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Blow Hampton Brings Affordable Hair Care to the Hamptons

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Stylist Brittany Cortes and Owner Lila Beudert at Blow Hampton, a new blowout-only salon in Bridgehampton. Photo by Tessa Raebeck.

Stylist Brittany Cortes and Owner Lila Beudert at Blow Hampton, a new blowout-only salon in Bridgehampton. Photo by Tessa Raebeck.

By Tessa Raebeck

Come in with greasy, lifeless hair and leave looking like Jennifer Aniston. That’s the idea at Blow Hampton, Bridgehampton’s new blowout salon, and judging by how my hair felt last Friday, it appears to be working.

I entered Blow Hampton, the first salon in the Hamptons focused primarily on blowouts, with unwashed hair plastered to my head in a somewhat embarrassing updo, if you can call it that. I left with vibrant curl and the belief that the amount of hair on my head had tripled, which my stylist Sarah Cristiano assured me it hadn’t.

Recognizing a hole in the local hair care market, Lila Beudert, an East Hampton native and Blow Hampton’s owner, decided to fill it.

“I feel like it’s something that’s really needed out here,” Ms. Beudert said over coffee in Bridgehampton last week. “Growing up, my Nana got her hair done. Once a week, Nana got her perm. I feel like no one can do that anymore, because it has become so outrageous. It’s so unaffordable for everyone.”

While the area’s full service salons can charge upwards of $100 for a blowout, the service is $40 at Blow Hampton.

“This concept just seems to be popping up everywhere,” Ms. Beudert said of blowout-only salons. The most well known, Dry Bar, launched in Los Angeles in 2010 and now has six locations in Manhattan.

“It’s a good place to have for women to go and relax and chill out for half an hour,” she added.

When you walk into Blow Hampton, you are greeted with a smile, a menu of styles to choose from and, depending on the time of day, a complimentary mimosa, glass of wine or champagne.

“The service is on point,” said Kayt Gray of East Hampton, who had never been to a blowout-only salon before, but has become a regular customer since Blow Hampton opened April 16. “The Blow Hampton environment is so fun and upbeat. At any given time, you can walk in and be greeted by a friendly face—and possibly a small dance party.”

The style menu offers six options, based on famed celebrity hair. The signature blowout, “The Jen,” is based off of Ms. Aniston, with volume and “classic style.”

“The Jen is more of an every day casual look that you can wear to work or out to dinner,” said Ms. Gray, who has tried both “The Jen” and “The Kate,” volume with loose curls throughout modeled after Kate Hudson.

“The Kate has a little more body and curls. It’s a great party or dinner look. Both styles make me feel fabulous—a good hair do goes a long way,” she said.

Fashioned after Vogue’s Anna Wintour, “The Anna” has straight edge with a little body because “you’re no stiff,” the menu states. “The Gwyneth” is polished, smooth and sleek, “The Blake” keeps the beach girl look going “all night long” and “The Beyoncé” offers lots of volume with a loose wave.

After having your drink poured, meeting your stylist and selecting your desired look, you enter the back of Blow Hampton, a relaxing, private room with the lights dimmed, to have your hair washed. Following the wash, Blow Hampton offers a 10-minute head massage in the chair for an extra $10.

The salon also offers two masks, the luxury mask for everyday damage and the rejuvenating mask for Keratin-treated hair, which can be applied during your massage to improve hair quality.

“Especially out here with the bad water—the well water really strips a lot of people’s hair, so we offer masks to help with that,” said Ms. Beudert, adding the masks aid with dry hair and damage from saltwater and chlorine.

The salon will soon start offering Malibu treatments that get the green out of hair, a problem any blonde with a swimming pool knows all too well.

From the mimosas to the lighting, Blow Hampton is dedicated to the comfort of its clients first and foremost.

“I took everything that I hate about salons and took it out,” said Ms. Beudert.

Instead of having your hair washed in the same room where everyone else is being styled, which she found distracting and “just a little bit awkward,” she created the private area for washes.

“If you are able to zone out, you can. Or if you want to chit-chat with me, I’ll sit next to you and chat all day,” Ms. Beudert said, assuring the salon can provide women with whatever they’re looking for, be it a relaxing afternoon of pampering or a social outing enjoying being “part of the club.”

“I think it’s a good take on the whole salon process. It’s so much more relaxing, so much more fun,” she said. “There’s so many things about salons that drive me crazy…I don’t want it to be like that, I want it to be a way more leisurely process.”

Blow Hampton is located at 2462 Main Street in Bridgehampton. For more information, call 537-8000 or visit blowhampton.com.