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Pierson Lady Whalers Knock Off Southampton To Win Suffolk Crown

Posted on 31 October 2013

The Suffolk County Class C Champion Pierson-Bridgehampton field hockey team.   Michael Heller photo

The Suffolk County Class C Champion Pierson-Bridgehampton field hockey team. Michael Heller photo

By Gavin Menu

Kasey Gilbride is a patient player, but only to a point.

The senior field hockey star from Pierson was held in check for the first 30 minutes of the Suffolk County Class C final against Southampton at Dowling College on Thursday night. Once play resumed after a scoreless first half, however, the Lady Whalers and their senior star clicked into overdrive.

Gilbride flexed her considerable muscle—not to mention her stick skills and uncanny scoring touch—with two second-half goals that led Pierson-Bridgehampton to a 3-0 victory over the defending champion Lady Mariners.

It was Southampton a year ago that hoisted the championship plaque after defeating Pierson, 2-0, a memory that was fresh in the minds of the Pierson players on Thursday.

“A little vindication,” Gilbride said, smiling, after a wild celebration with her teammates at center field.

It was another Pierson senior, Emme Luck, who ended the game’s scoreless drought by knocking a rebound past Southampton goalie Alex Ambrose with less than four minutes gone in the second half. Luck’s goal opened the floodgates for the Lady Whalers, who seem to have peaked a just the right time and now own a seven game winning streak after beating Miller Place, 1-0, in overtime on Saturday in the Suffolk Small Schools final.

Pierson’s next elimination game will be back at Dowling on Wednesday, November 6 at 3 p.m. against Nassau champ Carle Place with the Long Island Championship on the line. The winner of that game will play a Southeast Regional final on November 9 at 1 p.m. at White Plains High School with a trip to the state final four up for grabs.

It was clear after Luck’s goal on Thursday that Pierson had taken control of the game. Following three straight corners, Gilbride scored off an assist from Katherine Matthers with 21:56 remaining. And Pierson’s defense, which was led by Kirra McGowin and Rachael Miller in the back and Cali Cafiero and Erica Selyukova in the midfield, completely shut down the Southampton attack.

Gilbride scored her second goal of the game late to ice the championship and send the Lady Whalers packing for what could be additional glory.

“We upped our intensity, we wanted it 10 times more in the second half,” Matthers said.

“It became more real in the second half,” Gilbride added. “We had to get down to business and do what we do best.”

When asked to describe the key to their team’s solid play during the recent win streak, the team’s senior captains spoke just one word and whispered it simultaneously.



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22 Responses to “Pierson Lady Whalers Knock Off Southampton To Win Suffolk Crown”

  1. sandi kruel says:

    Go Lady Whalers and Thank you to the Awesome community for the parade last night! We are so proud of you all!!!

  2. Clark Griswold says:

    Great job ladies! Not to take away from Kasey Gilbride, I’m sure she’s a great player and apparently will continue her career in college, but the express seems to focus on her more than the team itself. The team played great as a whole unit, she didn’t even start the scoring and net the game winner.

  3. Hockey Homie says:

    Well…..I am not sure Kasey is a great player….I KNOW she is. And further more she, with all her accomplishments, is a child…so lets keep that in mind when we makes statements with names attached.

    Truth be told, Kasey is a leader. A fine and kind young woman with a future in Field Hockey.

    Newspapers print the highlights. Kasey is a shining rising star. She has put in YEARS of hard work to this sport and her dedication is admirable. The sacrifices she has made in the past years surpass those of the average player. You reap what you sow, and, in her senior year, she deserves EVERY accolade she receives along the way. No one can take that from her. My daughter is on the team, has an occasional goal and I take nothing from the other girls. They are all fabulous!

    The team as a whole is playing well. Their smiles light up every photo and the community is behind them 100%. Lets focus on the positives!
    Time passes fast….let these young women enjoy the moment and building their memories without adults getting personal. Its bad energy that the team, in playoffs does not need or deserve.

    And Clark, practice what you preach…..focus on someone else.

  4. Field Hockey Freak! says:

    Well said….. let’s let the girls play and bring home the trophy as a TEAM!!! Enough is enough

  5. sandi kruel says:

    This is a team of of wonderful amazing athletes, with superb coaches,who play as a cohesive team,which is why they are unstoppable, so lets focus on that, Go and bring home the Trophy!!!!

  6. Jeremy Brandt says:

    Congratulations to the Lady Whalers! As usual,they represent the Village, with excellence and class! Keep up the great work! As for Kasey Gilbride, her talent is off the charts! But even that is surpassed by her team first attitude, work ethic, and the special ability to make those around her better. These are the characteristics that will serve her well, long after field hockey, and what makes her family proud beyond words!
    Not to take anything away from Clark Griswold, but you could learn something from this young lady! For anyone to take a shot at a teenage athlete,in what should be their time of excitement,and triumph is sad and I feel sorry for you! On top of that not even have the courage to put your real name on it is character flaw!! That can’t be fixed!
    Kasey’s father is my cousin and yes I’m biased!

  7. Clark Griswold says:

    After reading this article again, no one else sees just a touch of favoritism? Huh, I guess that what’s to be expected in the town the girls grandfather is the mayor of. Again, I’ve heard she’s a wonderful player. This is coming from an outsider who just happened to notice the bias.

  8. Nicole Gilbride says:

    Just to add, I would be in complete favor of ALL of our comments being removed and we can discuss this as ADULTS, in private! I am sure that the player’s moms, dads, grandparents, sibilings, friends, trainers, and college coaches…do not want to see this mess.

  9. Nicole Gilbride says:

    Of course you hit a nerve! It was what you were aiming for! I used my REAL name so clearly I am her mom. Saying that Kasey’s goals were of no significance, because they weren’t the “game winner” (bizarre comment in itself) or that she didn’t score “first”? I do not care AT ALL about those comments. They are silly and I am just excited we won, don’t care how. Again, I was going to say nothing despite the obvious tone of your initial comment. But to suggest that Kasey’s good fortune or good press rather, is due to the position her grandfather holds is the last straw for me. She works too hard and sacrifices too much to be belittled like this. Please, if your intent is to truly point out what you feel is bias…without disrespecting my teenage daughter….than drop it.

  10. Clark Griswold says:

    I didn’t say they were of no significance, I can figure out who you think I am by your references, but I can assure you ithat I am not a mom, just a reader of this paper. That will be all I will say, again, not disrespecting your daughter at all, don’t know her, I’m sure she is a wonderful kid.

  11. Kathryn Menu says:

    We have removed any comments alleging a specific person may have made anonymous comments, or any comment that references that name.

  12. Nicole Gilbride says:

    Sorry Kathryn, I truly tried to leave it alone, but at some point I have to be a mom and not just a “team parent”.

  13. Sandi Kruel says:

    How sad that people need to go after a child by her family relatives, I have just reread the article 7 players names were mentioned, as always Gavin does a great job, and factual. One would have to woder If this were Clark”s family member. I wonder how they would feel , my god these CHILDREN , who need to be a cohesive team and play as a team or they will not bring home the trophy, stop the insanity and lead by example for these wonderful young athletes! I beg the Express to demand people use thier real names and make these adult bullies accountable.Thanks Kathryn for protecting these children.

  14. Jeremy Brandt says:

    Clark I don’t know what your name is or,where you come from, but you are hiding behind that fake name which illustrates why I believe you have serious character issues. To continue this, and not even realize that while you question the integrity of this news outlet, Kasey’s grandfather, my Uncle, wasn’t even endorsed by the Sag Harbor Express in his winning bid for Mayor. For Kasey to achieve this level of success individually, any normal thinking adult realizes that it is a team effort! And takes years of hard work, determination and a lot of sacrifice! Why you continue is beyond me but….. Jealousy will get you no where!

  15. Clark Griswold says:

    Listen, I never said this girl wasn’t good, maybe she is the best player on the team. I just pointed out as a reader what I thought was bias in some express articles. Thankful not to live in Sag Harbor.

  16. E.M. MAXX says:

    Sorry to say Clark but this bias wont end until the next election which is much too far away……

  17. sandi kruel says:

    That’s what we should be concentrating on!!!


  18. Nicole Gilbride says:

    Thank you for the team support Sandi!!

    Tomorrow at 3pm at Dowling!!! Long Island Regional Championships! Go get ‘em ladies!

  19. marianne ward says:

    After reading this article I don’t see where there could possibly be considered any bias. There are numerous players names mentioned in this article. I was not at the game but it seems Kasey scored the winning goal, so why wouldn’t her name and accomplishments be highlighted? Any paper, any good paper reporting on any sporting event would do the same, professional or school. And I am positive this had nothing to do with her grandfather being the mayor. I think that’s just a silly comment. As another person said this paper did not even endorse Brian Gilbride for Mayor. Let these kids play the game they love and lets try to keep them working as the great team they obviously are without bringing unnecessary conflict to them.
    Good luck today Lady Whalers!!!

  20. Margaret Henn says:

    Clark all I can say is maybe you should stop reading the Sag Harbor Express Sports Column. You are going to see the name Kasey Gilbride for the rest of the year. You see Clark not only does she play field hockey but she is an awesome athlete in every sport she plays and a team player in all. Congratulations to all the girls on the field hockey team and all the other teams at Pierson. Oh and Clark one more thing you can be sure you will see the last name Gilbride in the future for sports because there is another one that will be coming up who will be just as awesome as Kasey is.

  21. Clark Griswold says:

    Again people, I never said she wasn’t a great athlete, wasn’t a hard worker, wasn’t a wonderful human being. I am not even a field hockey fan, probably haven’t seen a game since I was in high school. I just happened to come across this article, thought the reporting was skewed a bit, and wrote down my thoughts. In no way shape or form did I ever disparage this young lady in particular. I think I’ll take the above posters recommendation and stick to a different paper, the local sag harbor one ain’t for me.

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