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It’s Haze and Osprey-Breakwater Yacht Club

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Last Wednesday the Breakwater Yacht Club Summer Cup Series continued its season, with a clutch victory by Purple Haze, piloted by Lee Oldak and Dan Kalish. They took the Division I race with a corrected time of 1:53.43. Donald Filipelli’s “Caminos” took second with a time of 1:53:58, followed by Bruce Tait’s Buckaroo, which crossed with a time of 1:57:10. Bud Rogers’ “Big Boat” came in fourth. Jim Vos’ “Skoot” came in fifth, followed by Steve Kenny and Greg Ames’ “Gossip”, with Wayne & Carol Morse’s “Roxanne” in last.

In Division II, George Martin’s “Osprey” took first place, with a corrected time of 1:55:02, beating out second place Scott Gaeckle’s “Kingfisher” by a full minute. In third place were Jim Smyth and Derrick Galen’s “White Lightning” with a time of 1:56:41. David Betts and Charlene Kagel’s “Instant Karma” took fourth. Mark Webber and Matt Ivans’ “Loki” took fifth, followed by Chris DiSunno in “Swans’ Way”, Barry Browning in “Skidip!”, B. Dinsmore and J. Worthing in “Ridin’ Point” and Jody LoCascio in “Boogie Van”.

Sports Wrap 5/31/12

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Sag Harbor Softball

The Sag Harbor Mens Modified Fast Pitch Softball League had a rough opening day this  Tuesday, May 29. The early game, between Liquors and The Immaculates, was called off after the umpires were a no-show. The teams decided to play a scrimmage instead, during which the sprinklers on the field turned on, dousing the players in the third inning. The Immaculates won, 17-13. The late game was cancelled as well when The Hysterical Society dropped out of the league. A new team is expected to step in and take Hysterical’s place.

Breakwater Yacht Club

Lee Oldak and Dan Kalish took the fourth race of the Breakwater Yacht Club’s May Cup on May 23, after their boat, Purple Haze, finished with a time of 1:27:52. Big Boat, skippered by Bud Rogers placed second. Steven Kenny, and his boat Gossip, placed third. The final May Cup race was held on May 30. The results were unknown when this paper was put to bed.

Collegiate Baseball

Opening day for the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League is set for Sunday, June 3. The Sag Harbor Whalers kick off the season at Mashashimuet Park against the Riverhead Tomcats at 5 p.m.

Midway in May Cup

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Breakwater Yacht Club: Gossip leads the pack, but it ain’t over yet.

by Andrew Rudansky

For decades some of the most exciting sporting contests in Sag Harbor have not actually taken place in Sag Harbor, but instead just beyond the breakwater.

Each Wednesday, during the sailing season, members of the Breakwater Yacht Club test their piloting skills in the May Cup and Summer Cup spinnaker racing series.

The 13 skippers in the May Cup, along with their crews and boats each battle the elements to catch that little extra bit of wind.

“One of the most important things in any of these races is having a good, dependable crew,” said Chris DiSunno, the current chairman of the Breakwater Yacht Club racing committee, and former BYC commodore.

In addition to organizing the races this year, DiSunno competes with his boat Swan’s Way.

Each race is plotted out by DiSunno with the help of the racing committee and principal race officer Gordon Ryan. The tracks vary in size and location for each race due to the character of the wind.

Every race begins with the boats sailing into the wind, reaching a turning point and then finishing at the entrance of the breakwater.

“The start of the race really is the majority of the race,” said DiSunno, who described how each boat jockeys for position before the pistol fires, signaling the start of the race.

Midway through the Breakwater Yacht Club’s May Cup spinnaker series, and the race at the top of the leader board are tight.

Gossip, skippered by Steven Kenny and Greg Ames is currently leading the pack with 7 points. Kenny and Ames have consistently placed high, and won the May 16 race.

George Martin, and his boat Osprey, is right behind in second place with a total score of 10. Martin has finished in the top five in all three races so far, but has yet to capture a win.

Lee Oldak and Dan Kalish take the third spot with their boat Purple Haze. After winning the first race on May 2, the pair have faltered and now have 13 points.

The current leader board is by no means static, as the division still has one more race in the series. In addition after the series is over, all of the skippers throw out their two worst races and calculate only their top three performances.

DiSunno said that the May Cup is just a tune up for the real competition in the annual Summer Cup Series starting in June.

The Summer Cup, first run in 1987, is a 20 boat, 12 race series held throughout the months of June, July and August.

The first Summer Cup race will take place on Wednesday, June 6.

Sports Wrap 5/17/12

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High School Sailing

Canisius High School (near Rochester) was declared the winner of the State Championship High School Sailing Regatta held in Port Jefferson on Saturday May, 12. Canisius won with 27.4 total points. They beat out East Hampton, Ross, Stony Brook and 15 other high schools around the state.

Breakwater Yacht Club

Skoot, piloted by Jim Vos, took first place in the BYC’s Spinnaker Division 1 Fleet race on Wednesday, May 9 with a corrected time of 59:20. Steven Kenny and Greg Ames placed second with their boat Gossip. Barry Browning, piloting Skidip!, placed third.

Montauk Rugby

The Montauk RFC were knocked out of the USA Rugby’s National Division II playoffs on May 13, after they lost to Rocky Gorge Rugby Club of Maryland, 27-17. That loss came just one day after MRFC beat Naples RFC of Florida, 26-21, in the first round. MRFC competes in the New Jersey Cup Tournament Saturday, May 19.

Ross Tennis

Ross challenged Mattituck in the first round of the Section XI boys varsity tennis tournament yesterday, May 16. The results were unknown when this paper was put to bed. If they win, the team will move on and travel to Harbor Fields today, May 17 at 4 p.m.

Shelter Island Running

The 33rd annual Shelter Island 10K Run and 5K Walk is scheduled for Saturday, June 16. Proceeds go to East End Hospice, Timothy Hill Children’s Ranch and the Shelter Island 10K Community Fund.  For registration visit www.shelterislandrun.com.

Frostbiting Regatta

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Last Saturday, November 26th the Breakwater Yacht Club ran its annual frostbiting race.  Ten racers showed up on a warm almost perfect Fall day with bright sunshine and, well, very little wind. The Noyac Bay Informal But Competitive Laser Racing Association offered up great tee shirts to all contestants, and Phao restaurant awarded two gift certificates.  One to Derrick Galen,the top overall racer and the other to Katlyn Cummins, the top HIgh School sailor.  Second place went to Tavis Moonan and third place went to Mike Gershenson.

Breakwater Yacht Club offers community sailing all during the year.  This years frostbiting season runs on Sundays at 2pm as long as weather permits.

BYC Completes Fall Series

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The Breakwater Yacht Club completed its Fall Series of Wednesday night races on October 13 with Lee Oldak and Dan Kalish onboard Purple Haze taking first in the Spinnaker Division 1 that night, followed by Steve Kenny and Greg Ames on Gossip and Fred Stelle skippering Witchli. In Spinnaker Division 2, Osprey driven by George Martin, took first, followed by White Lightning (Jim Smyth) and Bellatrix (Camerino/Gaites/Frizell).

The BYC also announced the top boats in the entire fall series, with Gossip claiming top honors in the Spinnaker Division 1. Skoot, captained by Jim Voss, took second and Jibber Jabber with David Jannetti at the helm, took third. Witchli placed fourth and Purple Haze, fifth.

In the Spinnaker Division 2, top honors went to Osprey, followed by White Lightning, and Wave Equation with Bruce Dinsmore and Joan Worthing in charge. Swan’s Way (Chris DiSuno) and Impromptu (Sean Leary), took fourth and fifth respectively.

The club also announced a correction to its May Series results.

Taking first in the Spinnaker 1 Division was Gossip with Skoot taking second and Purple Haze taking third.

Breakwater Yacht Club Announces Winners of Summer Cup

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Purple Haze, Osprey and Plurabelle took first place honors in their respective Divisions in Breakwater’s 13 race Summer Series. Other awards went to Gossip (2nd place) and Ice-Nine (3rd place) in Division 1; White Lightning (2nd place) and Impromptu (3rd place) in Division 2; and Swans’ Way (2nd place) and Satori (3rd place) in Division 3.

The Fall “Rum” Series of six Wednesday night races got underway in Shelter Island Sound on September 9 with a 6:15 p.m. start. Winds were 15 – 25 knots with higher gusts; the tide was ebbing. In Division 1, Buckaroo (Captain Bruce Tait) took first place. Ice-Nine (Captain Tom Stewart) finished second and Witchli (Captain Fred Stelle) came in third. In Division 2, Osprey (Captain George Martin) finished first. Impromptu (Captain Sean Leary) and Kingfisher (Captain Scott Gaeckle) finished in second and third place respectively. Bellatrix (Captains Camerino, Gaites and Frizell) finished first in Division 3; Plurabelle (Captain Andrea Bourel) finished second and Satori (Captain Peter Dyner) finished in third place.

Dowling Wins Sag Harbor Cup Singlehanded

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web SH Cup Race 1

On August 15th, the Breakwater Yacht Club hosted the 27th Annual Sag Harbor Cup.  The race was inaugurated in 1982 and has been hosted by the BYC since 1988.  The regatta mission has remained consistent over time – to support youth sailing and to inspire a love for the waters around Sag Harbor among young people.  The benefit raised funds for BYC’s Jr. Sailing Program scholarships for local area youth and for the Pierson HS Sailing Team.

The regatta was a pursuit race whereby yachts start based on their handicap with the faster classes starting later so that all boats should reach the finish line at approximately the same time.  The first yacht left the starting line at 10:05 AM against an ebbing current and with very light winds out of the Southwest.  By race end, the current was flooding and winds were out of the Southwest at 11 knots. The last yacht crossed the starting line at 10:42 AM.  The course was a circumnavigation of Shelter Island, counter clockwise.

Overall regatta winners for first, second and third place were:  Witchli with corrected time of 4 hours twenty five minutes and 6 seconds. Witchli was sailed single handed by Chris Dowling.  In second place, 47 seconds later, was Purple Haze (Captains Oldak and Kalish).  Gossip (Captains Kenny and Ames) took third place, three minutes and five seconds behind.

During the course of the race, Ice-Nine and WaveTrain did not correctly round the N8 mark.  Roxanne protested and WaveTrain returned to correct their error.  Loki ran aground and was helped off by a jet ski. Waypoint grounded at Conklin Point.  Buckaroo withdrew before completing the race.

Other trophies were awarded for Crew Uniforms to Wave Equation, Best Theme to Ridin’Port for their bikini attire, Bowditch Award (for navigation lessons) to Waypoint and Loki who both ran aground, Rocket Award for best time to WitchLi and the Hero’s Trophy to HCII for last to finish (five hours, 33 minutes and 29 seconds).

BYC Announces Sag Harbor Cup; Summer Series Continues

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The Notice of Race for the 27th Annual Sag Harbor Cup, to be hosted by Breakwater Yacht Club, is available on the club’s website:  www.BreakwaterYC.org. The Cup Race will be held on Saturday, August 15. The Race format will be a Pursuit Race whereby yachts start based on their handicap with the faster classes starting later so that all boats reach the finish line at approximately the same time. The first yacht will leave the starting line at 10:05 AM. The course is a circumnavigation of Shelter Island (subject to course shortening due to poor winds or weather).

The regatta mission has remained consistent over time – to support youth sailing and to inspire a love for the waters around Sag Harbor among young people. This year’s proceeds from racing entry fees, a post race party along with a reggae band (Project vibe) and silent auction will benefit the Pierson HS Sailing Team.

BYC’s Summer Race Series continues through Labor Day.  The July 22nd race started with light winds (5 – 8 knots out of the NE) and the beginning of a flooding current.  In Division 1, Gossip (Captains Kenny and Ames) finished first followed by Skoot (Captain Jim Vos) one minute and 45 seconds behind.  Ice-Nine (Captain Tom Stewart) finished in third place 5 minutes and three seconds later.  Buckaroo, Skoot and Two Potato crossed the starting line early and were forced to re-round and start again.

In Division 2, Osprey (Captain George Martin) finished first.  Kingfisher (Captain Scott Gaeckle) took second place and White Lightning (Captain Jim Smyth) finished third two minutes 33 seconds and 17 seconds behind respectively.

In Division 3, Plurabelle (Captain Andrea Bourel) took first place followed by Loki (Captains Webber and Ivans) in second place and Swansway (Commodore DiSunno) in third place.

On July 29th the race started with winds out of the southwest of 10 – 14 and gusting during the race to 20 knots.  The current changed from a flood to an ebb during the race.  In Division 1, Skoot took first place by six seconds followed by Gossip and Buckaroo (Captain Bruce Tait) 2 minutes and 23 seconds later.  In Division 2, Impromptu (Captain Sean Leary) finished first followed by Kingfisher (30 seconds behind) and Wave Equation (Captains Dinsmore and Worthing), 19 seconds later.  Osprey failed to honor one turning mark and withdrew from the race.

In Division 3, Plurabelle finished first followed by Loki and Swansway, one minute 17 seconds and 15 seconds behind respectively.

BYC Summer Series Continues

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BYC’s July 15th Summer Series race was run with windy conditions, 12 – 18 knots, out of the Southwest and an ebbing tide.  In all Divisions, there was little lapsed (corrected) time between the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers. In Division 1, Skoot (Captain Jim Vos) finished in first place followed by Gossip (Captains Kenny and Ames) 35 seconds behind.  Buckaroo (Captain Bruce Tait) finished 3rd, 23 seconds later.

Osprey (Captain George Martin) finished first in Division 2. Impromptu (Captain Sean Leary) took second 3 seconds later. In 3rd place was Kingfisher (Captain Scott Gaeckle), 21 seconds behind. Impromptu protested Osprey at the Division 1 start but withdrew their protest as other yachts seemed to be barging down on Osprey at the time.

In Division 3, Plurabelle finished first (Captain Andrea Bourel). Satori (Captain Peter Dyner) took second, 35 seconds later. In third place was Swansway (Commodore Chris DiSunno), one minute and 18 seconds behind. Breakaway, Captained by Hugel Drevet and sailed by the Pierson High School Team, started with Division 3 but raised their spinnaker, disqualifying them for this Division.