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Shinnecock Bay Restoration Seminar

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SoMAS faculty and students among oyster gardener volunteers for SBU’s Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program.

Faculty members of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University will present a seminar, “The Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program,” on Friday, June 6, at 7:30 p.m. in the Duke Lecture Hall of Chancellor’s Hall at Stony Brook Southampton.

During more than a decade of research in Shinnecock Bay, scientists have documented the strong negative trajectory in the bay’s water quality, bivalve populations, and seagrass habitat.

With the initiation of the Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program, these same scientists have identified approaches to reverse these trends and improve the ecological condition of the bay.

The goal of the Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program is to use science, outreach, and partnerships to restore the water quality and fisheries of Shinnecock Bay via enhancing natural filtration capacity of the ecosystem with bivalve shellfish, expanding remaining eelgrass beds, and enhancing nutrient removal through macroalgae. The program is specifically focused on using the species or strains of bivalve and eelgrass be best suited as restoration targets in different regions of Shinnecock Bay.

The program involves robust monitoring of the whole ecosystem to assess the efficacy of restoration. This presentation will provide an overview of the program, highlight progress and successes to date, identify challenges, and describe the near term plans of the program.