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East End Sports Finds New Home

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For the past ten years, Dr. Stephen Petruccelli fondly eyed the federal-style brick building at the intersection of Division and Cross Street. The house harkens back to the village’s historic past with its wrought iron fence and wide glass windows, but over time the private home fell into disrepair and stayed on the market for several years. Local lawyer, Edward Burke, Jr., and his wife Trish recently purchased the property and set about converting the space into a commercial rental. It was around this time that Dr. Petruccelli needed to relocate his chiropractic practice, named East End Sports, from the Sag Harbor Gym on Bay Street. By May of this year, Dr. Petruccelli had moved into the ground floor of the Division Street building and both Dr. Petruccelli and his clients appear to be settling into the space quite nicely.
“I was in the Sag Harbor Gym for around five and a half years. The owners wanted to turn my office into a yoga studio,” explained Dr. Petruccelli. “I have always liked this building . . . I have a lot more autonomy here and it is a more professional and central location.”
Dr. Petroccelli’s new digs allowed him to maintain, and remain accessible, to his client base from the gym. Many of his clients travel from Southampton and East Hampton, making Sag Harbor an ideal locale. In addition, the Burkes, said Dr. Pretruccelli, went out of their way to cater the space to the needs of his business. They put up walls to create two patient rooms and renovated the office with soothing and natural accents like dark wood floors and bamboo wall paneling. The floor of the bathroom, noted Dr. Petruccelli with appreciation, is lined with slate. As parking is at a premium in the village, Dr. Petruccelli was additionally drawn to the property for its parking lot, which can accommodate several cars.
The office’s comforting atmosphere, coupled with its accessible parking, helps Dr. Petruccelli rehabilitate his patients with ease and efficiency.
Although Dr. Petruccelli tends to focus on sports related injuries, he says non-athletes can also benefit from his work. For Dr. Petrucelli, there are four main points of focus to his practice: improving spinal biomechanics, core strength and flexibility, neurological and muscular rehabilitation, and improving athletic performance.
“I do a lot of manual therapy and soft tissue message . . . and there is a rehabilitation component,” explained Dr. Petruccelli. Compared to other practitioners in his field, Dr. Petruccelli emphasizes short term, injury specific care, with longer term in-home routines.
“I want you to get better as fast as you can . . . Missing a game or sport makes my patients unhappy and unless their injuries are very severe I want to see them get back to their sport,” he remarked.
Dr. Petruccelli went on to say a lack of pre-season training is the most common cause of injury amongst his active patients. He explained that as the weather warms up on the East End, people tend to throw themselves back into their chosen sport, whether it be tennis, golf or surfing, without the proper pre-season training.
“Even professional athletes have off-season training . . . You need to gradually allow your body to get used to the demands of your sport,” noted Dr. Petruccelli.
In addition to rehabilitating sports injuries, Dr. Petruccelli also offers golf swing analysis, baseball pitching instruction and personal training. The East End Sports office also offer s number of chiropractic products, including orthopedic pillows and mattresses, exercise balls and bands, and orthotic shoe inserts and his website outlines his services and background. Highlighting Dr. Petruccelli’s holistic approach to his patients care, he often features articles on healthy foods and lifestyle techniques under the news section of his website.
Although, Dr. Petruccelli’s clients are often locals with an avid passion for various sports and exercise, he treats patients with the same aptitude as a doctor for a professional sports team.
Of his practice, Dr. Petruccelli says “Our goal is to keep people playing on the field.”