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Dead Dolphin Found on Bridgehampton Beach

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A deceased dolphin washed up on the beach in front of the Bridgehampton Club Tuesday morning. Photo by Jorge Rios.


By Tessa Raebeck


Junior lifeguards surround the deceased dolphin at the Bridgehampton Club Tuesday. Photo by Jorge Rios.

Jorge Rios of East Hampton was teaching Junior Lifeguarding at the Bridgehampton Club, at the end of Ocean Road in Bridgehampton, Tuesday morning when the lifeguard came across a dead dolphin washed up on the beach.

“It had probably just washed up maybe ten minutes before,” Mr. Rios said Wednesday. “It was on the shore around 9:15 in the morning, so we dragged the 200-pound dolphin a little bit up the beach to keep it from washing away again.”

Mr. Rios promptly called the hotline at the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation.

“It was sad,” said Mr. Rios. “After growing up on the beach and seven years of lifeguarding, I’ve never seen a dolphin wash up dead before.”

Adding it was “gnarly” to touch the smooth, deceased dolphin, he said the dolphin had something sticking out of his mouth, which looked like seaweed.

“Right after we pulled it up the beach, it started bleeding from its mouth, which was odd,” said the lifeguard.

As of Wednesday morning, the Riverhead Foundation is performing an autopsy on the dolphin, with details to follow.