNY says:

    Rb, I spoke with a election worker who gave me some kind of explanation… the new machines which were just put into use in our area this year, produce tallies which are in a different format from prior years. Breakdowns? like for Democrats, Republicans, Working Family, Conservative…. show differently than before and needed to be evaluated differently. Bearing in mind that the election workers are just our neighbors and only do this but once in a while, she seemed to be okay in terming it just ‘human error’. I’m just repeating what I heard.

  16. Bradford Tiernan says:

    Although I’m not a fan of carpetbagger Altschuler – these ignorant Tim bishop fans should get their facts straight:

    Tim Bishop spent over 2 million form contributions
    ($800,000.00 from PACS)
    Randy Altschuler spent over 1.1 million form contributions
    ($85,000.00 from PACS)
    (Altschuler spent most of his own money – about $2,000,000.00)

    Facts never seem to get in the way of liberal minds!

    BTW – Did you people that don’t like the carpetbagger Altschuler vote for Hillary Clinton, carpetbagger extraordinaire? Or are you typical hypocritical liberal who fit the facts relative to your agenda?

  17. wisewoman says:

    Bishop is (and hopefully was) worthless as a Representative. HE DOESN”T LISTEN! That’s how he got into this close race. Aside from disagreeing with his stance on almost anything, I have to report that when I asked his help/advice for a situation endured by a family member
    HE NEVER REPLIED! Not even to say he couldn’t help. I can only guess that he read my previous emails plea
    ding with him not to vote for Obamacare, I guess he realized my vote was already decided.

  18. SmithtownNY says:

    state senator is a larger canvas then a local house seat. obviously. RA home town is in NJ and he failed there. so he moved here and outspent someone alot of us know and respect by over a million dollars. that is out of proportion for such a small venue. also kind of obvious.

  19. SouthShoreNY says:

    At the end of the fifth day of counting absentee ballots, Rep. Tim Bishop has pulled ahead of challenger Randy Altschuler by 206 votes, according to his spokesman Jon Schneider. Go tim!

  20. SouthShoreNY says:

    Can any of the long islanders who voted for Randy, presumably for enriching the long island job market, please explain to me how you understand his “office tiger” business? and how that would be good for our community? Thanks.

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