Pregnant Woman Killed on Bridgehampton/Sag Harbor Turnpike

Posted on 13 April 2011

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Southampton Town Police confirm the death of Michelle Forbes-Greaves, 31, of Bridgehampton who police say drove her 2001 Saturn into a tree at 551 Bridgehampton/Sag Harbor Turnpike around 8:02 a.m. Wednesday, April 13.

Forbes-Greaves is reported to have been eight months pregnant.

Police say the driver had been heading southbound on the Turnpike when it crossed over into the northbound lane, subsequently sideswiping one tree before crashing into a second tree head-on. Forbes-Greaves was pronounced dead on the scene.

The Bridgehampton Fire Department helped extricate the driver from the vehicle, which was impounded by the police department for further investigation. A portion of the Turnpike was closed for about three hours as a result of the accident and subsequent investigation.

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55 Responses to “Pregnant Woman Killed on Bridgehampton/Sag Harbor Turnpike”

  1. BRENT P. BECKER says:

    Unbelievable, I just was redirected headind to K-Mart and saw another fatality.Slow the *#&K down people.Is it worth it.( SADNESS )

  2. dolores D says:

    Again? More death behind the wheel this week? What is going on here? It doesn’t look like this was anywhere near as bad as the accident on brick kiln on saturday where the excessive speed of the car threw the motor of the car 30 feet down the road when the car made impact with the tree.I don’t even think my Hummer is safe anymore to defend myself from these crazy irresponsible drivers who are either texting talking drinking or as one astute gentleman said in another blogspot “maybe they had a heart attack”.Well all I can say is I’d have one too if i was driving over 100MPH and lost control of the car only to see a big old tree standing and waiting for me to greet it with my guided missile.
    I only wish these kind of drivers could experience the type of pain they inflict on their loved ones or the strangers they kill or maim by their vehicular negligence while they are still alive-and not getting a free pass with a quick death.

  3. Sam Strickland says:

    I think you may have overstated the obvious here but just the same the message does apply:please drive safely and be aware of the consequences of your actions before you
    get in the car.This advice is not limited to only people who use excessive speed or drive while drunk-its also for the greater majority who don’t pull over to the side of the road when making or receiving calls on their phones. I see it every day and it always surprises me how these drivers think they are in control of their vehicle and aware of their surroundings. If you want to multitask do it at home where the risk is substantially

  4. Carl Krupps says:

    Well said Sam.I had the unfortunate experience of watching my neighbor years ago mow down 3 children waiting for a schoolbus across the street when backing out her drive while trying to answer her cellphone at the same time.Fortunately the children were spared serious physical injury but suffered deep psychological trauma by the event.
    Turns out it was a wrong number call the women was frantically trying to answer as she thought it was her hairdresser returning her call.I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here with what all this new technology can do to distract and disengage the driver from their responsibilities when they are operating a motor vehicle.Thanks for the post-CK

  5. Holly O says:

    Who are you to comment on it “not as bad” as the other accident? Another person and her unborn baby lost their lives here. Where the hell is the compassion, people? What in the heck has this world come to?

    May she rest in peace. :(

  6. Gene says:

    So sorry to hear the news update.It seems a lot of people are upset and with that comes
    words and feelings that otherwise would not be said or felt.It is never a bad time to remind people to drive safely and I hope that message can be heard above all else.

  7. Susan King Miller says:

    To delores D. It must be sad to be you, with nothing better to do but pass judgement and make heartless comments about people you most likely don’t even know and circumstances you are only speculating about. I will keep you in my prayers. By the way, a car has an engine, not a motor and I personally don’t feel that death is a “free pass”.

    Most importantly I will keep the family of this young pregnant women in my prayers, regardless of the reason for this horrible accident. May she rest in peace along with her unborn child. My condolences to the family.

  8. J Baynor says:

    Another tragedy.My heart goes out to the family.My prayers are with them.
    If we could please- remember that the comments should be related to the story.Not the respondents.I don’t think there is enough room on this page if everyone starts ganging up on dolores D or anyone else for their emotional outpouring.I just saw all the comments regarding the other crash story this week and it started to look like a free for all tag team wrestling match between the sag harbor locals and the rest of the people that live in sag harbor.Keep in mind this is a Bridgehampton resident although the Sag harbor paper is carrying the story.Thank you in advance.

  9. Joe says:

    Re: Susan King Miller. You stand correct.Thank you for the insight and fact checking.

    A motor converts electricity or other forms of kinetic energy into a mechanical motion

    * An engine is a mechanical device that uses a fuel source to create an output *

    This is a common mistake in calling the power plant of an automobile a “motor” instead of the usage of the word “engine” when speaking of what propels the vehicle. It is confusing in that it is an internal combustion “engine” and yet it is housed in a “motor” vehicle.Even more confusing is you put motor oil in it and then if it is still running every few years you go to the department of motor vehicles (DMV) to renew the registration.I think thats why a lot of people refer to it as a motor because most other things relating to an engine suddenly substitute the word “motor” to define it. I hope this clears things up for everyone.

  10. Ruledbyfools says:

    Accidents are just that. No one in my opinion set out to cause harm to anyone in these tragic fatalities. Beyond the grief and sadness I feel for the families and friends left to try to cope I am saddened by some of the moronic reply‚Äôs these events seem to initiate. The what if’s and after the fact know it all’s are usually the most troubled of the souls among us and somehow feel obligated to spew their righteous foolishness to prove they are somehow beyond Gods calling. Please show some compassion and respect that accidents are human and humans make mistakes. Please say a prayer for the departed and hug your loved ones.

  11. J Baynor says:

    If we could please- remember that the comments should be related to this story.Not the respondents remarks.Keep in mind this is a Bridgehampton resident although the Sag harbor paper is carrying the story. Anyone is welcome for comment.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  12. fran worth says:

    pretaining to accident being raised in Sag Harbor and knowing the people family in accident only GOD really knows what happened and discussing and going over what you think happen and people is not fair .Who is anyone to judge?

  13. HollyO says:

    J Baynor, I know she is a Bridgehampton resident and its in the Sag Harbor paper, but what does that have to do with anything? The fact is a young woman died and so did her unborn baby. It does not matter where she is from, or where she as born…this is someones daughter, someones mother…and she is no longer here. I am born & raised in Sag Harbor and have the small town feelings & have seen how the town bonds together stronger than ever when faced with tragedy. It is how we were raised, and how we were taught in the small compassionate, be loving, be strong. Delores is just miserable. Done.

  14. Alli says:

    What a tragic event and terrible loss. But I must comment on what’s been said in the previous posts. I too was befuddled by Delores’s statement regarding the accident not being as bad as the one on Brick kiln causing the engine/motor( who cares what it’s called) being thrown from the car. But I think its a strong possibilty you are all interpreting her statement incorrectly and perhaps passing judgment on her as well. Isn’t it possible she was referring the photograph and simply implying that visually it does not appear as though Ms Forbes( may she and her unborn child rest in peace) wasn’t even driving as maniacally as the driver was on Brick kiln and still this accident resulted in death. As in reflecting that you don’t have to be driving like a mad man to kill yourself or innocent bystander. Perhaps Delores isn’t heartless or miserable as some of you so kindly stated on this blog regarding this poor woman’s early demise. Perhaps Delores is just not as articulate as all of you.

    Any way it’s just a thought. My prayers and blessings go out to the family who have lost this young woman and her child.

  15. Sag Harbor driver says:

    But we must learn from this or it is a double waste.

    What can we learn?
    That texting, talking, drinking, or speeding while driving is stupid and can be lethal.

    Let us grieve. Then learn. Then not repeat others’ mistakes.

  16. WhollyerthanU says:

    re:Hollyo thanthou:If you looked at the time of Dolores D’s comment you should know that she posted that before the story was updated (an hour later) to include the information that the driver was pregnant.And she was commenting on the physical damage as far as I can tell by the context of the statement.And the Brick Kiln story has finally been updated to affirm all those who knew from the beginning of the irresponsible actions of that guy manny who killed himself and the owner of the car he pulverized on that horrible day for sag harbor.Romanticize the details all you want.Small town-values-compassion et al-it’does no one any good. Especially our children who need to know right from wrong and true respect for their neighbor.It’s not OK to put yourself or your passengers or your fellow travelers of the road in danger by reckless behavior behind the wheel. There is an elephant in the living room of sag harbor and few are willing to acknowledge it. At least those who report in as friends of the brick kiln massacred.If this happened to my husband i would never-never never lie to my children as to what really happened.They would get the hard truth about the irresponsible adolescent criminal actions of the driver of the car and their fathers complacency which cost him his life. Amen to you and here’s hoping that your compassion can take a break for a while so that your rational and moral side can have the chance to catch up with the reality of this horrible tragedy.

  17. massgirl says:

    I am deeply disappointed at some the comments being made about MY FAMILY member. The thing is that she is gone and so is the unborn baby. Have some sympathy as to what you write. Respect the families privacy and express your condolences.

  18. Michelle's Uncle says:

    Wow!! How insensitive and harsh we’ve become. We will miss the laughter and fun that she blessed our lives with until yesterday. I pray that her children who lost their father to a motorist don’t come across this site. And I ask family member reading this not to bring the harsh comments on this blog to the attention of the family. Many thanks to the emergency workers that attended to Michelle and for the kind comments many of you left on this site. Continue to pray for the family, especially her children. I pray that nothing like this ever happen to those making unwise comments about this terrible and heartbreaking situation.

  19. jennifer says:

    this is not a forum for you all to speculate on how or why this horrible accident occured. if you all must know, michell… a 8 month pregnant woman who just got off her shift at work, where she is a nurse’s aid… was probably exhausted. keep your opinions to yourself and your speculations as well!!! say your condolences to the family and be mindful that her friend’s and family are on here as well. think before you speak, would you want people to be so opiniated if it was someone in your family this happened to!!!! think not. rest in peace michelle..we will miss you.

  20. MsJames says:

    One thing is certain – tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. God gives us the gift of the PRESENT. Show your love and appreciation to those dear to you today. My prayers and condolences go out to Michelle’s family. I hope all that are reading this blog and those that know of this tragic lost will learn from it – to be careful on the road and respect the lives of others. God bless

  21. R.. says:

    Still cant believe it… Your forever in our hearts. Rip Michelle <3

  22. donovan allen says:

    michelle is a very dear friend of mine & i am beyond myself with grief.i dont think speed was the primary reason here.the fact that she cross over from the southbound to northbound lane & into those trees could mean she may have blocked out.remember ppl she was eigth months with child.

  23. E.M. Maxx says:

    My deepest sympathy to her family. I did no know this woman but I did know one of the victims in the accident on saturday. We are all connected out here. From montauk to the shinnecock canal. I’m so sorry for all the people left behind. Rip

  24. Michelle's cousin says:

    On behalf of our family, thank you kind human beings for your sympathy and words of comfort.Please keep the family in your prayers…her two children who are now orphans. Gone too soon Michelle…gone too soon.

    Life is a precious gift, let’s live it with love and peace…

    Dolores D…I pray for you that you will become human human one day so that you can experience life with some emotions…I hope you never have to experience the death of a loved one soon and sudden…

  25. dolores D says:

    To all those affected by my earlier post-I apologize. I was only referring to the automobile crash 2 days prior to the one reported here.I am truly sorry if my comment was viewed in any other way.My comment was based only on the fact that this was yet another fatal car accident in just 2 days.Not to compare them in any other way.I pray that you and all the others who have responded to my comments as being hurt by them and all those in the future accept my deep sincere apology.My heart goes out to all who suffer.

  26. Michelle's Uncle says:

    Dolores D, THANK YOU. It means a lot. May God bless and watch over you and your family…”Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another” 1 John 4:11

  27. lisa Finn says:

    Very very sad indeed. So sorry she is gone. She will be missed. I know she was a hard-working girl and wanted only the best for her children.My condolences to all the family members. XXXX

  28. Carlene says:

    Michelle was a former haidresser back home she will be sadly missed my heart goes out to her son and daughter may you find comfort in her memories

  29. Mich's Brother says:

    Hi all,
    Thank you for your condolences and your kind thoughts. for the first time my mothers seven children were able to take a picture together in november 2010. we are very close to each other and share a bonding relationship. words cant express the sadness this has brought to us, but no one will ever understand or be able to explain to her two kids back home why they had to lose both parents the same way. no one will ever know their pain and hurt. let my sisters death force us to be mindful of the fact that tomorow was promised to no one, therefore we only have today to love, today to forgive and today to give our lives to the Lord. Mich was a caring mother a precious sister a loving daughter and one who will be missed by all of her family and friends.

  30. Flawlessjamaican says:

    I have known Michell for most of my life. She was a dear friend to me,words cannot express how i’m feeling right now,its like i’m in a dream waiting to wake up from this nightmare,She loved her kids a great deal and her family means the world to her,a single mom always willing to do whatever to keep her father less kids happy.
    Michelle (Michboo) you will be miss by all your friends here and abroad,on behalf of your friends in Windsor Heights,Central Village (Elbow Square) R.I.P mother,sister and friend,and our condolences to your family,you may be gone,but you WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTON.

  31. Michelle's extended Sis in CT says:

    Michelle was a kind hearted,hard- working young woman who did her best to better herself as well as her children in Jamaica. I remmember the trips to Massachusetts with my two children in the back seat of which she loved to death and treated as her own.

    This is a very difficult time for the family, so I ask all the people who are leaving rude comments to ask God for forgivness and find something better to do since you did not know Michelle personally.

    R.I.P Michelle & Baby girl you will be greatly missed and never forgotten!!


  32. Dominique Mystere says:

    My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Michelle. I pray for you all in your time of grief.

  33. Ms Rosie says:

    Words cannot express the way that I feel about the passing of my dear friend Michelle. Michelle was a loving, kind, very hard working person. My heart goes out to her 2 children in Jamaica that she worked so hard to care for. I love Michelle..I don’t know her 2 children but we will do all that we can to provide for their safe keeping. To Michelle’s mother, may you find comfort & peace through God in blessing your 2 dearest grandchildren with love.

    May Michelle’s soul rest in peace.
    Love you always, Jasmine

  34. MONICA says:

    I dont know why you are painting a picture, of a saint MICHELLE GREAVES was no saint,she was a home all need to talk the truth about her let the world know she was pregnant for a married man she was carring a bastard child and she also terrorized the man wife with no prevail,she did not care.Iknow because my shoulder was the pillow when this man’s wife was being harrast by this girl michelle who does not respect marriage.Her marriage to her husband was a joke she married for other motive,so that is why she tries to break up what GOD has put together.NOW YOU ARE FINALLY OUT OF THEIR LIVES.

  35. Human Being says:

    Dearest Monica…let the dead RIP and let her family grieve in peace. Saint or not she was a human. She is definitely not the first person to cheat or take another woman’s husband…

    The fact remains…she is gone, her children are orphans and her family is mourning her death.

    So before you try to embarrass Michelle’s memory…examine yourself, are YOU A SAINT? What’s written upon the pages of your life? Will you be called on that DAY? Be thankful for today and live thinking about others.

    May you be blessed with God’s grace continually.

  36. gary says:

    The world is round what goes around comes around, you play with my heart and i showed you nothing but love only to find out you were pregnant man who also lives with his wife you decided to be a substitute what were you thinking.GODS KNOWS WHATS BEST.

  37. SUSAN says:

    Michelle you are now gone,your life on earth was not a good one you made a lot of people life’s miserable you choose to live your life the way it was,you were a married woman yet you were carring a child for another married man you did not care.I sympathized for the family but on the other hand i can’t help but to put my two pennies in they need to check the level and see the type of life you were living didn’t your family known you were trying to break up a happy home by laying yourself to get pregnant.what do you think he was going to leave his wife for you?GOD IS THE HIGHEST OF THE HIGHEST.

  38. Michelle's cousin says:

    Thank you Dolores D, your apologies and condolences means a lot to us. Continued Blessings to you and your family.

  39. TRUTH says:

    michelle you think you were living a perfect life by having an affair with a married man,moreover caring his child, you both thaught you were keeping it on the downlow but look how it came out,it came out in disgrace you did not care ,you only cared about your feelings and not the lives you were affecting.I CAN ONLY SAY IT IS WHAT IT IS.

  40. Mykul says:

    Whos the baby daddy? Another local person?! Was she jsut out so her bbaby could be a US citizen? if she was sucha great mom, how come her kids were in Jamaica and she was in NY? doubt she is resting in peace.

  41. Michelle's extended Sis in CT says:

    For all those people who are trying to bury Michelle’s name and throw her under the bus. Your day to shall come when you will be called out for what you are doing now and have done in the past. Since most of you did not know Michelle personally you can say what ever you want about her but know that this “WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND” you can work all the dark magic you want but God is higher than any of you. With that said…

    My dearest Michelle and that precious baby shall REST IN PEACE in God’s arms.

    Enough Said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. john NY says:

    Michelle my prayers goes out to your family, children and friends may your soul rest in peace
    for all the haters remember what you do and say will reflect back on you just think about that

    no respect for the dead shame at y’all R I P Michelle we miss so much

  43. monica says:


  44. monica says:

    to michelle extended sis in ct SO A MAN THINKETH SO HIS HER.

  45. john NY says:


  46. goodasfidem says:

    oooooh my i dont know this girl but if the man wants to stray he will find a way and if is not one woman it wud b a next and u acting as if the man is a child unable to make up his mind and u all blaming michelle she wrong but she never made the baby by herself and the man must know he married to not commit adultery and put rubber oh his willy LET HE THAT IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE

  47. psalms says:


  48. psalms says:

    i kno it is u, dont let mi start now ok, michele was a GOOD person,let yr soul an the baby soul rest in peace , am dont let me get mad in here now ok………OLD jezzibells….she gone an u guys r keepin table talk on her name leave the woman alone, a shoulda some a u guys gone instead, BUT I LEAVE EVERYTHING IN FATHER GOD HANDS…..

  49. unknown says:

    that girl that is talking is the wife and she couldnt have no baby she try and try and it no happen a dat start mash up dem life long befour mich and she know that a green card mich marri fah and the girl weh the man married did a hold the green card over the man head the man no have no paper him couldnt even go the funeral a jamaica all she a talk she know the truth look how long she and the man married and the man cant get him paper a dat u a use fi hold the man but ur day a cum a u use to stalk michelle send her bear email u all fine her yard and a text the man weh mich married mi feel like u have something fi do with it a lot a people did love michelle and still do so go kill u self the man still no want u , u kill she and the baby dem out a u life now a hope u happy now u fly go jamaica go work u ooobeah but ur day a come rip my friend love same way ur in a better place

  50. B.KNIGHT says:

    MS.Unknown,mi juss com off a double shift but i’ll hallo @ur commemce lada.

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