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Old Schiavoni Plant on the Market

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Two adjoining parcels on Jermain Avenue and Joels Lane in Sag Harbor – totaling over five village acres – have been listed for sale together for $3.5 million by members of the Schiavoni family, although exactly how the property can be developed remains a mystery.

The property, once the subject of a dispute between brothers Gabriel and Francis Schiavoni, was listed for sale by both parties last month with The Corcoran Group Senior Vice Presidents Cee Scott Brown and Jack Pearson.

The Jermain Avenue parcel, a 1.5-acre spread, and the 3.8-acre Joels Lane property, are the former home of Schiavoni Plumbing and Heating, and were once home to a division of Sag Harbor Industries, earlier serving as a watchcase factory and engraving studio.

According to Gabriel Schiavoni, the family purchased the lots in 1982 from Sag Harbor Industries, which was using the property to manufacture small electrical parts at the time and outgrew the location. Schiavoni Plumbing and Heating had also outgrown its home on Fordham Road, and moved to the Jermain Avenue site to run its plumbing and fuel business through 2005.

“It was adequate enough,” said Schiavoni of the property, adding that a plan to renovate the building to allow office space was scrapped after the village placed restrictions on allowing additional tenants in the building.

“The building is in sad shape now,” lamented Gabriel’s wife Diane.

According to Brown, the Schiavoni families are prepared to produce a clean title with the sale, along with a Phase 1 Environmental Report and proof that four below ground oil tanks and one above ground tank have been removed from the property.

On Tuesday, Gabriel Schiavoni said water testing has already begun to ensure the property is free of contaminants and an environmental study is also in the works.

“I don’t anticipate any problem,” he said.

According to Brown, the property has already had three “very interested parties” view the building and a couple of offers, although no sale is pending at this time.

“First of all, the property itself is unique and it offers some interesting opportunities,” he said. “It could be a small version of the Bulova factory, but a different take – four fabulous lofts, for instance, or it could be a work and living space.”

The existing building, part of which will likely have to be rebuilt, according to Brown, boasts 10 to 15-foot ceiling loft spaces with large rectangular windows throughout.

Brown said the biggest issue surrounding the property is that it has been out of business for some time and the sellers and brokers cannot represent fully what will be approved by Sag Harbor Village at that location.

“It’s pre-existing, non-conforming commercial in a residential area,” said Brown. “I don’t know if the village will honor that. The sellers are leaving the due diligence to any interested parties to find out what could or could not be done there.”

Brown said the two single and separate lots, being sold together, could be merged using the total 14,500 square-feet for lot coverage calculations. He did note much of the Joels Lane property is wetlands, and said he was unsure how much of it was buildable on its own, adding “not a whole lot. A lot of it is impacted by the wetlands, I believe.”

“These are the questions no one knows right now,” said Brown. “Any offers will be contingent on what we can do here.”

“Personally, I would think the village would be open to anything if we were doing it to rehabilitate [the property] in a responsible way where it is no longer the eyesore it has become,” he added.

On Tuesday, former Sag Harbor Village Board of Trustee member Tiffany Scarlato, who helped draft revisions to the village’s zoning code last year, said the properties are “without a doubt completely viable as a residential use.” Because the properties have been vacant for so long, Scarlato is unsure whether the pre-existing, non-conforming commercial use would be upheld by the building inspector, the only person in the village who can make a determination of that kind.

According to the village code, once a property has been vacated for 12 consecutive months it is considered abandoned and can lose its pre-existing, non-conforming status.

On Wednesday morning, Sag Harbor Village Building Inspector Timothy Platt declined to weigh in on whether or not the properties’ pre-existing, non-conforming commercial use would stand, stating that he will review the properties once a proposal has been filed with the village building department.

Brown said regardless of the issues, the site remains wholly unique in Sag Harbor and a special property that even he noticed when first moving to the village in 1996.

“And now I have the great pleasure of showing it and watching when people’s eyes light up imagining what could be done with this beautiful space.”

Local Real Estate: There’s An App for That

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The popularity surrounding Apple’s iPhone has hit an all time high with the booming development of applications, or “Apps” as they’re commonly called, a seemingly endless array of instant information from how to cook Julia Child’s Boeuf à la Bourguignonne to how to kick zombie butt in a video game featuring a proper British lady.

And now, thanks to The Corcoran Group, iPhone users will also have access to a complete guide of Hamptons real estate listings with virtually every detail of a home that could make it a dream come true, all at the tips of their fingers and at a moment’s notice.

Last week, The Corcoran Group announced its official release of its own real estate app for the Apple iPhone, available for free at www.corcoran.com/iphone. The Corcoran iPhone app is the first developed by a residential real estate firm in New York, and gives users an interactive platform to search out listings in the Hamptons, and beyond, covering real estate markets in Manhattan, Brooklyn, the North Fork of Long Island and South Florida. In addition to specified search tools, allowing users to narrow local real estate listings by price and location, the app also provides an array of photographs for each listing, complete property information, and agent contact information. It also uses the iPhone’s internal GPS to alert users of nearby open houses, providing maps and detailed directions to each location.

Another aspect of the Corcoran iPhone app is its “Get Out Nearby” option, powered by BlackBook, which when activated provides users with a map of nearby restaurants, shops, bars and nightlife – a key said Rick Hoffman, the regional senior vice president of the East End region of the Corcoran Group, to ensuring the firm can provide its clients a tailor-made real estate shopping experience.

“Of course, we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service,” said Hoffman, noting the “Get Out Nearby” aspect of the Corcoran iPhone app fits right in with the company’s motto, of “Live Who You Are.”

For example, a family looking for real estate in the Sag Harbor School District walking distance to a yoga studio and health food store could use the “Get Out Nearby” function to search Corcoran’s listings for a listing that matches that criteria. The same family could also customize the price range of their search.

“It shows you what is important to you in the neighborhood you are searching in,” said Hoffman.

Another particularly exciting function of the app, said Hoffman, is the ability to be keyed into area open houses based on your location at any moment.

“When a customer is having lunch at the New Paradise Café and says, I wonder where there are open houses this afternoon, instead of having to go home and go online to search, they can just hit “Open House in the Nearby features,” said Hoffman. “It will show you every nearby open house and a map to get you there.”

Hoffman added the days of keeping information from customers, whether it be a price or an address, is over, and that the iPhone app is just another way the Corcoran Group can ensure it is giving its clients all the information they need to make the right real estate purchase. In part, said Hoffman, that is why the firm began exploring the development of the Corcoran iPhone app almost a year ago.

“It was something that developed internally because we are a company that is always putting their minds together through the executive committee, our office managers, our technical department,” said Hoffman. “We looked at the iPhone’s popularity, what we could do with it and how we can best make it function for our customers.”

“The iPhone app is a natural fit for Corcoran as real estate information becomes more transparent and technology becomes more accessible and consumer focused,” said Corcoran President and CEO Pamela Liebman in a release. “It reflects how people live – on the go – with the expectation of having the information they want right at their fingertips. This is exactly what the Corcoran iPhone app delivers.”